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Monday, 05/21/2012, 02:00 pm

Exclusive | Showtime Pettis "I want to fight Nate Diaz!" | UFC NEWS

By: Chris Taylor

I was fortunate enough to catch up with UFC lightweight top contender Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis this weekend. Pettis, who is coming off a big victory over Joe Lauzon at UFC 144, is looking to prove that he is the real #1 contender in the lightweight division. Here is our conversation:

Chris: Hey what’s up! It’s Chris Taylor here for, on the line I have none other than Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis! Anthony thanks for taking the time, how are you doing today?

Anthony: I’m good man, thanks for having me.

Chris: No problem, it’s good to talk to you again. First question I wanted to ask you is regarding the shoulder surgery you had earlier this year, are you fully recovered? I noticed on twitter that you said you were back hitting some pads with Duke Roufus.

Anthony: Ya no, I’m not fully healed up, and I am not able to fully train yet either. I am just being able to exercise now. When I hurt my shoulder, I tore my labrum so I really couldn’t do any kind of cardio or anything. I couldn’t bounce at all because it would screw up the repairs they made. So I just got cleared to start doing some cardio workouts and some light stuff. I can’t really get back to camp or anything like that. My hopes are to be back by September 1st, that’s what I’m shooting for.

Chris: So you want to be back in action at UFC 151?

Anthony: Ya I want to fight September 1st!

Chris: Right on, so talking about your next fight, did you catch UFC on Fuel TV’s event this past Tuesday?

Anthony: Ya I did.

Chris: What did you think of the fight between Donald Cerrone and Jeremy Stephens?

Anthony: Cerrone looked awesome man, he dominated the fight! Stephens is a tough dude, I know that from fighting him and Cerrone went out there and made it look like a piece of cake. So ya, Cerrone looked awesome!

Chris: So is that a match-up that interests you? I know ‘Cowboy’ kind of put that idea out there. Initially he tried calling out Nate Diaz but later he showed interest in a possible fight with you, is that a match-up you would want?

Anthony: For me, I want to fight Nate Diaz! I mean I was promised a title shot a couple of times, they said it after my Lauzon win, you know that I was probably next in line. Then all of sudden Diaz comes out and he has a good performance against Jim Miller and I am forgotten about. So I mean I want to fight the guy that beat Cerrone and get the #1 contender spot. I’m looking for a title shot here in my next couple fights or you know one more win and then a title shot.

Chris: Well ya, I mean you have to figure that at worst you are 1 win away from a title shot right?

Anthony: Ya you know I feel that I am still the #1 contender and Nate Diaz comes down in weight beats Cerrone, and I mean Cerrone was on a bit of a tear but it wasn’t like he was beating top 10 guys. Then Diaz beats Jim Miller, who got that fight for beating Melvin Guillard, and I beat Joe Lauzon who also beat Melvin Guillard so I think we (Me and Diaz) are both right there. That’s why I want to clear things up and show everybody that I am the real #1 contender, so I want to fight Nate Diaz!

Chris: For sure and that makes sense to me. Is it safe to say you more than a little frustrated at this point? I mean you were supposed to fight for the title when the WEC merged, then Edgar and Maynard went to a draw forcing an immediate rematch, so you took a fight with Clay Guida. Since then you worked your way back up to top contender status, and now Edgar is rematching Benson Henderson. How frustrated are you?

Anthony: Ya I’m the guy that’s just kind of stuck you know, I’m right there to be at a title shot. It’s kind of my fault for taking the Guida fight, Guida didn’t finish me but he won the decision.

Chris: Ya and that was a very close fight.

Anthony: Ya you know he won the fight based on points but I was constantly attacking the whole time, and ya that’s in the past. Like I said, I feel I am the #1 contender and should be getting the next title shot and now Nate Diaz is the ‘supposed’ #1 contender so I think it makes sense for us to fight!

Chris: Ya I totally agree with that analysis and I think that is a fight the fans would love to see for sure!

Anthony: Ya that would definitely be a fan favorite.

Chris: On the topic of title shots, your Roufusport teammate, Erik ‘New Breed’ Koch is set to take on Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight strap at UFC 149, July 21st in Calgary, Alberta. What does Erik bring to the table that is different from previous opponents that have failed against Aldo? What will make him prevail in your opinion?

Anthony: Erik is just one of those guys that nobody knows to much about. You know he’s had a couple of dominating performances lately since his loss to Chad Mendes, which was very similar to how I lost to Clay Guida. In our camp, we have probably the best strikers in MMA. You know guys sleep on us because they don’t see much of us, Erik wasn’t that active last year. But Erik Koch is a beast man, he’s not a guy to sleep on! I mean I feel for sure that he’s going to do work against Aldo, especially if Aldo doesn’t take him seriously.

Chris: Ya no doubt, and Erik’s stand up is top notch so Calgary fans could be in for a stand up war!

Anthony: Ya I mean Erik is the kind of guy who is great everywhere, but you know he’s like me.. always looking for the knockout!

Chris: For sure and you won’t hear anyone arguing about that quality. So how is your younger brother Sergio doing? I wanted to ask you about him, I had the pleasure of seeing one of his first pro fights in my hometown of Winnipeg. A fight that Sergio won with a head kick knockout, and he just won again earlier this May to improve to 4-0 in his pro career?

Anthony: Ya it’s hard to keep track off all the guys records, but he’s something like 4-0 or 5-0 now, so ya he’s looking awesome man. He’s hungry, he’s young and he’s dedicating himself. He’s not looking for the easy route or anything like that. You know he’s putting the hard work in and it shows in his fights.

Chris: So what’s the plan for him next? Does he have another fight lined up?

Anthony: Ya he’s actually fighting for a Tachi Palace contract in Indiana coming up here on June 15th. He’s moving up to 135 and I think once he wins he gets a contract with Tachi Palace.

Chris: Awesome, so what’s your opinion, what’s the time table for Sergio making his UFC debut? I know he’s only 18 years old so maybe another year or two?

Anthony:  Ya that’s what we are shooting for. We don’t want to rush him into it, we want to make sure he’s matured and that his body matures and that he is 100% ready to go. For me and for my whole team we don’t want jobs, we want careers, so we want to last in this sport.

Chris: Ya for sure, good stuff. I had some fans email in some questions here for the interview, one I thought you might get some humor out of was from Todd Pinkus who asks “Showtime does your footshin ever hurt after nearly kicking guys heads off their bodies?”

Anthony: Hahahaha

Chris: Probably referring to the kicks you landed on Danny Castillo or Joe Lauzon, but I’m curious to, are you walking funny the next day after laying an opponent out like that?

Anthony: I mean it doesn’t feel good the next day. I mean during the fight your adrenaline is pumping so you don’t really feel it then. But on that plane ride home you start feeling everything. But it’s better for my shin to hurt than my jaw to hurt, that’s what I always say. As long as it’s my shin with the other guy laying on the mat, then it’s all good.

Chris: Haha ya then it’s definitely all good. Adam Kolomaya wanted to know “Showtime have you developed any real dislike for Frankie Edgar due to him constantly getting rematches? Would you like to be the guy to ‘kick’ him down to the featherweight division?”

Anthony: Ya man I am definitely frustrated with all his rematches, it just keeps me stuck in one spot. But ya, if I got that chance I definitely think I would finish that fight! There wouldn’t be any rematches or reason for a rematch after that.

Chris: You obviously saw the fight between Frankie and Benson, what did you think? Was it that close that it warranted a rematch in your opinion?

Anthony: For me I think that if you lose a title fight, you should have to win at least one or two more fights before getting a rematch. I don’t think  rematches should just be handed out all the time because it was a close fight. So ya I think it was a close fight but I don’t necessarily agree with the immediate rematch. But, everything happens for a reason so.

Chris: Well thanks for again for taking the time to talk with me here, I hope all the best for you in 2012! Hopefully you get this Nate Diaz fight and that all works out for you. Any last words from ‘Showtime’ for your fans or any shout outs?

Anthony: I want to thank all my fans that support me and for sticking with me while I recover from this surgery. I also want to thank all my sponsors Xyience, Toyo Tires and Headrush!

Chris: All right buddy hope you have a speedy recovery and we can’t wait to see you back inside the octagon!

Anthony: Alright you have a good night man thanks!

Be sure to follow Anthony Pettis on twitter @showtimepettis!




76 Responses to “Exclusive | Showtime Pettis "I want to fight Nate Diaz!" | UFC NEWS”

  1. Testies Replacement Therapy says:

    Dana needs to stop telling people they are getting title shots. Make this fight happen Dana!

  2. The natural says:

    Wow ur asking for and ass kicking. You were champ in UFC before it folded never again.

    • BabyJ3 says:

      Asking for and ass kicking? Champ in UFC before it folded? Get your Shit together!

      • TheBraveReply says:

        for real. what the hell is this dude yapping about?

      • The natural says:

        My spell correct changed wec to ufc if u were a fan u would no what the fuck i was talking bout noob get ur shit together wry bout article not one off wrd.Pettis hasn’t done anything yet to show hes a contender in the UFC. Diaz also said he’s gonna wait it out if edgar wins then you will c pettis Diaz. If henderson wins we will c Diaz Henderson. I think we shld give pettis a top five contender he lost to his last top five. So he needs to fight somebody like grey, miller,loser of Frankie hendo, cowboy,or Nate.until then u need keep ur mouth shut Fact is he can’t hang in top elite

        • Marbles says:

          Pettis has showed he deserves this title shot!!
          You’re just an ignorant ass!

  3. BabyJ3 says:

    Diaz vs Showtime = Fireworks

    • Reality says:

      OR an a$$ whooping for Pettis. Diaz beats him anywhere the fight goes. Great match on paper but I see Nate working him over. Also, he mentions Cerrone’s opponents not being ranked but his opponents weren’t exactly top of the line either(except the one he lost to) in the UFC. Nate Diaz came down and ran right through 3 fighters at 155 including a top 5 UFC fighter. I like Pettis, but I don’t think he’s number 1 just yet. Personally, I think Guida and Maynard(even though he just lost to the former champ) are ahead of him.

      • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

        I agree Pettis isn’t in same league as Diaz. Everyone keeps forgetting Pettis had just barely won by split decision and lost to Guida in 2 of his last 3 fights where as Diaz has been absolutely dominate over better opponents. No Pettis is just trying to capitalize on Diaz success. Pettis had his chance he could have pulled a Rashad and waited a year or 14 months like Rashad did but he couldn’t afford to wait out Edgar/Maynard. NOBDOY COULD. So tired Of Edgar in LW class. So many other fighters otehr than Pettis have lost their earned chances because Edgar takes such beatings in every fight and scrapes out un warranted draws and gets rematches after gettting his ass kicked. You Edgar nuthuggers are the worst because its onvious the judges give him fights cause they feel sorry for the beatings he takes and all know fans like you cry about him being 5 pounds smaller than his opponents. If Edgar wasn’t so deathly afraid to fight Aldo he would drop but none of you ever mention that. He turned down 7 figures with pay per view rights for an immediate title shot with Aldo. ANYONE else would have jumped allover that but he’s a whining p-hole who gets his way like all babies in sport

      • Marbles says:

        Pettis deserves it more than any other fighter he has worked so hard
        He’s been through a really low point in his career and has resurrected and back on top!!!

  4. Xaninho says:

    I would like to see that fight!

    And Pettis is right, he did get screwed multiple times. He took Bendo’s belt in the WEC, now Bendo is the UFC champ, Pettis still didn’t get the titleshot he was promised from the beginning and now he has to wait even longer cause Edgar cried his way into another rematch.

  5. E says:

    pettis sounds hungry. i have no idea how ap vs nate would go. i wouldnt know who to root for. if the fight were to go down i would just say may the better fighter win. i wouldnt be disappointed because this would go down as one of the best fights happening this year. id be looking forward to it.

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      Didn’t Pettis just have shoulder surgery? No way he anywhere close to being ready for a fight with Diaz. Besides he’s only 2-1 and many other UFC lightweights were passed over with 6-0, 7-0 ,records against much better opponents. look up who Jim Miller beat when he was like 7-0, look up who G-Sot had beat when he was I think 6-0 straight wins. No way is Pettis deserving right now. Can you imagine how a fighht would go with (OLD) Gray maynard with him using all wrestling on Pettis. 30-27 blowout. So right there tells me he’s not in top 5.

  6. Anti-Zuffa says:

    Does anyone remember Pettis the #1 contender who fought Clay Guida who at the time wasn’t ranked in the top 5 and lost?! Pettis went to the back of the line where he belongs. He hasn’t earned the Nate Diaz fight and Diaz has earned a title shot. If Pettis wants a shot at Diaz, he needs to go through Cerrone first! The only man who has ran through pretty much everyone but Diaz. Also. . . has everyone forgotten about Gray Maynard??? Come one Fan boys, pay attention. .

    • Ivan says:

      Agreed i mean who has pettis beat in the top 10? Diaz demolished all three of his last oppenoents

      • A.James says:

        Pettis hasn’t beaten anyone in the top ten except for Benson who sits in the number one position.

        • crazyhorse420 says:


        • Reality says:

          back in the WEC, not the UFC… I think him and Ben Henderson would be much different now.

        • andy says:

          For real. Ever since WEC folded and Ben lost his title to Pettis he’s looked like a completely different monster. Honestly, I don’t think Pettis could handle Henderson anymore. Henderson is just a total monster.

    • Noel says:

      Agree… Cerrone 1st for Pettis! Stop bitching about ‘promised’ fights u lost to Guida at least Maynard came out after the 2nd fight and said well I lost, 2-3 more wins in a row til my next shot! Hopefully Frankie ‘mr points’ Edgar has the same opinion after Bendo ko’s his featherweight ass!

    • Reality says:

      I agree with everything you said except Cerrone going through everybody except Diaz. Diaz was actually Cerrone’s step up in competition and Stephens was his bouncing back fight. I do agree that Cerrone is more suited for him at the moment than Diaz…I like both fights though(even though I’d see Diaz schooling him).

  7. frankieedgarblows says:

    wtf this guy doesn’t deserve a title shot! he knocked out a tomato can and he split decision a guy that sucks! this guy needs to fight cerrone first before he can be considered, this guy is on crack

    • Cel 415 says:

      C’mon homie, Joe Lauzon a tomato can? Really? he’s only lost 6 times vs 21 wins on top of that the guy went 2 years before losing again, and that was to Ken Flo. since then he has only lost to upper tier fighters. Jeremy Stephens ain’t all that great… but he is not hella weak either being that all the losses he has are to guys that are either close to or are already contending. but yeah, Pettis does not immediately deserve a title shot. give him 1 more fight.

      • andy says:

        I agree calling Lauzon a tomato can is exaggerating but Joe isn’t exactly consistent. The guy looks brilliant one fight then loses hard the next. I mean, point being a split win over Stephens and a KO over Lauzon who isn’t even top 10 doesn’t deserve a title shot even if you were the last WEC champion.

  8. soccerchago209 says:

    I think AP needs to win a few more fights, he lost and has not been what everyone thought he would be in the UFC. I think Nate has done everything the right way and he deserves a shot for the title. Nate was almost a gate keeper for some fighters but he turned that around.

  9. crazyhorse420 says:

    everything pettis said about him and nate being equally deserving is bang on

  10. BabyJ3 says:

    I’d rather see Diaz fight Showtime then sit out 6+ months waiting for a title shot

    • Reality says:

      True .. or for Diaz to fight anybody! He’s just an exciting fighter to watch. I say either Pettis or perhaps somebody he’s fought already like Guida or Maynard. Personally, I think Pettis should fight Barboza if Barboza wins his next fight or Cerrone. Those would be interesting to me.

  11. Mike Diaz says:

    Diaz will scrap, not like Condit who wants to plug up the entire division! Nate Diaz’ response would be ” When and where…..” Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!

    • ^this guy^ says:

      Biggest Diaz nuthugger ever. lol. And TEAM PENN after you hail the diaz bro’s even with a profile pic of both of them?? your terrible. by the way Pettis will DESTROY Nate… I seriously am going to put a shit ton of money down on Pettis if this fight goes down. Also, all you hear from you Stockton wannabes is “scrap, scrap, Stockton baby”.. And the older brother can;t even show up for a charity BJJ fight and it was just for fun sport and charity and you STILL love this guy?? He’s a chump… he is terrible and has disrespected MMA just as bad as when Dana brought Brock Lesnar into the HW division with a title shot after 2 fights.. wtf.

  12. Mike McMack says:

    Let’s see it, Nate’s gotta wait for Frankie to get his ass kicked again by Ben anyways. It’ll be a long wait for Nate if he waits for his shot cause of cry baby Frankie getting an undeserved rematch. I think Nate should fight Pettis and make some money and eliminate Pettis from contention if he (Nate) becomes the champ. I’m wondering if Nate likes his odds against Bendo and Frankie better then against Pettis.

    • andy says:


      Tired Edgar. Also, seeing the way Rory Macdonald handled Nate I think he’d be better off with Edgar or Pettis than thaf Behemoth of a lightweight Bendo.

  13. Lol says:

    Da fk? Pettis is a beast and loss to guida by dry hump points. Pettis and diaz makes perfect sense. Cereone vs maynard does as well.

  14. Dick Diaz says:

    this guy has lost to Clay guida and has no top ten wins… where as nate diaz has two top ten wins in Cerrone and Miller… i really don’t know where this is all coming from. he had his title shot and missed it.

    • Mike McMack says:

      No top 10 wins? Ben Henderson is the #1 LW in the world and Joe Lauzon was arguably in the top 10 after he beat Melvin Guillard. Pettis in the only person to beat Bendo after he joined the WEC where he became the WEC LW champ. The guy has credentials but I think he needs to beat an elite LW in impressive fashion to be worthy of a shot. Nate Diaz is the perfect fight for him.

    • your a horrible person says:

      Dude, he made Ben Henderson look like a chump… He DESTROYED him and lost to Guida through his patented humping style. He is super talented and has style and flair to go with it. This kid is nasty and if / when the f*ck ever Henderson v Pettis II happens it will be the fight of the year. Seriously WHY HAS THIS FIGHT NOT HAPPENED YET!!!! This kid has deserved a title shot just for previous devastation over Henderson. If Urijah Faber can get a title shot bc of a WEC grudge match the why the hell can’t Pettis???

  15. GET RID OF TRT says:

    Give him cowboy in denver

  16. crazyhorse420 says:

    denver is in august he said he wont be ready until september

  17. Nick says:

    Diaz vs Pettis would be a great fight. Frankie has single handedly fucked up the LW division. Have him drop to featherweight. Ben will probably finish him.

    • true says:

      I just want to see Frankie go away. I’m sorry. He has heart and all or whatever, but there is way too much talent that is better than him in this division and I am so sick and tired of seeing his busted up face and overhyped ass. His era is over. Move over and make way for the new age brawlers that put on more than just standing toe to toe punching each other in the face to see who can look the ugliest at the end style of fighting.

  18. Pancho says:

    Pettis needs another win first. Nates on a tear and he deserves the shot right now

  19. jones says:

    nate deserve the shot,,,he has been teased enough about this shot…the diaz bros get bad rap cuz of nik,,but nate eats mad shit from ufc and is great guy to have aroiund

  20. Clay says:

    Why is clay guida in the conversation anymore?

  21. Bd says:

    Be careful what you wish for hommie.

  22. Bjj BB says:

    DIAZ has his tittle shot after bendo beats edgar again, id love to see a stand up war with pettis vs edson barboza!!

  23. LVS says:


    8 fighters

    Ben Henderson
    Frankie Edgar
    Nate Diaz
    Gray Maynard
    Clay Guida

    Would be so epic !

  24. Noah Plata says:

    Condit showed the blueprint for beating the Diaz Bros. Pettis would get on his bike and avoid the boxing.. land from outside with kicks, how Cerrone should of fought him.. instead Cerrone got sucked into the Diaz boxing trap and got fucked up. I think Pettis deserves to fight Diaz for the #1 contender spot but they already said Diaz gets the next shot and he said he’s gonna wait. Pettis gets screwed again…

  25. John Grady Cole says:

    To both Pettis and Chris Taylor, for the love of god, “ya” is not a word. Say “yes” or nothing at all.

  26. pete says:

    pettis isn’t even in the same league as diaz.
    wait your turn, buddy.

  27. Jason says:

    Make sure you schedule the fight wire Nate. If you schedule with Nick he might not show up.

  28. shane says:

    you cant come in the ufc loss and then win 2 thinking your getting a title shot. miller was on a 7 FIGHT WIN STREAK

  29. mmafan says:

    pettis has fought trash up until lauzon! But i wouldnt mind seeing diaz destroy pettis….

  30. ZC says:

    The loss to Guida is something that happens. Everyone has a weakness and wrestling was his, just like Pettis’ stand up was Bendersons weakness in the WEC. Pettis has evolved since then and in my opinion is the most dangerous striker at 155. I think this fight would be great, and we’d really get to find out who the REAL no.1 contender is. But right now we’ve got a dead WW title and a dying LW title because we won’t get to see a real no.1 contender fight for quite some time thanks to Edgar demanding a rematch instead of dropping and taking the immediate shot against Aldo. So many titles that are held by people that don’t wanna fight/get hurt every day. Weak Knee GSP and now Cruz, Silva ducking for Sonnen for a while, Jon Jones who doesn’t have anyone who can even reach his Pterodactyl wingspan lookin’ ass, 145 which is full of under-accomplished challengers now, I mean it just sucks. The Heavyweight title is just about the only one with legit contenders to the belt. And Overeem tried his best to ruin that for us too. Dana needs to get his fighters in check. Because undercard fights shouldn’t be more exciting then title fights on every single card.

  31. ZC says:

    This would be a great fight. I doubt Diaz will be able to hang with Benson Henderson anyway and since we’re seeing another fucking FE rematch we might as well keep the “number 1 contender” active. Before the LW division becomes the WW division all over again.

  32. parker says:

    This dude got whooped by guida, barely got past Stephens and knocked out a not even top ten guy in j-lau he’s not ready for Diaz and definitely not ready for a title shot, bendo is a completely different animal then he was when they first fought, And pettis hasn’t really evolved at all

  33. m says:

    Cerrone v. Pettis guaranteed solid fight.

  34. BobO says:

    Diaz vs Pettis is a good match up. I got Diaz by submission though. ~BobO

  35. Jason Rodrigues says:

    Maybe the UFC should do a Lightweight Grand Prix for the title since there are so much top contenders and awesome match ups! That would be an event to see, something like the Pride days, no?

  36. Mayor of Deviance says:

    Would love to see a Showtime vs Diaz fight. It definitely makes the most sense.

  37. Gabe says:

    Nate will stomp your ass

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