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Saturday, 06/23/2012, 10:48 am

UFC on FX 4 Medical Suspensions Report | UFC NEWS

The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board released the list of medically suspended fighters from last night’s UFC on FC 4 event.

Seven competitors from the night received mandatory suspensions and the list is as follows:

Gray Maynard: Suspended 45 days due to a facial laceration.
Sam Stout: Suspended indefinitely; can be cleared early by a physician following an X-ray of his facial/orbital bones. Suspended 45 days due to facial lacerations.
Spencer Fisher: Suspended 45 days due to a facial laceration.
Joey Gambino: Suspended indefinitely; can be cleared early by a physician following a CT scan of his facial bones. Suspended 90 days due to a facial laceration.
Nick Catone: Suspended indefinitely; can be cleared early by a physician following an X-ray of his nose. Suspended 60 days due to the laceration.
Ross Pearson: Suspended 45 days due a facial laceration.
Luis Ramos: Suspended 30 days because of his facial laceration.

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12 Responses to “UFC on FX 4 Medical Suspensions Report | UFC NEWS”

  1. Franco says:

    of course Guida wouldn’t get a medical suspension since he ran from every punch maybe a few of Maynards bombs would fix up that face

  2. Mike cannon jr. says:

    Wrestling is only one aspect of fighting… And here is your example..

    • WrestlingRules says:

      WRESTLING is the MOST important aspect of any fight!!!

      • Not You says:

        I honestly don’t even know why people argue with you (WrestlingRules). Everyone in the game that wrestling is the perfect base for a Mixed martial artist to have. Get a strong wrestler, with good hands and a solid game off his back just to be safe and you have a champion.

        • ???? says:

          JDS: stand up; Jones: stand up; is a wrestler but hardly uses wrestling; Silva: stand up; GSP: wrestling; Bendo: everything; Aldo: stand up; Cruz: stand up.

          Other than GSP, what UFC champion primarily uses wrestling?

        • LOLz says:

          Matt hughes

        • Nick says:

          Take Down defence is still wrestling and what do all of these fighters have in comin they have take down defence.

        • ???? says:

          Matt Hughes? What era are we talking about here. You wanna give all the credit to wrestling for a fighter’s success because he can avoid the takedown. Reaching there….

      • B-rad says:

        not always man. when a fighter has dominate TDD (bj penn, chuck lidell, bendo although hes a wrestler too) but if guy has awsome defense wrestling isnt gonna win the fight. Take saturday for example. when two wrestlers are fighting. 9/10 times unless one is just such a better wrestler than the other it always turns into a kickboxing bout. its just all about the matchup

  3. B-rad says:

    its really kinda dumb to say any style is better than the other. beacause if you are weak in one area, your gonna get exposed eventually. guys like cyrille diabate, awsome awsome muay thai fighter, but his wrestling is weak and hes not strong off his back, so he gets exposed for that. Ben askren, fuckin dominate wrestler like holy shit. but his stand up is just awful. i know nobody has gotten him yet, but when one link in your game is that weak someone will expose him.

  4. You Cant Be Serious says:

    Wrestlingrules is a troll looking to argue with anyone and everyone. The dude claims to train and fight, yet hes on here trolling all hours of the day. Anyone with a brain knows wrestling is important, and is a great base to have when starting MMA. But to say its the best, or it rules, is just wrong on so many levels. Like someone said above, if wrestling is the best base and rules, then why arent their more champions with a wrestling pedigree? GSP is the only “wrestling 1st” ufc champ. So, wrestlingrules, please do us all a favor and run face 1st into a knife. Or leap into oncoming traffic.

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