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Tuesday, 05/22/2012, 11:13 am

Exclusive | Cesar Gracie Has Harsh Words For The "Joke/Kangaroo Court" That Is The NSAC

By Ryan Busuttil

A day after UFC Welterweight Nick Diaz was suspended for 1 year for testing positive for marijuana after UFC 143, his coach took to the airwaves to defend him. Cesar Gracie was a guest on “Just Scrap Radio” on today and gave his thoughts about the Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing and did not hold back.

“It was a joke really,” Gracie said. “I thought it was like a kangaroo court.” Gracie expressed that he felt that Diaz’s fate was decided before the hearing even began and that the point of the hearing was to make an example out of Diaz. “They had in mind what they were going to do and they did it. The whole time it was more like everyone there was a prosecutor against Nick. It was pretty ridiculous.” 

Gracie felt that the NSAC  latched onto the fact that Diaz said in testimony that marijuana helped him focus, which to them meant that it was performance-enhancing. “They said ‘Marijuana helps your performance, Nick? It’s a PED then.'” Gracie chided the NSAC for not being prepared or studying the case ahead of time, stating that the Commission did not even know what a metabolite was until the expert witness Diaz’s camp hired explained it.

Gracie felt the hearing showed how athletic commissions fail at their purpose of protecting fighters, taking for granted that they are dealing with fighters’ livelihoods .”They don’t care about fighters, they care about themselves,” said Gracie. “They’re a bunch of cronies.” Gracie reported that the reason Diaz took the commission to court initially was because they violated their own bylaws by delaying his hearing date stating “They didn’t want to follow their own rules. That’s how pathetic they really are.”

Gracie praised Diaz for going in front of the commission, stating that he was “completely honest” the whole time. “I’m extremely proud of Nick for going there and conducting himself in a professional manner. He showed a lot of integrity. To be honest, he showed more integrity than anyone on the commission there.”

As for what the immediate future holds for Nick Diaz, Gracie stated that the fighter and his lawyer were going to weigh all their options before deciding, but taking the commission to court to appeal the suspension was a possibility.

Gracie did point out one positive of the whole experience. “I’m glad the public got to see how ridiculous the state of the commission really is. That’s the one thing I was happy about.”

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85 Responses to “Exclusive | Cesar Gracie Has Harsh Words For The "Joke/Kangaroo Court" That Is The NSAC”

  1. the original steve says:

    so let me get this straight. jon jones goes drunk driving crashes his bentley and gets a dui no punishment given by the commission. alistair has the testosterone level of 14 men gets 9 months chael has the testosterone of 16 men gets 6 months and a little fine. nick legally smokes weed with his medical license gets suspended for a year and fined. makes sense to me.

    • Dreams says:

      ^+1 NSAC is a joke. they should of let Nick go..

    • Mr Groove says:

      I felt the same way when I read he got 12 months and fined. I’m not a Nick fan but I thought it wasn’t fair by any means.

    • Ron Jones says:

      The first two things you said about overeem and cheal were legit, but what does jon jones drunk driving have to do with nsac? i dont see the relevance.

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        I think what he’s saying is that Diaz does something legally permissible but still gets a fine and suspended for years, as opposed to Jones who did something illegal and will probably not be punished.

        • baldy says:

          not tryin to be a hater, but it was his second offense. rules (some make more sense than others) are in place for reason. he knew he wasnt supposed be use the stuff and he did it anyway and got caught. hopefully he learned his lesson…this time.
          having said all that…having extremely high testosterone, in my opinion, is a far worse offense than testing positive for pot. if phael or overeem or any of the others that have been caught get caught again…they should be banned.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          That’s not being a hater in any form, sir. You make a good point. I don’t necessarily agree with marijuana being a banned substance, but that’s a whole other argument too long to type.

        • joe mama says:

          He did not get caught. the metabolite only shows it has been in his system. But not the test that would have reflected active in his system. In short, their argument is they are testing incorrectly. They test they used, is almost like if they used a hair folical test. And have no data that pertains to usage. Ceasar is saying they seem to be clueless to this understanding and what they should be looking for. Sorta like diging through your trash to see if you have a beer can, proof if you driving in the last month you dui.

        • Reality says:

          Jones DUI has nothing to do with what he does in the octagon. The NSAC doesn’t deal with that…the police do. He’ll suffer a consequence for breaking the law but probably not in his career. Apples and oranges. As someone said, the other examples were legit but the Jones one doesn’t belong in that paragraph.

        • jones says:

          yes ok once again…u can go to jail an the nsac dont care…they only care what happens in there state and to do with fighting/athletics… even if nick diaz drove a car into a casino in vegas he would not be punished by nsac…the law is the law ..nsac is the bullshit court for athletics vegas,,

    • Dante Niro says:

      +1 speak on it steve!!

    • Pancho says:

      +10 I agree bro

    • the original steve says:

      1 i love chael and alistair 2 what is the difference between alcohol and prescribed marijuana other than alcohol being worse. neither are performance enhancing no matter what eddie bravo says 3 thurogood jenkins is right that is what i mean what nick was doing was legal. what jones was doing wasn’t. marijuana is no performance enhancer neither is alcohol.

    • Sonthechest says:

      They ask him too see his Cannabis license but he cold not show them one. Illegal!

      Nick Diaz and Ceasar are poor example for this sport. Whining and fussing about all that does not go their way.

      Go back to your Stockton Ghetto!

      You broke the rules and now you have to pay the price. People would respect you more if you took a decision from a higher power and accepted you lost. If a fight goes to the judges and you lose, shut up! If you smoke and get caught, shut up.

      • jones says:

        your an idiot…chael also complained when he got chael was wrong…yeah nick fuct up and he knows it…but 1 year for weed is crazy ..there treating weed worse then roids, aan roids they have a real problwem with….they should make bigger punishments for roids to make an example for the next guy wont wanna risk it,,,but there is no reason to come down so hard for weed….southchest u should go to stockton and run your bitch mouth,,,fair is fair but again diaz got fuct

    • Ty Shirey says:

      Amazing point

    • Fortyb4five says:

      just like Reagan and his war on the sativa.

  2. Fuck You says:

    I guess you either love or hate the Diaz brothers! Fuck the system

  3. BobstEr says:

    Other than the fine I don’t see what the big deal is anyway , he’s retired.

  4. T.Daddy says:

    Cuz weed is illegal and alcohol isn’t u fukkn lames… I’m so tired of this guy speaking for nick.. I mean what the fukk dude you ain’t nick we don’t give a shit what u got to say

    • l says:

      weed isn’t illegal in california wth a medical license you uninformed fuck of an excuse for a human , do us all a favor and clinch your chest and drop dead.

      • T.Daddy says:

        Last time I checked weed is illegal in nevada… I guess ur the uniformed asshole..lmao.. go play in traffic.. fukkn pussy ass diaz nut hugger

        • Xaninho says:

          Actually there has been a medical marijuana program in Nevada since 2001…..

        • T.Daddy says:

          That doesn’t mean its legal dickhead u have to have a perscription… And bottom line its illegal in mma and nick knew that he just wants to be a bad ass and show everybody he don’t play by the rules.. what a joke

        • Xaninho says:

          You’re really tough man. Calling people a dickhead really emphazises your point.

          Too bad your point is a pile of shit, just like you are.

          Just be glad you’re far away from me….

        • Bossniggasup says:

          T.Daddy you dumb ass. Doesn’t mean he smoked it in Nevada you fucking imbesile! Are u taking the piss Because you are a dumb motherfucker.

        • BowtieAssassin says:

          Weed is only illegal to have, as far as I know there is no law against smoking it unless your on probation, since he legally obtains his weed as long as he doesn’t bring it with him to Nevada he hasn’t committed any crime.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          He does make a point. Weed is legal in Cali on a state level not government level. You can still be put in jail even if you have a medical card..if they so choose too..fucked up right?

    • Canilive says:

      I’m so tired of reading your kk’s

    • d baggy says:

      this guy speaking for nick? Hes only a world class jiu-jitsu teacher that taught him along with a couple other top 10 in the world fighters. no big deal.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      T. Daddy come on now..i know you be smoking bud all day.

  5. Dustin says:

    I FUCKING HATE NICK DIAZ.. but what was done to the man was not RIGHT! this is complete bs.. fuck the commission. it wasnt even the pyscho active materiel that he tested positive for.. nick shoulda brought Joe Rogan as a surprise witness

  6. AIC says:

    NSAC is a sack of ass clowns. Guess what, there are a ton of herbs out there can help with focus. Guess what? They are not illegal. So are they considered PED? Give me a fucking break man. This country is so fucked up. Land of the free my ass. Nobody is more enslaved than the fool who believes he is free.

  7. Bjj BB says:

    @the original steve, its an iliegal drug u dumb ass!!

  8. Numba1Ghani says:

    The corruptass NSAC are pieces of shit they should stop fucking fighters lives up and start training their refs and judges better fucking garbage.

  9. T.Daddy says:

    @L.. weed is illegal in vegas where he was fighting… So I guess ur the uniformed dickhead… So there supposed to bend the rules for nick.. GTFOH… Get nicks nut sac out of ur face and look at the facts.. he knew weed was against the rules.. and he still smoked.. point blank peroid

  10. Gary Lalari says:

    T.daddy stop embarrassing yourself. Diaz smoked weed in California legally then went to Vegas. He didn’t smoke it there you stupid fuck.

  11. Rico says:

    I don’t get what the point of NSAC hearings are. We all knew what was going to happen? They should just stop with the hearing shenanigans. We know they are going to be extremely lenient on those who brown nose them. They clearly play favorites a la Overeem. And compare this bs to how much they bent over backwards to make sure Mayweather’s fight happened before he went to jail. And Kizer is a fucking joke. He was giving his OPINION as evidence yesterday. And anything that contradicted his opinion he would say “I don’t know” instead of “that is possible.”

    • Rico says:

      Oh yeah…and the whole bs about waiting for a marijuana card and it was presented at the hearing and didn’t change anything. What was the point of delaying if they didn’t give a fuck if he had a marijuana card or not?

  12. maurice says:


  13. Pancho says:

    Nsac is a sack of shit

  14. Your mom says:

    So caffeine helps you focus too so I guess that means it is a performance-enhancing drug so if you drink coffee or pop before a fight I guess that’s a 12 month suspension

  15. maurice says:

    does any miss the old bj penn site? god the memories…

  16. slacker says:

    Diaz got what he deserved and Gracie is the worst thing for his career. Gracie won’t take Diaz to the next level. He should get a new coach who actually challenges him to grow up, rather than enable his juvenile behaviour.

    • Mr.Rusk says:

      Who do you think diaz would listen to? Nicks a wild dog, does what he wants when he wants how he wants to, anything short of a cia kidnapping and water boarding won’t change that.

      • slacker says:

        It’s true. It’s definitely a two – way street. Nick would have to wake up and get serious. He needs to realize he is regressing more than progressing. Hopefully, the recent success of his younger brother will create in him a jealousy that will spur him on to make some bold and courageous changes of direction in his MMA career.

  17. El diablo says:

    Oh good god! Medical pot has got to be the biggest load of shit I have ever herd. But what do you expect in the land of fruits and nuts called Cali forn I A.

    • Gabi says:

      FUCK YOU. Medicinal marijuana is great. Has been a med since ancient time. Is illegal due to mostly racism in the southwest back in the day (read about the history first). Btw I am living testimony that MMJ is a med. I am epileptic and was about to have brain surgery done. Tried one last med, marijuana and I have been able to live a normal live. Oh yea a neurologist told me to get my liscence and try it. If that didn’t help then surgery it was.

    • BowtieAssassin says:

      Is it a bigger joke then a substance that has been
      proven to be far less harmful than alcohol being illegal
      solely for the purpose of justifying the war on drugs, Weed
      arrests make up 80% of drug related offences, that’s a
      fucking joke right there.

      • Robert says:

        Its not a Joke, Just shows how many Morons are running around stoned all the time!

        • BowtieAssassin says:

          Actually it shows that if weed was legal, as it should be since it’s basically harmless, there would be no way to justify the Billions of tax dollars spent on the war on drugs, Weed has proven to be far less dangerous than Alchol but since prohibition was repealed they had to find another way to waste money.

  18. Mwill says:

    I’m just happy Nick actually showed up to something!

  19. Adam S says:

    they are allowing Sonnen to take testosterone for the next fight… how can one take this stupid commission seriously??

  20. waitwtfffwtfwtf says:

    After seeing the video evidence Bj Penn wanted to show the NSAC, but they refused to see, I have despised them. They don’t give fair trials at all, and treating Diaz’s marijuana test results more severe then Overeem’s Steroid test results (steroids can give you a very dominate strength advantage, Marijuana can get you stoned…) If they spend that 30% of Diaz’s purse they fined him on anything other then creating a MMA judging school course for their judges, then the opinion stays the same as it has been. Fuck NSAC and fuck their workers

  21. JMFP says:

    I am no advocate for smoking weed but last time I checked weed relaxes the hell out of you and your reaction time is slowed down. If he can perform and hang with the best of them and even beat them while high(which he wasn’t for this fight) the man should be applauded cause that’s a hell of a feat lol

  22. T.Daddy says:

    @bosswackniggasup.. it don’t matter where the fukk he smoked asshole.. he pissed in nevada and weed is illegal there.. so shut the fukk up

    • duncan says:

      all i see is trash talk from you, quit being bias and listen. nobody cares if he smokes except the people that will lose money off his bad image in the sport. hes better than the guys they can paint as the “good guy” and thats bad for their business. its that simple

    • James says:

      You should smoke some weed and relax.

    • Bossniggasup says:

      Pissing there doesn’t make it a crime though you idiot, its not illegal to have smoked weed otherwise heaps of people would be faaarked

  23. joey mf prosser says:

    keith kisser has got a pipe in his ass and mouth and i guess we all will wait 12 months

  24. Amarob says:

    So does nick always have Cesar speak for him… I used to think nick was a douche but now I’m wondering if it’s actually Cesar who is the douche because nick clearly never says anything for himself… Does this guy wipe nicks ass too?

  25. JLS says:

    Not a nick fan but now after readin the post its messed up the commission seems to be one sided assholes n the shit was unfair. He smoked it his choice he know what he does for a living he has medical license should of been tried justly.

  26. John says:

    This comment has nothing to do with liking or disliking the Diaz brothers. The Nevada Athletic Commision is a business that is self serving and corrupt. Look what it did to boxing!! Now its sunk it teeth into MMA!! Need I say more?

  27. Mic says:

    The argument is not whether it’s legal… It’s whether or not it’s a performance enhancer?! As someone who gets stoned and then trains I can say that it does help me train. On the other hand it doesn’t help in the fashion that testosterone does for Overeem an Chael. So the commission is definitely being hypocritical here. Nicks gotta be smarter though when there is that much $ on the table. I don’t like the rule either but if it means %30 cut and a year out of work… Well get another job or put the pipe down. Until we can get these damn hypocritical rules in line.

  28. J says:

    Who cares the ufc is becoming wwe lame boring matches next dana will be fighting somebody in the ring since all his talent is suspended or going to jail for some lame shit. I guess jones can forget about that nike sponsorship. Dudes mad good but come on u can but a bentley but u cant pay somebody to be sober and drive your car for you.

  29. Dick Diaz says:

    lol not a fan of cesar gracie or nick diaz but it sucks they took his fighting away for 1 year and his money…. for smoking weed….

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