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Friday, 09/21/2012, 12:50 pm

Ontario Athletic Commission Does Not Drug Test, UFC Will | UFC News

UFC events held in the United States have been scrutinized for its degree in which they drug test.  Shouts of better regulations have been clamoring at the athletic commission.  UFC events outside the United States don’t have a regulatory body to oversee events, and when they do, often aren’t quite up to par with what we’re used to in the U.S.

UFC 152 Jones vs Belfort will be held in Ontario, Canada this Saturday but the 2 year old Ontario athletic commission does not institute its own drug testing.  The UFC is stepping up and will institute their own drug testing.  Tom Wright, UFC Canada’s director of operations says

 “We will be drug testing the championship fights – we always do – and randomly, other fighters on the card.

We’ve contracted with a third party independent, but approved, drug testing facility and we will be doing those testings through the Ontario Athletic Commission. The athletic commission itself won’t be doing them, but we’ll be doing them through that.”

MMA is still struggling to gain worldwide mainstream acceptance.  This attempt to uphold the standard by UFC choosing to contract independent testing where the regulatory body doesn’t have it available is a step forward.  Wright continues to say

“When the results come back, if there are any issues, they will be provided to us; we’ll provide them to the Ontario Athletic Commission for them to issue any sanctions that they may desire.”

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  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Gee no wonder GSP likes fighting at home in Canada no drug testing damn thats convenient for him and Rory ROIDY. No doubt in my mind GSP has been JUICING since he was Rory’s age or earlier

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