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Monday, 02/20/2012, 12:59 pm

UFC Fighters Sound Off On Nick Diaz (Video)

A large group of UFC fighters sound off on what they think makes Nick Diaz Tick.

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17 Responses to “UFC Fighters Sound Off On Nick Diaz (Video)”

  1. menotyou says:

    I think nick is a dick

  2. soccerchago209 says:

    Thought everyone had good things to say, Nick is a different guy and as long as his peers in MMA knows his there to fight thats all that matters. NIck is a smart dude his just not very sociable as other fighters.

  3. Steve O says:

    More like a pussy! With a woe is me mentality! Grow up or get the fuck out of the UFC and on to your next job, prisoner 45723976!

  4. ed says:

    Even when asked about another person Rousey finds a way to talk about herself and how great she is.

    • squid says:

      lol i know right

    • Brian says:

      She wasnt talking about how great she was.. she was saying that up until she met Nick Diaz, no MMA fighter has ever asked to train with her.. she is a legit judoka… she is olympic level. It’s simply because she is a women that her phone isn’t blowing up with people asking to train judo with her. Judo is kind of unseen in most fights, but if you know a few simple throws you can dominate the clinch game… look how Rousey steamrolls her opponents. She isn’t bragging about how good she is, she is saying that she, despite having legit credentials, was never asked to train with someone until Nick Diaz asked her. She’s talking about Nick Diaz, but putting it into context for people who may not know who she is. Not everyone watching a video about Nick Diaz is going to know who Ronda Rousey is.

      Why are you so fast to jump down her throat? She is one of the best female fighters in the world yet has to deal with scraps from Showtime’s table. She has a chip on her shoulder because of how good she really is and the current state of women’s MMA. Wouldn’t you have a chip on your shoulder too if you were an olympic-level fighter who couldn’t get a serious organization/weightclass to show off your skills in?

      Don’t be so quick to chop her head off fellas.

  5. tim says:

    Nick belongs in the UFC, what you get is a fight… Diaz haters like fake wrestling and fighters who try to win for points. Its a business, and yes winning gets you paid, but they are not true fighters but competitors in a sport. Diaz in this sport will lose a lot of his fights because he is out scored. Anyone that has a win over Diaz is proud of that, and ultimately thinks diaz haters are the dicks

    • Sweet game plan says:

      Like I been saying for awhile now…I hated nick until I finally snaped that he was legit and it was that asshole Ceasar this whole time making nick look bad..

  6. stone cold says:

    1 of my favorite fighters. he is funny and he can fight.

  7. mma is my religion. says:

    he fights anyone put in front of him and is loyal to his friends and family.

  8. jason says:

    hes ether been punched in the head to many times or hes part retard.

  9. allogistix says:

    Forget about Nick. Whats up with that chair?

  10. willyboy says:

    what gap trying to say his stupid never finish school….

  11. willyboy says:

    sorry about that what GSP trying to say his stupid he didn’t finish school..

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