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Tuesday, 05/29/2012, 12:52 pm

Ellenberger: "I Can Go Five Rounds" | UFC NEWS

By Jamie McAllister
Jake Ellenberger comments while on MMAWeekly Radio.

Jake Ellenberger hits back at claims he has issues with his cardio following the Diego Sanchez fight.

“Well first I think Diego is an extremely tough fight. I think he’s a tough fight for anybody in the world. He would be a tough fight for anybody who competes in MMA. I say that because you can watch this guy on TV and say wow he looks tough, but anybody who fights him and you’ll see how tough he is,”

“He’s not going to roll over, he fights with a lot of heart and that’s not that common. A lot of guys don’t have a lot of heart and he definitely does. He definitely had me in a bad position in that third round. That’s a very hard position, but I actually love that position. I do that position a lot myself so I know how extremely tough it is to get out of it.”

Ellenberger feels he could have gone five rounds with Sanchez in his last bout.

“In the last fight could I have gone five rounds? Absolutely. I think people need to take in mind (saying) ‘oh he looked tired.’ Well, he had my back. That is the worst position to be in, in a fight. I’d rather be mounted than for someone to have your back because it’s so hard to escape. I obviously escaped the position at the end of the fight, but could I have fought two more rounds? Absolutely,”

“People can speculate but if I had to go five (rounds) I absolutely could.”

Ellenberger also comments on the nature of the sport and has no concern for outside opinions.

“People are always going to judge and say what they want, and jump ship, but that’s the sincerity of this sport,”

“People like to make opinions and change their minds on very small things.”

“People talk all the time, I don’t really care to be honest. I’m just going to control what I can control, and I’m going to prepare myself for five rounds knowing that this fight could definitely go five rounds,”


13 Responses to “Ellenberger: "I Can Go Five Rounds" | UFC NEWS”

  1. keep fitch (forever) says:

    Jake Ellenberger the next ufc welterweight champion.

    • Jc says:

      Agreed he should be fighting Carlos for the belt but he’s running scared. What’s with all the roty macdonalds hype? Who had he beaten woth mentioning besides a undersized welterweight

      • allmightysandman says:

        …if you don’t think Che Mills, Mike Pyle, and Nate Diaz are worthy opponents and good wins, then there’s likely no way to convince you of it. He was seconds away from beating Condit as well, and won’t make that mistake again.

        he is def champ material. IMHO

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          please don’t count che mills he has less than ZERO ground game. rest of your post i agree with. I think both Ellenberger and Rory would beat Condit in a rematch.

    • allmightysandman says:

      um nope. IF gsp loses the belt anytime soon (which is very unlikely) it will be the next Canadian in line that will take it over and that of course is Rory “Ares” McDonald. IMO the ww belt is gonna reside in Canada for a while yet. Just my opinion.

  2. Rondo says:

    No way ain’t happening, Rory Mac will win it before him, That is assuming GSP retires.

  3. &; says:

    If it was a five round fight he probably would have paced himself differently. That being said, if that particular fight were to go another 2 rounds I think Diego would have finished him, but again, had he trained for 5 it would have probably been different.

  4. LuLuMMA says:

    Hey allmightysandman, there’s no possible way for GSP to lose his belt to Rory McDonald, considering they refuse to fight each other. They’ve both stated on several occasions that they’d rather move to different weight classes than fight each other. Rory sees his time coming when GSP retires, and if he ends up being a contender before that happens, he plans to go down or up a weight class.
    So if you want that belt to stay in Canada then your country is going to have to either get a new rising star or make hope GSP doesn’t lose it to somebody else.
    Just sayin’.

  5. slacker says:

    I’ll take Kampmann for a submission finish in the late rounds.

  6. Dick Diaz says:

    the UFC seriously f’ed it up with that fight not being a five rounder… biggest disappointment ever!

  7. GET RID OF TRT says:

    Jake Ellenberger : “I can go five rounds.”,

    …….not with Diego Sanchez

  8. Delfierro says:

    Diego Sanchez got screwed out of a five round fight and even Jake had this genuine look of relief and shame cuz he knew he was gonna lose that fight going into five rounds …..they announced a while back that all main events would be five rounds so Diego was just doing his thing which is cardio killing. As far as Condit goes….he is very underrated and will clean GSP’s clock . He has come a long way from his earlier losses and is a very smart fighter….he knows how to deal with power , wrestling , cardio freaks , and BJJ. Its like Diaz put it “with GSP you have to worry about losing a decision…..with Condit you have to worry about losing your teeth” RESPECT…..didn’t you all notice that he didnt try to punk around Condit during press Conferences or the weigh in . Jake E is just another muscle marshmallow that isn’t gonna last like Serra , T. Alves , Hughes , and so forth .

    • bj penn the goat says:

      i understand what your saying but at then end of the day he knew it was a 3 rounder so he should had step on the gas around the second. if ur going to take a math test about algebra why would you study trigonometry?

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