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Saturday, 08/16/2014, 09:16 pm

UFC Fight Night 47 Results: Ross Pearson Looks Sharp in TKO Victory Over Gray Maynard

Maynard landed first, looked light on his feet and utilized good head movement. Pearson quickly started finding his timing, though, landing several straights and jabs. Maynard shot in and took Pearson down against the cage but Pearson got back up and separated from Maynard, landing a nice strike on the way out. Pearson started landing some nice strikes and cut open Gray on the bridge of his nose. Pearson controlled the pace until the end of the round when Maynard shot in on Pearson and took him down again. Pearson didn’t stay there and quickly got back to his feet. Pearson ended the round with a heavy body kick to the mid-section of Maynard. The first round was very close as Pearson may have had the slight edge in the striking while Maynard landed two takedowns.

Gray came out in the looking for the takedown in the 2nd round but Pearson refused to give it up early. The two men continued to try to win positioning and cut angles for strong strikes but nothing landed clean. Pearson finally came up big and landed a huge straight right about halfway through the round and Maynard immediately looked wobbled. Pearson closed in with a follow up combination in which he landed a grazing right and then a solid left hook that dropped Maynard to the mat. Pearson pounced on him and the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.

Ross Pearson def. Gray Maynard via TKO at 1:35 in the 2nd round

-Jake Chastain


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