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Friday, 11/04/2011, 09:50 am

UFC Fanatic Mandy Moore Picking Velasquez Over Dos Santos


12 Responses to “UFC Fanatic Mandy Moore Picking Velasquez Over Dos Santos”

  1. FightClub (my dick) says:

    Great V.B. & it also made me horny. All around A++

  2. Fortyb4five says:

    Hot chicks that love mma…what more can you ask for.

  3. DrGiles says:

    i wonder who told her to say that haha

    • Scott Toomey says:

      No one told her what to say. It’s pretty well known that Mandy has been an MMA fan for a while now. She shows up in Dana’s vid blogs all the time and attends several live fights a year. She knows what she’s talking about.

  4. RJ KANEAO says:

    Wasn’t she dating Georgie boy!?

  5. pk9grrr says:

    i liked her with a bit more ounce

  6. Al Callander says:

    She knows squat!!!!! Cain was knocked down twice against kongo!!! He has no chin and it will be proven when he has to face the best boxer in ufc in dos Santos

  7. She knows what’s up! Cain FTW!

  8. Calabama says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand boner.

  9. Tasha Kay says:

    no one cares about Mandy Moore.

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