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Wednesday, 09/04/2013, 05:59 pm

UFC Fight Night 28 Results: Joseph Benavidez Earns 1st Round TKO Win Over Jussier Formiga


| What an amazing performance put on by Joe Benavidez! From start to finish it was the Cali Boy that brought the pressure and he seemed like he was on a mission.

Round one began and ended the fight and it was all Benavidez. From the opening horn he pressed the pace of the fight. In every exchange the two men threw it was Benavidez who was throwing the crisp, quick, and harder combos. Formiga was left playing defense for most of the fight and never really had a chance to get his offense going.

It was only a matter of time before the Benavidez shook or knocked out Formiga and it didn’t take more than a round. With about two minutes left in the opening frame Joseph landed a beautiful series of punches that rocked Formiga. Formiga backed up and tried to defend himself but Benavidez ran in a landed a hard knee to the body of Formiga that dropped the Brazilian to the mat. The rest is history as Benavidez swarmed him and scored the TKO victory at 3:07 of the very first round!

Joseph Benavidez Wins via TKO at 3:07 of Round 1

This pushes Benavidez’s winning-streak to three straight and he is likely in line for a title-fight rematch with current UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson.

Stay posted to to see what the UFC decides to do next with the surging flyweight, Joseph Benavidez.

Jake Chastain



2 Responses to “UFC Fight Night 28 Results: Joseph Benavidez Earns 1st Round TKO Win Over Jussier Formiga”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Rock on Joe! Must be rough being leaps and bounds ahead of everyone except for the champ, maybe that’ll change at some point, who knows.

  2. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    Way past time to see Benevidez chase
    M I N I Mouse around for 25 minutes AGAIN. Next time Benevidez will know that MINI Mouse is going to run a away again and he will be prepared to cut off cage and knock Mouse’s overrated BORING ass out

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