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Saturday, 08/16/2014, 08:49 pm

UFC Fight Night 47 Results: The Comeback Kid Strikes Again; Tim Boetsch Defeats Brad Tavares by TKO in 2nd Round

The two heavy handed men touched gloves and Boetsch went for a takedown but Tavares stuffed it and worked Boetsch against the cage. They worked in the clinch for a moment and then Tavares landed some nice strikes on the separation. They clinched again and Tavares pressed Tim against the fence. He landed some beautifully placed elbows and sliced Boetsch open over the eye. They separated and Tavares landed some nicely timed uppercuts and jabs. Tavares was looking like he was finding his timing and then Boetsch momentarily got on top and landed some quick strikes before Tavares came back up, grappled with Boetsch and clinched his back. Against the cage, on the back of Boetsch in a standing position, Tavares was landing huge knees to his face and arms. Boetsch blocked most of the knees but they still scored points for Tavares.

The second round began with Tavares winning the clinching battle and utilizing good movement. Boetsch tried to win the clinching game several times but Tavares continually controlled the position. When the two were separated by the referee Boetsch came after Tavares and landed a huge hook to the chin that wobbled Brad. Boetsch closed in and then landed a follow up hook that dropped Tavares to the canvas. The referee stepped in a awarded Boetsch the KO victory! The KO Comeback Kid Tim Boetsch strikes again!

Tim Boetsch def. Brad Tavares via TKO at 3:18 of the 2nd round

-Jake Chastain


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