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Wednesday, 05/16/2012, 11:52 pm

Dos Santos | "I’m feeling very prepared to defend my title" | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Junior Dos Santos in an interview with TATAME.

Dos Santos comments on his training.

“My preparation is great. I had a great training camp, I had the support of high level athletes and I’m feeling very prepared to defend my title successfully.”

Dos Santos comments on the change of opponents.

“Since I had my opponent replaced, I’m focusing more on my ground training now and I also did many Wrestling trainings. On the stand-up trainings I used left-handed sparrings to get used to it.”

Dos Santos on Overeem.

“I can only speak for myself. I am in no place to speak about other people. I thought it was not nice to have so many changes on this fighting card because I guess it affected all fighters at UFC 146. I guess it’s not a good thing for the sport either, because MMA suffers many prejudices, and a doping case or even suspect of doping calls people’s attention not in a good way and it’s bad for all athletes like me, who believe in hard work and make all efforts required to get good results with no extra help.”

Dos Santos when asked if he would like to fight Overeem in future.

“I have never picked out opponents and I never will. If UFC pair us up again, it’ll be a great fight for the fans.”

Dos Santos on the pressure of being the Champion.

“I don’t think so. Each fight brings us new experiences, you get there more prepared than in the last one. When I fought Cain Velasquez it was pretty hard because I had some last minute happenings in my training camp and it was the first bout to be broadcasted by Globo (in Brazil) and FOX in America. And, even so things turned out just fine, I stick to my game plan and got the win. It brought me a little more experience and confidence. I’m facing this like a regular fight and always believing our next fight is the most important fight of my life. With that in mind, I’ll get there prepared.”

Dos Santos on potentially fighting his friend Bigfoot Silva in future.

“One step at a time. Right now I’m focused on Frank Mir. After it’s over I’ll think about it.”


11 Responses to “Dos Santos | "I’m feeling very prepared to defend my title" | UFC News”

  1. keep fitch (forever) says:

    I hope Mir wins by the biggest lay and pray.

  2. Milfhunter says:

    Frank mirrrrrrrr!!!! Got my money on him 😀

  3. maurice says:

    only way jds loses, is if he gets way too comfortable, and shoots a double on mir. if he leaves his neck out there during that double it will get squeezed! but jds is one of the few great fighters right now, that get smarter, and better with each fight. so jds by watever. jds will have that belt far longer then any other hw!

  4. RMT says:

    This fight will be the HW version of Liddell vs Sobral, and we saw what happened in that fight haha, JDS is too complete and too fast to lose to a fat fuck like Frank Mir. I dont even think his ground game is the most dangerous, Brock took him down at will second fight and whooped his ass. Mir cant take punches, look at the Carwin and even Nogueira fight. JDS has AMAZING speed in his hand, look at Cain fight slow motion, he hit him many times, and that last shot was crazy. Cain Velasquez is still one of the best MMA fighters, and if he beats Big Foot he’s next in line again.

  5. Wuzzhaaaaaaaanin says:

    I see mir winning by ko but jds better not test mirs submission skills cause he has hands down one of the most dangerous sub games in the world , he WILL try to break something please and thank you.what? No. fuck you

  6. Wuzzhaaaaaaaanin says:

    Obviously you didn’t watch all of the nog fight, he DID take his punches, then he snapped his motherfucking arm huh first person to sub nog and first person to ko him

    • primalmasher says:

      biggest mistake made by big nog to try and submit the fattie. when JDS has him hurt, he will keep it standing and will get the clean KO we all hope for!

  7. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Mr. Dos Santos seems like a great, humble fighter with a lot more talent than just trying to be another typical character in the sport. I do believe he has charism and doesn’t find the need to talk negative about someone. I personally think he’s a beast and although Mr. Mir has an obvious chance in both stand-up and ground. I have JDS with the win by knockout. I think it’s going to be a better war more than most people think it be. One love from the city of “NO”…WAR BJ WAR!

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