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Thursday, 05/31/2012, 09:23 am

Edson Barboza Says He Was Not Out Against Varner But Now Agrees With The Stoppage | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Edson Barboza in an interview with TATAME.

Barboza comments on his loss at UFC 146 to Jamie Varner.

“I couldn’t fight, I did not do what my coach told me to. I froze. It happens to any fighter. Even because I had never been that prepared for a fight like I was this time. I had an amazing training camp, my cardio was great and I really was 100 percent. But I got stuck.”

He also comments on using the loss as motivation and learning from his mistakes.

“I’m learning many things, I’ll analyze it and correct my flaws. Next fight you’ll see a much more experienced Edson and also more prepared.”

When asked if there was any additional pressure going into the bout as the favourite.

“I was not under pressure, on the contraire; I felt people were rooting for me.”

Barboza was originally scheduled to face Evan Dunham and his opponent was changed at the last minute but he does not feel like this affected his performance.

“No, absolutely not. As I always say, I’m prepared to fight anyone, so I guess that was not the problem. I always get there focused on my game.”

After the stoppage he complained to the referee about the stoppage however after analysing the tape himself he feels the stoppage was justified.

“As a fighter yes, even because I wasn’t out, I was seeing things clearly. But, after, when I watched the tape as a fan, I thought he made the right thing even because I wasn’t moving nor defending myself. I was aware but I wasn’t defending myself.”

Barboza is looking to the future and plans to become the UFC Lightweight Champion.

“I wanna be the best in my division and I know I can. Back in the days I didn’t say it, but now I wanna be a UFC champion. I guess this defeat opened my eyes and now I’m going to work hard and harder to become the champion.”


14 Responses to “Edson Barboza Says He Was Not Out Against Varner But Now Agrees With The Stoppage | UFC News”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Sometimes fighters need a loss to make the next step and work on their flaws. He kept winning the way he did, so his flaws weren’t exposed. Now he can work on it and come back better.

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Yup. Take the ass whippin’ as a lesson, and come back better from it.

  3. Angel says:


  4. craig says:

    it’s refreshing to hear a fighter come out and say it was a good stoppage after complaining about it at the fight…. Especially a brazillian one instead of the usual well this was hurt and this was hurt and I got a splinter on the way to the cage…. Blah blah blah…. He’ll be back tho

  5. Shawn says:

    No excuses, humble, and doesn’t bitch about a loss, he learns from it. A true professional fighter. But then again, it’s that championship belt that makes or breaks a fighter as a person. Only time will tell. Hope to see Barboza back soon.

  6. Nick says:

    Glad to hear someone say something like this. I wish every fighter would do this.

  7. Dude says:

    Much respect to edson, hope he comes back stronger

  8. Reality says:

    Notice he had no excuses….AND he’s Brazilian.(for all who keep saying the Brazilians all make excuses)

  9. Dick Diaz says:

    i was watching this at the bar and the guy next to me thought the stoppage was a bit late; anyone agree?

  10. jbeamazing says:

    he maned up for sure but that should of been his second lose with the first to ross pearson

  11. Bjj BB says:

    GTFOOH with that ross pearson bullshit!!! Edson out classed him on the feet, build a bridge at get the fuck over it!!

  12. Blah says:

    I saw the eyes roll back he was out for a second

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