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Wednesday, 09/04/2013, 06:51 pm

UFC Fight Night 28 Results: Glover Teixeira Earns 20th Consecutive Win With TKO Victory Over Ryan Bader in Round 1


| This was a huge fight for both men and could play a huge part in the future of the UFC light heavyweight division.

Both men needed big wins, but a win for Teixeira was much bigger in the sense that he is at the very top of the rankings. This performance will likely give him a good case for a title-shot in the near future, but it didn’t come easy for Glover.

Bader came out looking sharp at the opening of  the fight. His boxing looked pretty quick and crisp as he landed a few nice jabs and hooks and he even went for an early guillotine, but it was unsuccessful.

As the pace picked up  Glover and Bader were exchanging in the grappling and striking until Bader clipped Teixeira with a hook that dropped him momentarily.

Teixeira quickly recovered and came back to his feet and Bader tried to pounce and swarm him while he was still hurt. Ryan started throwing big, looping shots at Glover against the cage but Teixeira was covering up pretty well. Then, in the blink of an eye, Teixeira landed two quick counter strikes that landed cleanly on the chin of Ryan Bader and he dropped to the canvas.

Glover pounced and started landing big shots to a turtled-up  Bader. The fight was stopped moments later.

Glover Teixeira Wins via TKO at 2:55 of Round 1

This was a huge win for Glover Teixeira as he showed off his heart, his chin, and his power. He is now on track for a number-one contender spot in the UFC light-heavyweight division.

He is undefeated in the UFC and has now won 20 straight MMA fights.

His power could pose a huge threat to every top contender in the UFC 205 pound weight class and his 20 fight winning-streak speaks volumes about his experience inside the cage.

To see what the UFC decides to give Glover Teixeira next inside the octagon, be sure to stay posted to

-Jake Chastain



One Response to “UFC Fight Night 28 Results: Glover Teixeira Earns 20th Consecutive Win With TKO Victory Over Ryan Bader in Round 1”

  1. Accuracy & Power says:

    …makes Glover a dangerous man! That dude doesn’t waste punches. 20 wins in a row doesn’t happen ’cause you’re lucky. It happens ’cause you’re a badass! Glover definitely deserves the next shot at the UFC LHW belt.

  2. magoo says:

    Wow I’m a huge Jones fan and it finally looks like he’s got himself a challenge! Becoming a big fan of Glover, the only man with a chance at 205!!!!

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    That was ‘mean as’ how he was taking Bader bombs and instead of turtling he’s looking for the 1-2 opening between shots. well done, and yes can’t wait to see this guy move up.

  4. Thesire says:

    +1 on that. On top of getting rocked he criticize himself on getting rocked and blamed it on sloppy striking. Finally an opponent to JBJ. We all know gustaffson is good but not at the caliber or JBJ, glover will be a true test for JBJ….finally

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