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Wednesday, 10/09/2013, 04:54 pm

‘UFC Fight Night 29′ Results: Palhares Makes Pierce Submit In Round 1

In a fight that lasted only thirty-one seconds, Palhares secured two leg locks! Pierce was lucky to escape the first, but by the time Palhares locked in the second one he had no choice but to submit immediately. Palhares not only took home another leg home, but likely a Submission of the Night bonus as well.


4 Responses to “‘UFC Fight Night 29′ Results: Palhares Makes Pierce Submit In Round 1”

  1. Ddddddddd says:

    Pierce should have knocked his ass out when he wasn’t lookin. It would’ve served him right. It’s bull$hit Dana keeps giving this dork fights. I can see with my blind eye that dude can’t be trusted. Dana cuts people for saying stupid sh!t but allows a perpetual offender to rape people’s legs. Fighters should stand up and refuse to fight this guy. Paul Daily gets cut for one sucker punch and this guy is still rolling around trying to wreck people’s careers. Someone needs to bash this funker with a bat at the weigh ins. This makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Cornholio says:

      Do me a favor. Go cry. On top of that, I’m glad Daley got cut, he would’ve lost his fight with Koscheck and then eventually kicked out of the UFC after a few lackluster fights. Look at where he is right now: fighting chumps in smaller promotions.

  2. Alex says:

    I totally agree. I even tweeted DW about it!

  3. zack says:

    come on now. he held it maybe a second too long. was he supposed to let go and have pierce start punching him cuz the ref didnt see the tap? If u think thats bad watch some of royce gracies fights u noobs.

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