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Friday, 02/24/2012, 04:40 pm

UFC Fighter Dennis Hallman Explains The Scary Experience Of The UFC’s Last Trip to Japan

Image Courtesy ESPN.

“We all made weight down in the locker room on a regular scale. When we wanted to check our weight on the official scale we asked this [SEG employee] named Paula, and she said, ‘Okay, it’s up in my room.’ Which was, you know, kind of weird.”

“We go up there and it’s a freaking bathroom scale. Not only that, it’s all tweaked. We were all over [weight]. I was weighing about 175 [for a 170-pound bout]. Tito was weighing like 208 or something. It was a pretty big difference.”

“We went ahead and jumped on it a little bit so it would weigh normal,” said Hallman. “After we jumped on it, it kind of had a thing where if you leaned forward you’d weigh really light and if you leaned back you’d weigh really heavy.”

UFC welterweight turned lightweight, Dennis Hallman recently explained to his experience during the UFC’s last trip to the “Land of the Rising Sun.”

Of course this is when SEG owned the organization prior to the ZUFFA buy out, but still, an interesting tale on events long passed.

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