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Friday, 05/25/2012, 01:13 am

Dos Santos On Mir | "When he was living a bad situation on the fight he does not have the heart to escape and recover from that"

By Jamie McAllister
UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos in an interview with TATAME.

Dos Santos comments on his first title defence.

“Our division is the most dangerous division in the sport because when the punch lands on your face or your body, you go down. It’s too much power involved and I think it’s very hard. Sometimes you got favorites for the fight, but it doesn’t matter in the heavyweight because we’re very powerful fighters”

Dos Santos explains his questioning of Frank Mir’s Manhood.

“No, I wasn’t saying bad things about him, I was just saying what my opinion was. In Brazil, we say ‘he’s not a man’. I have nothing personal against him, I don’t even know him, but I was saying when he was living a bad situation on the fight he does not have the heart to escape and recover from that situation. That’s why I said that. Otherwise, he’s good when he’s living a good moment in the fight.”

Dos Santos comments on the popularity and fans he has gained.

“I’m happy because people like me. It’s good for me. That’s what I want: I want to be recognized because I work hard every day for that. In Brazil the sport is living a very good moment”

“I know Las Vegas is Frank Mir’s home town, but for sure there’s going to be a lot of people rooting for me too.”


15 Responses to “Dos Santos On Mir | "When he was living a bad situation on the fight he does not have the heart to escape and recover from that"”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    I hope Frank Mir lays of JDS for 5 rounds and humps out a decision that way its fun and exciting to watch. I hope JDS losses by split decision robbery that way its exciting.

    • matt says:

      lol Bro jds take down defence is too good, and Wen do you ever see mir get a solid take down? hes awesome on the ground but hes not goin to get jds down

      • Axeholes says:

        Plus people have to admit in that last Mir VS Nogueria fight, Mir almost lost from taking strikes and punches on the ground. Had Nogueria just stuck with the ground and pound, and NOT try to choke Mir out, Mir would have lost that fight.
        Watch it again, and you’ll see Mir turtle up after getting stunned off of his feet, to the ground. Nogueria starts the ground and pound, and then for no practical reason other than “balls”, Nogueria goes for the arm triangle or gator role (not sure which one it was).
        When Mir gets in trouble, fighters have finished him pretty easily, JUST SO LONG as they finish him smartly.

  2. Bad Intentions says:

    Frank Mir can’t tough out a win? Did JDS miss Lesnar/Mir one?

  3. JOSH Y says:

    JDS lesnar one was a BS fight. Now i do agree that after lesnar/Mir 2 Mir got soft a turtled up a lot BUT i think JDS should watch Mir/NOG 2 to see him tough it out bc he was getting rocked on the feet and then snapped his mentors arm.

  4. PDUB says:

    jds is trying his best to trash talk. but it’s just not his nature. his hands talk way better.

  5. yeah right says:

    I guess it doesnt count that he fought his way back from an accident that wouldve destroyed most anyone’s life.Not just that but compete at the top level again for the title.Win or lose hes there again and he earned it.JDS is one of my favorite fighters and and very good guy no doubt but I wish he wouldnt have said that bulls*** Be like Mirko was when he jumped that interviewers azz for talking badly about Big Nog and they were scheduled to fight.This dont have heart s**** is nonsense.

  6. Mike says:

    Mir is an amazing person. He sucks at striking but knocks fools out. He’s no spring chicken on the ground, but he breaks people. He’s super-strong, maybe that’s it. I cant wait to watch this fight, because as an underdog, Frank is still so goddamn dangerous. I think its likely that JDS will punch him to death in round one, but we will see.

  7. L.A213 says:

    Mir had enough heart to recover from a horrible accident and comeback with a great sub in Mir vs Nogueira 2. Your teamate got his arm broken cause he didnt tap jds, dont take it personal.

    • hanibal says:

      exactly!! I’m a fan of both fighters but to say that mir has no heart is crazy!
      other than what you mentioned he came back on the first lesnar fight, and he took an insane amount of punishment in the second lesnar fight and on the carwin fight as well before the fight was stopped so JDS would have definitely been ktfo if he were to take such punishment by such steroid freak wrestlers but lucky for him he is fast and explosive and probably would never have to..

  8. monkey juice says:

    Mer is getting ko’d. Enough said.

  9. slacker says:

    JDS in less than half a round. He won’t even break a sweat.

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