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Wednesday, 05/30/2012, 07:55 am

Vitor Belforts Wife Fires Back At Wanderlei Silva For Her Man, Calls Out His Weak Chin | UFC NEWS

“The only thing Wanderlei can do is talk too much, he chickened out several times on fighting Vitor… and now he comes to talk my husband is ducking. If you doubt, the next opponent of Wand in UFC147 will beat the record of 40 sec of vitor Belfort or Chris Leben 20 seconds hahahaha.”

Yesterday we featured some notable quotes from “The Axe Murderer” which highlighted his frustrations with Vitor Belfort for pulling out of their scheduled UFC 147 main event with an injury.

Silva called Belfort a scared amateur and even suggested that Vitor was ducking the fight with him.

Well, like every strong woman behind a strong man, the wife of Vitor took to twitter to lash back in her man’s defense.


48 Responses to “Vitor Belforts Wife Fires Back At Wanderlei Silva For Her Man, Calls Out His Weak Chin | UFC NEWS”

  1. Dick Diaz says:

    its true what she’s saying… i really don’t know why Wanderlei said the stuff he said… this is fighting; injuries happen all the time…

    • Reality says:

      It happens to Vitor a lot though.

    • MMA ROB says:

      This makes vitor look more like a bitch not fighting now getting his girl fighting his battles

      • STFU MMA ROB says:

        “more like a bitch”? What makes you look like the biggest bitch, is the fact that you’re online criticizing an MMA Legend, and wouldn’t even have the balls to say some sh!t like that directly to his face.

      • Brend0magic says:

        MMA Rob, go fuck yourself fanboy. You obviously know nothing about fighting or training. If you did, you’d know injuries happen ALL THE TIME and getting one doesn’t make you a bitch. I’m sure Vitor wanted to fight in front of his crowd more than anything, but he’s not gonna risk his career/body fighting Wandy when he’s not 100%.

    • Jaedr says:

      Not sure I get it… he has only been ko’d by guys with extreme knockout power and yet he has a weak chin?

  2. Gould says:

    Wand said the shit he said cause a war of words is the only chance he has at winning. Vitor destroyed him years ago and would destroy him again. I’m usually a big fan of wandy and he is usually respectful to other fighters but he got saved by a broken hand and he needs to realize that

  3. Xaninho says:

    Wandy is just frustrated.

    And why is Belfort’s wife fighting his fights for him on twitter? She can say Wandy talks too much, but everyone has seen Belfort is the one who keeps yapping about stuff. He takes a small announcement and makes a huge story about it. Oh and Belfort is a sneaky liar.

    He made the two friends fight and lied about it after Wandy confronted him with it.

  4. DAMN! says:

    Im starting to dislike Wand because of his attitude. I thought he was mature enough but after seeing his wannabe badass attitude on TUF Brasil and now this trash talk towards an injured Vitor, I hope he gets KTFO’d

  5. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Dude, put a muzzle on her. It’s not a good look when you’re letting your wife yap her mouth off when it concerns a verbal battle that involves you and someone else who is not her.

  6. Michael says:

    Vitor’s wife would probably KO Wanderlei

  7. T.Daddy says:

    This bitch needs to shut the fukk up

  8. jbeamazing says:

    Justin Bieber vs Wanderlei
    I herd the bieb has boxing now that might be too much for silvas chin

  9. trololol says:

    trolololol 4 sure. wandy is trash. the ufc needs to stop hyping these old guys who were good 50 years ago

  10. Not You says:

    I’d like to see Vitors wife take a shot from Leben and stay standing. I wonder how he feels about her husbands chin slipping ever since Anderson fed him 5 toes and 8 knuckles. Dumb cunt.

  11. Gabi says:

    Idk wtf you guys are talking about. That’s a good woman there, standing next to her man. What would you want your woman to do to if someone talked shit about you? Would you want her to say something or just let it go on?

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      I’d do what any man who has a set of balls would do; Tell her to shut her mouth, stay in her lane, and let me handle this situation that involves me and not her. What the hell can she do besides run her mouth and piss Wandy off more? She isn’t the one that has to go in there and throwdown with the dude, so why incite him?

      • Dontbescaredhomie says:

        that’s obviously why you have no lady all you do is sit here on your computer all day spewing your ignorant opinion on this site it never fails ive gone months without comming on here and of course the first thing i see when i come back is your dumbass giving your opinion to a bunch of people that dont give a fuck go outside and and actually do something with your pathetic little life

        • bobby says:

          agree Dontbescaredhomie i have a wife and a kid and if someone said something like this to me i could care less if my wife stepped in and said something

  12. maurice says:

    thank god someone shut wandy up. i luv wandy, but he’s gotta be out of his mind thinking vitor is ducking him.

  13. El diablo says:

    Hyping the old guys, like Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson? Just cause ya old don’t mean ya can’t fight.

  14. Diezel says:

    MMA wives should be seen and not heard…That is all.. And Wandy is one of the alltime greats, Vitors chin is no better.. the guy got Ko’d via front kick to the face. Votr is the one with the Ego the size of brazil.. Don’t know why, He isnt anuthing special as fighters go..

  15. Nick says:

    She’s right. I can’t stand Vitor but he would of beat the breaks off of Wandy.

  16. Diezel says:

    I don’t think for One minute that the rematch goes down like the first fight… I believe , from what iv’e seen over the years, That Silva has more balls in his little finger than Vitor has between his legs, If Chael loses (He won’t) feed Vitor to Sonnen, He’d get mauled… How Bout that Anderson Silva making prefight excuses already?… Pfffttt..

    • Tapitout21 says:

      Lol…you’re as nuts as wandy thinking Anderson will loses to Chael. He beat him last time with a broken rib and he has already said his knee checked out fine. All Chael has done for the past year is poke a sleeping dog, remember how he embarrassed Maia for talkin shit?…Sonnen has no shot he has shown time and again he can’t finish anyone except a severely overrated brain stann

  17. Diezel says:

    Damn! They have twitter in Brazil? who’d have thunk it?

  18. Tapitout21 says:

    Why do people care what these guys say? They aren’t friends outside the octagon, so if wandy thinks he is ducking him that’s his right to say (delusional or not). Just like when vitor got iced by Anderson he went on for months saying he was still the better fighter and silva got lucky. These guys talk non stop it’s in their DNA whether they believe what they are saying or not.

  19. iceman says:

    Throw this bitch in the cage with him, if she knocks him out she is right if she gets kicked in the cunt happy days.either way the fans are happy

  20. 435342 says:

    lol shut up dude she’s making a point why would vitor be ducking him if wanderlei got ko’d in 40 seconds last time, it will be the exact same thing only quicker this time.

  21. Kingron84 says:

    The end result of all this will be Silva will be fed to Belcher, and after Belcher destroys Silvas glass chin in under 2 minutes, Belfort will be free to actually fight some one who can advance him in the middleweight division.

  22. Kingron84 says:

    Welp looks like its Franklins turn to KO the living shit out of Silva.

  23. DMAC says:

    Gotta love the guys who let their bitch come outta pocket like this, hope Vitor gets put to sleep for not controlling his ho!

  24. B-rad says:

    vitor needs to put a leash on his hoe

  25. tay says:

    silva vs bieber i think i got bieber on this one hahaha

  26. OKWTEV says:

    I would hump his wife.

    • B-Rock O-Bama says:

      same here the chick is fine. but i have a feelling that Wandy is going to take a page out of Mr. T’s book from Rocky III and start spiting out to Vitor that she should come over his house to be with a real man.

  27. Artstunna says:

    I don’t care,whatever wanderli said, if you have to have your woman to talk for you,you are a bitch period,legend or not you are a bitch,vitor grow some balls and beat wanderli,but don’t let your woman make you look like a bitch, you a fighter not a gimp act like it

  28. Leo From New Jersey says:

    wHO cares about vitor’s wife who the f8k is she just worry about s&cking vitors d8ck and stfu

  29. bilbobaggins says:

    lol look at her face, vitor blatantly slaps her up

  30. jorge says:

    AS x Belford
    The fighting lasted for how many minutes?

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