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Monday, 05/07/2012, 08:41 am

VIDEO | Gracie Breakdown: Diaz vs. Miller & Belcher vs. Palhares

In this episode, the Gracie Brothers break down the beautiful heel hook defensive strategies used by Alan Belcher to demoralize and defeat Rousimar Palhares, the feared leg lock specialist with 10 submission victories (6 by heel hook), and the slick “power guillotine” used by Nate Diaz to seal the deal against Jim Miller in the second round.


13 Responses to “VIDEO | Gracie Breakdown: Diaz vs. Miller & Belcher vs. Palhares”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    Fucking love Brazilian Coaches, my bjj coach ALWAYS says “BOOM” everytime he teaches about advancing position, “scape the hips and then- BOOM, you’re out!” Love you Pedro.

  2. JMFP says:

    Anyone else notice the guy in the background just lounging sleeping during the breakdown hahaha! Love these guys breakdowns though “DANG!” lol

  3. jrog says:

    gotta love these guys great breakdown

  4. The annunaki kid says:

    love when you guys do breakdowns…i studied that position “the 50/50″ specifically to be comfortable in heel hook situations. Just like what Rener said.. it’s easy to panic right there especially against a guy like Palhares

  5. David Burciago says:

    DANG !!!!!

  6. louie22 says:

    These guys.think that they’re so good. Haha! Its ao funny. Try fighting in the ufc and i bet they’re gonna get smashed! Fuckin arrogant bastards just because they are garcie’s. Fuckin assholes! Fuck you motherfuckers!

    • joker.... says:

      Calm down louie and u might learn something. Like how to spell…. Garcies…. Lol

    • jones says:

      your jealous bud,,,they dont say that there good mma fighter…they only do bjj that s why the not in ufc….they know they would get killed,,,how do they think there tough?? cuz there breaking down what hapened in the fights???

    • Shawn says:

      Lol! You wouldn’t last 2 min with these guys. In fact, you probably would STFU if these guys stepped into the room, while your ripping them behind their backs. You hear that? Your mommy has your bath ready for you. You better get going and get washed up, for your 15th birthday part. Don’t forget to wash behind the ears.

  7. Jeff says:

    Great breakdown! Pretty funny too.

  8. lol says:

    lol, “when i escaped his armlock. The whole day I was like somebody challenge me!” hahaha

  9. jones says:

    i lilke the quie one better,,,,dangggg is just too trailer…and he is too intense

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