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Tuesday, 02/11/2014, 05:30 pm

UFC Gets Rid Of KO/Sub Of The Night Bonuses, Introduces New System

By Evan Stoumbelis

The UFC plans on implementing their new post-fight bonus system starting this weekend with UFC Fight Night 36. The new system allows the UFC to single out individual fighters who put on a solid performance without being limited to knockout of the night and submission of the night categories, however they still will award a fight of the night bonus.

The new bonus will be called “Performance of the night” and the UFC will still dish out a cool $50,000 in each category, which they reserve the right to bump up in special cases as seen at UFC 169 where 10 of 12 fights on the card went to a decision, and the other 2 ended by KO/TKO. As a result the UFC gave Jamie Varner $75,000 for fight of the night, and Abel Trujillo banked $75,000 for fight of the night as well as an additional $50,000 for KO of the night.

UFC Fight Night 36: Machida vs. Mousasi is live from Brazil this Saturday on Fox Sports 1, prelims will be airing on UFC Fight Pass. Below is the official fight card for the event:

Main card (Fox Sports 1)
Lyoto Machida vs. Gegard Mousasi
Ronaldo Souza vs. Francis Carmont
Erick Silva vs. Takenori Sato
Viscardi Andrade vs. Nicholas Musoke
Charles Oliveira vs. Andy Ogle

Preliminary card (UFC Fight Pass)
Cristiano Marcello vs. Joe Proctor
Rodrigo Damm vs. Ivan Jorge
Francisco Trinaldo vs. Jesse Ronson
Iuri Alcantara vs. Wilson Reis
Felipe Arantes vs. Maximo Blanco
Ildemar Alcantara vs. Albert Tumenov
Douglas Silva de Andrade vs. Zubair Tuhugov

By Evan Stoumbelis | Twitter


42 Responses to “UFC Gets Rid Of KO/Sub Of The Night Bonuses, Introduces New System”

  1. Kerry Norton says:

    Yeah, doesn’t “Fight of the Night” usually mean “Performance of the Night”? And why don’t they just have finish bonuses. Paid to show, paid to win, paid to finish.

  2. The natural says:

    Don’t know how they get away with this too begin with. The nfl saints gms all got suspended for a bounty system were they got bonus by taking out or ko certain players while the ufc give bonuses out to a fighter that causes head trama to another employee som seems wrong here

    • 雑草 says:

      How challenged do you have to be to compare the NFL with the UFC? One is a “contact sport” and the other is a “fighting sport”…ones ultimate goal is to score a touchdown…the other is to knock your opponent out.

      Get your shit straight.

  3. UFC 84 Forever says:

    It would be better if they handed out a good performance bonus to all fighters. Would give them far more incentive to perform and would be best for fans and the UFC. Doesn’t have to be a finish bonus, just a good fight bonus that is above the regular win bonus that fighters are offered. X amount to show, X amount to win, X amount for a great fight.

    Then keep on the FOTN, KOTN, and SOTN bonuses on top of that. Boom. Everyone’s happy.

    • Michael Johnston says:

      Yea, but how would that be determined? How about paying everybody more money. Nobody should be getting under $20k. These PPVs and Fox shows generate multi millions in revenue.

      • UFC 84 Forever says:

        It’s not hard to determine whether a fight is good or not; obviously I think that Dana can (for the most part) be trusted to determine whether or not a fight was good enough to merit such a bonus. I agree that they should be paid more in general, but it couldn’t hurt to institute such a process.

  4. Michael Johnston says:

    Why not just raise everyone’s pay at every level? Raise the pay from the prelim fighters to the main event guys. Give all the fighters more money. Most especially the guys that put their heart into the fight every time out. Some of the pay for the guys just outside the top 10 is pathetic and shameful. Even though these fighters put on good shows, and fight to win every time out.

  5. bubbagum says:

    good, hopefully more money for the fighters…they deserve it…

  6. Marques Johnson says:

    I have to agree the fighters should be paid more. But, I don’t think a fighter that plays it safe and lays and prays should be treated rewarded. Let’s not forget that the UFC is still growing and with a goal to gain a higher fan base that style of fighting will do just the opposite.if you understand mma than you understand a lay & pray type of fighter.

    GSP is a perfect example at one point in his career he was a finisher. He finished Matt Serra, Matt Hughes, Bj Penn, etc….. Since his name has grown into a household name he’s become increasingly more cautious. He has a lot to lose with a single loss. He is guaranteed his money. So he’s not motivated to go and finish a guy that 50k has become chump change to him now and not worth a possible L in pursuit of it. We all know GSP can bang he’s not just a ground fighter but if you didn’t know the GSP of old you wouldn’t know that. So there’s a great deal of trust must be taken to pay a fighter a base salary because they will become more hesitant on taking chances and become boring safe fighters. For a company thats attempting to expand & enter the same level as NFL, NBA, & MLB they’re going to need electrifying fighters like Pettis, Aldo, Barbosa, Cain, JDS, Jon Jones etc…..Not Phil Davis, Danny Castillo, Rashad Evans, or Damian Maia

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