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Friday, 02/17/2012, 08:27 am

UFC Heavyweight Brendan Schaub Picking Mir Over Velasquez

“Frank Mir, for me, is one of the best in the business, I’d probably have to give the edge to Frank for this fight. Cain’s an absolute beast, he’s coming off a loss and I think we’ll see a new Cain coming off a loss. But what a great fight. Tough one to pick. Mir offers a lot of problems for Cain and he’s not the type of guy you want to take down. His stand-up’s looking better every fight, so if I had to pick, I’d go Mir. Both of those guys are on my radar, I’ll focus on Ben Rothwell and then start thinking about those guys later.”

In a recent interview with UFC heavyweight, Brandan Schaub he told ESPN that he gives the edge to Frank Mir over Cain Velasquez in their upcoming matchup we announced here on BJPENN.COM previously.


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20 Responses to “UFC Heavyweight Brendan Schaub Picking Mir Over Velasquez”

  1. Daniel R says:

    very tough to pick a winner but i think Mir aswell – Cains not big enough to hold him down like brock did and i dont think has enough power to take him on the feet

  2. Dog chapman says:

    Bruddah smoke dope ice in paradice

  3. howzit bradda who you think you mocing??!!

  4. Dog chapman says:

    Bruddah dis dog chapman bailsbondsman tenth degree black belt in rex kwan do a very succsrsfull tv star avid meth smoker p.s dont mes wit the dog o ya u cant spell paradice wit out ice
    The dog

  5. dante080 says:

    Have to respect the man’s opinion. He does have a point. If Cain is afraid to take down mir ( and after he snapped nogs arm who isn’t) and fight one dimensionally, Mir can pull off the upset.

  6. "H"BOMB says:

    velasquez is going to overwhelm mir too much cain by dramatic finish or dominating decision

  7. David says:

    Roy nelson might have Given schaub brain damage….

  8. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I still can’t believe that Brenden lost to Big Nog.

  9. danriverapv says:

    he just doesnt want to fight cain :]

  10. danriverapv says:

    he just doesnt want to fight cain :] kiddinnn….. or am i

  11. e says:

    im a fan of both. this will be hard to predict and watch, but it should be an AWESOME FIGHT!

  12. make it happen says:

    Cain will knock him out.

  13. jboy says:

    @ dog Chapman u are hilarious ..k buddah

  14. 209 says:

    cain has got this. no way mir can take him down. he will learn from nog to just stand back up and finish on the feet if he drops him. and cain is better on the feet. ol glass jaw mir almost got ko’d by nog. cain all day

  15. magoo says:

    Tough pick great fight!

  16. Jujitsu Player says:

    I like Mir a lot but if Cain keeps it on his feet he will KO Mir.

  17. Tapout a Warrior says:

    Mir by submission I believe an armbar. I will never like Cain Hype train Velasquez. Dude makes me sick with the Brown Pride tattoo. I am proud of my heritage too, but if I walked around with White Pride on my chest it would be racist and I would be a piece of shit. He is made out to be a National Hero because of it. I do not understand the things we do as a country. United we stand, divided we are.

  18. Jason N says:

    Not a cain fan at all. I have MIR also.

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