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Wednesday, 05/23/2012, 05:08 pm

Exclusive | Josh Thomson On Gil: If You Want to be Considered the Best – Quit Ducking People | Strikeforce News

May 22, 2012 at the HP Pavilion this past Saturday the got to see a trilogy unfold with Josh “The Punk” Thompson and Gilbert “El Nino” Melendez putting on a technical display of violence.   Jens and Abel Pulver got a chance to interview Josh Thomson on the Just Scrap Radio Show Episode 6.  Here’s how it went down…

Q:  What’s your take on the fight?

Josh Thomson:

“I had the opportunity to look it over on Sunday night.  I felt like the rest of the fans.  Actually, to be honest I felt like Millitage did – the first round should have been probably a 10-10 round, I thought I lost the 2nd, the 3rd could have went either way and I definitely I won 4th and 5th.

But the 3rd though, I felt like I did more damage.  He took me down but I hopped backed up.  It’s one of those things where I left it all on the judges hands.  I felt like I was definitely in better shape than him.  I could have pushed pace a lot better, fought a better fight to win it but I didn’t really listen to my corner.  I felt like I gave the fight away.

That’s just something you can’t do when your fighting for the title.  I obviously felt like I won but it’s just one of those thing where you can’t be mad when you leave it to the judges”

Pulver:  You were very humble in your post fight speech.  The crowd obviously was on your side.  Let me just say – you’re all class.  It was quite a show of your character.

Q:  Was there this feeling at the end of the fight the crowd is cheering – you got them behind you – didn’t you just kind of  want to tip you hat to them and saying yeah man I know I won that?

Josh Thomson:

“Yeah, but the thing is i didn’t want to speculate on it until I came back and saw the fight. Its out of my control, the judges made the decision. This is the opportunity- but I wish Dana White would’ve stepped up and said something like ‘It was such a close fight’ and given the automatic rematch like they did with Frankie Edgar and Ben Henderson- that would’ve been nice.

But, it was a real close fight, and we’ll see how it plays out. I know a lot of the headlines in the media was ‘3rd fight: Epic dramatic trilogy comes to an end and nothings solved’

It’s pretty hard to swallow if you ask me.”

Q: Have people hinted a 4th fight?

Josh Thomson:

“I look at it a bunch of different ways. You have to understand, you want to be considered the best lightweight in the world you have to fight whoever they put in front of you.

You don’t hear GSP or Anderson Silva turning fights down with people in their weight class, saying ‘Oh I don’t want to fight him again’.  We don’t really have that option.  If you want to be considered the best – quit ducking people.

The second thing is, I can’t really tell if he was making excuses with the lack of motivation in training.  How can you say that when the first two fights, was probably the hardest fights you ever had in your career?

One of them you got your butt spanked, and then on top of that, I heard how you made excuses about why you should’ve won.  Where I on the other hand, haven’t made any excuses, when apparently I lost.  There was a lot of talk about me with a torn ACL, hurt ribs, hands, knee, but whatever it was, I never made any excuses about why I should have won.

Quit making excuses about why you should have won.”

Q: After the fight he said he didn’t want to do a rematch. Like you said about making excuses about how he won the fight versus you who didn’t make excuses. Does that feel like a moral victory in a sense? Does that reaffirm the fact that you won the fight?

Josh Thomson:

“No, it doesn’t make a difference.  It doesn’t matter how you look at it.

I hate loosing but its part of the game. When you lose like that.  It eats you up even more.”

Q: Looking at the UFC, do you see yourself over there? Who would you like to fight over there? Is that something that could be coming up as well?  Are you going to be a Strikeforce fighter for awhile?  What’s the plan in that aspect?

Josh Thomson:

“As far as fighting guys in the UFC, that’s out of my control. Dana, Lorenzo, Coker and all those guys they make the rules. They bring you over when they want can and it just goes from there.  I don’t really have a whole lot of what’s going on.  I try to fight whoever they ask me to and do the best I can.”

Q:  Who would you like to fight in the UFC right of the bat?

Josh Thomson:

“I’m not getting any younger.  It would be nice if I was to get brought over to be brought over soon.  Honestly, you just want to fight whatever the fastest road to the title is.  Whoever the UFC feels that’s necessary or even potentially fighting Gil on a rematch.

I want to get the Strikeforce Title or the UFC title so which ever way is the fastest way.

I’m not trying to say I deserve an outright title shot.  All I’m trying to say is whoever they feel is their number one contender or someone they’re trying to build to push me up the ranks as fast as possible.  Those are the guys I want to fight.  I just want to fight the best guys that will get me to the title shot as fast as possible.”

Q: Let’s say you can fight viable contenders KJ Noons or Pat Healy, which one of the 2 would you prefer to fight maybe before a chance again to fight the 4th fight with Gil?

Josh Thomson:

“Honestly, I think Healy if he fights Gilbert I think he beats him.

I think Healy has a great opportunity.  I fought Healy I just know how heavy he feels, his aggression, how he keeps coming forward, you don’t have to worry about him ground and pounding you out or knocking you on your feet but you got to worry about him pushing his weight on you or pushing the pace where most people can’t keep up.  Bearing all that weight – he’s a 190lbs. it’s no joke.

I really feel he has a great opportunity to beat Gil and hopefully I’ll fight someone in between there.  Hopefully get an automatic title shot again if he wins but we’ll just go from there.”

Q: How much fights do you have left on you Strikeforce contract?

Josh Thompson:

“I still have to look into it but I think either 1 or 2″


For more of Josh Thomson’s interview and details of his training and conditioning.  Listen to Just Scrap Radio Episode 6.

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25 Responses to “Exclusive | Josh Thomson On Gil: If You Want to be Considered the Best – Quit Ducking People | Strikeforce News”

  1. Adam says:

    losing is spelled with one o.

  2. Henry says:

    Lol I’m a big Anderson Silva fan but he always talks about guys like Chael and Hendo not deserving rematches cause they lost already so this guys wrong about that.

    • JJ-B says:

      Except Silva finished those fighters.

      Every Gil v. Thomson fight has been a decision, Josh has one win over Gil.

      They were 1-1 going into that fight, and this one is fairly controversial.

      Therefore it makes a lot of sense to have a rematch.

      And Gil seems like he IS ducking him, because he has had quite a bit of trouble with Thomson before.

      Unlike Anderson who submitted Hendo and Chael.

  3. Fuck You says:

    I don’t think silva or GSP or any champ for that matter has fought the same person 4xs. Gilbert won 2 of 3! I don’t think there should be a 4th fight either! You lost work your way back up! I don’t believe in immediate rematches, even if it’s close! If you want that title then finish the champ and you won’t need to complain or bitch that it was close and you deserve an immediate rematch! Just my opinion

  4. Donnybrook says:

    The man’s all class… glad he’s speaking his mind now and the truth instead of how good Gil is. If anyone deserves a rematch it’s Josh and if Gil refuses then there’s no doubt in my mind he’s ducking him… if that’s the case Gil’s going to lose a shit load of fan’s including myself.

  5. A.James says:

    Gil is definitely ducking him. He got owned that fight whether he won more round or not of you base the fight on damage. He should have some pride and try to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that he’s the superior fighter or this will continue to haunt him.

  6. Justen says:

    Josh clearly won 3,4,n 5. He won that fight n would probably win again, but still get screwed by the judges.

    • johnson says:

      4 and 5, yeah….but gil clearly won 1-3.
      the only controversy here is the so-called fans not understanding mma rules and the point system.

  7. yeah right says:

    Gil won hands down just like the 1st and 2nd fight, After his contract his over he’s going to come to lightweight and clean out the whole division..Who the hell is thomson anyways? Gil was hardly even trying against him in all 3 fights. Gil is the best the greatest their ever will be in lightweight so hate on guys!!

  8. Pffft says:

    Dude you can’t say that you have Edgar alverez And bj they are all at the same level as Gil. Gil is an amazing fighter but I think if you put him against any of those guys I’ve said he would lose he just isn’t the same fast paced wrecking machine he used to be he is like Forrest griffen he fights like he either thinks he is the best and doesn’t have to try or he has lost his passion for beating up fools either way he isn’t the bet anymore otherwise he wouldn’t even think twice about saying no to any fight cause for damn sure Gil 2 years ago wouldn’t have IMO

  9. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    I really like Thomson he should have won the fight IMO. I sure the judges would have given the decision to Thomson if this hadn’t been a title fight. Judges seem to be reluctant to give decision to the opponent of the title holder if the fight is really close (BJ vs Frankie I being the only exception I can think at the moment).

    Bendo would destroy Gil, I just can’t see Gil winning that fight. I hope to see Thomson and Gil in the UFC very soon because I won’t them to be still on top of their game when they fight there. I actually think that Gil’s next fight will be in the UFC.

  10. Xaninho says:

    Melendez wants none of that. He knows Thomson is his only real threat in Strikeforce. He’s not that great really. He has a ton of heart, but he lacks the skills to be the absolute best.

    If Melendeze would switch to UFC he would get stomped on by most of the top ten guys there.

  11. maurice says:

    im a huge melendez fan, but i lost a little respect for his claim as top lw and as a fighter. he lost that fight and decides he doesnt wanna fight thomson again. at the end of the fight, i thought gil got this ass kicked, and he sure looked like it as well. and josh is head one when he says he felt his cardio was better. a 4th fight has to happen. if it doesnt then strikeforce is pretty much giving thomson a big FUCK YOU!

  12. A.James says:

    Don’t be scared homie!

  13. Jared Brown says:

    They fought three times. It’s unreasonable to expect him to fight a fourth time. Not ducking, just moving on.

    • Donnybrook says:

      After a controversial fight like that when Josh was clearly robbed there needs to be a 4th fight… you call it moving on but I call it ducking. Had that fight happened under the UFC banner there would be a rematch guaranteed, seeing Gil is Strikeforce’s poster boy and biggest star they’ll protect him and try to claim they still have the world’s top LW… but we all know the truth unless of course you’re a Gil nut hugger.

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