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Wednesday, 05/23/2012, 03:34 pm

Diego Brandao | "I’m cracking skulls, I don’t know about him.”

By Jamie McAllister
Diego Brandao in an interview with TATAME.

Brandao comments on his plans for his next fight against Darren Elkins.

“My game plan is the same as Mike Tyson’s get the knockout. Trading punches for 15 minutes is dangerous”

“When the cage is closed, we’ll strike. I’m cracking skulls, I don’t know about him.”

“I don’t wanna know who Darren Elkins is, I just want to make sure my mom is happy and I’m happy. My birthday is on Sunday, so I don’t wanna spend it crying.”

On his first fight in the UFC after winning TUF.

“I’m feeling good, I’m really happy to be a part of this fighting card, which has our champion, the Brazilian Junior dos Santos and it motivates me a lot so I don’t get defeated. Brazilians feel this force. It’s like that in Brazil. I love being a Brazilian and I’m very comfortable for this fight. I’m cool about it, I trained hard and let’s do it.”

Brandao on being able to finally buy his mother a house following the TUF Finale.

“Thank God. That’s the pressure I was under on the finale take her off the slums and also from renting. It’s bad. My mom is very happy now and she’s watching me on Saturday because before she didn’t even have a TV set. There will be a barbecue over there. It’s fucking awesome, you know? It’s a good pressure and not the kind of pressure that puts you down, it only cheers me up. There’s going to be a big barbecue in my place on Saturday, so it’s just happiness.”


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