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Saturday, 08/16/2014, 07:23 pm

UFC Fight Night 47 Results: Tavares Makes Quick Work of Peralta with 1st Round RNC Submission Victory

The fight kicked off with Tavares attempting a takedown and landing it. The two men scrambled, which allowed Tavares to take Peralta’s back. Tavares sunk in both hooks and flattened Peralta out. From there he started landing big shots to Peralta’s head. Peralta was able to eventually roll to his back but Tavares transitioned to a full mount. Tavares landed some huge elbows and punches from the mount but Robbie Peralta scrambled out of the mount and gave up his back once again. Tavares softened him up with some precise strikes and then sunk in a deep rear-naked-choke. The RNC came for Tavares with only 34 seconds remaining in the opening frame.

Thiago Tavares def. Robbie Peralta via RNC submission at 4:26 in the 1st round

-Jake Chastain



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