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Thursday, 09/20/2012, 02:05 pm

UFC Did Not Tell Jones 151 Would Be Cancelled: Champ Admits It May Not Have Changed Anything | UFC NEWS

“I don’t really know if it would have made much of a difference if they had told me, but they didn’t tell me they were going to cancel the fight. They asked me to put my whole livelihood on the line. I train five times a day and being the champion, it means more to me than it means to any fan, it means more to me than what it means to Dana White. If I would have somehow lost that fight, Dana wouldn’t have lost any sleep over it. Life would have gone on and I would have been the one stuck out there.

So, I don’t know if it would have made much of a difference. Ultimately, why wasn’t that a good enough card? What was wrong with that card? Why did it have to be cancelled? I watch bar fights. I love fight at all levels. I think it was more of an insult to the fighters on the card, pretty much saying they weren’t good enough to host the card without me and Henderson. At the end of the day, I would have done what was best for my career and I can’t really carry the weight of what happened because it really wasn’t my thing. I showed up to fight.”

During today’s UFC 152 pre-fight press conference UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones told the media and fans that the UFC did not inform him UFC 151 would be cancelled without his participation.

Even if they had, the champ admits, he may not have changed his decision.


39 Responses to “UFC Did Not Tell Jones 151 Would Be Cancelled: Champ Admits It May Not Have Changed Anything | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jon keeping it real says:

    he’ll be fighting next Saturday, you can count on that !!!!!! “The champ is here!”

    • Donovan says:

      A true champion does not turn down a challenge. He needs to grow the phuck up man. I throwed up in my mouth a lil each time someone calls him champ or I have to listen to an interview wi him. Someone is going to smash his face and THAT fighter will be the fan favorite cuz he will expose him for the fraudulent poseur he is. RIP JBJ

      • makaveli says:

        Donovan. I totally agree with you. A true champion would have fought. I can’t stand this sorry excuse for a man. Jones has no heart what so ever. I can’t stand 2 see his face, he makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t believe there are fight fans who still praise him. Maybe they don’t understand that its not about the money or fame its about proving that you are the best in the world. If he would have lost, his career would not have been over. Gsp lost the belt 2 matt serra. He got it back. Jones is just making excusses for being a scared bitch.

      • Jon keeping it real says:

        Dude, you’re so full of HATE, how the f*** do you function in everyday life?
        Grow up? Life is so full of unexpected twists and turns that YOU need to grow up and acknowledge that fact. Jon did what’s right for him, and not YOU, the phony ass moral superior. “Throw up” in your mouth is so cliche and you think using that phrase is cool? Whatever. That “fraudulent” champion defeated BONNAR, BADER, SHOGUN, RAMPAGE, MACHIDA, RASHAD just to name a few. If that’s fraud, we should have fraudulent champs in every division.

        “The Champ Is Here!”

        • Donovan says:

          Youre right…..he IS a selfish prick. Makin the fans happy would make his career go a lot further, but he chooses the selfish pussy way out of the situation. The fact that someone such as yourself is still hugging on JBJs nuts speaks MILES about yourself as well.

        • Jon Keeping It Real says:

          So be it, you mindless follower. I hug. I hug hard! I hug long. I’m even on BJ’s nuts! You’re too damn afraid to say anything but what the haters want to hear. Yeah, brah, you’re tough. Lot of respect coming your way soon.

          Jones refuses fight. You hate. Jones accepts fight and wins: you hate and say he beat a Sonnen who hadn’t trained vs Jones just ending 3 months of training. Jones accepts fight and loses: you hate and laugh your ass off. What’s the common factor with all the possibilities?
          YOU HATE.

          Yup, much respect coming your way. Loser.

        • And says:

          what do you know about furthering a career? Your WalMart career must be going great the way you’ve been greeting everyone at the door and MAKING THE CUSTOMERS HAPPY.

        • Jon keepin it fraudulent says:

          What a tool

        • fist says:

          hahaha haters will always have something to say,feel bad for you

      • Well your ass will be throwing up till you dry heave idiot cause he will be champ for years and years to come..tells how much your dumb ass knows cause nobody will every smash his face and that’s guaranteed..

  2. Chaos says:

    Funny!!!! Lmao!!!! “i showed up to fight” ??? Man seriously?.

  3. ballsackface says:

    this was from an interview over 2 weeks ago

  4. 123 says:

    im glad all that shit happened because this card is packed, cant wait.


    Why did it have to be cancelled? I watch bar fights. I love fight at all levels. I think it was more of an insult to the fighters on the card, pretty much saying they weren’t good enough to host the card without me and Henderson.


    • What? says:

      Uh yes you can deny this very much. The fact is the fighters in the card were good enough to have the card go on. HOWEVER…it’s a money game, a business. Therefore nobody would pay 55 bucks to see those fighters fights. I love fighting and ill watch bar fights all day (roadhouse style) but I won’t waste money to see something that could have been on fx/fox/fuel. Jones is an idiot “businessman” and anybody who thinks that card would have made enough money to cover everything put into it is also an idiot

      • Oscar says:

        Exactly it’s about money n business so y does Jon jones have to fight for the fans but Dana white n UFC get to do what’s right for business?? So unfair . Fuck all u jones hater end of the day he is still the champ like it or not

        • What? says:

          Uh yeah Dana white can do what he wants because fans pay to see great fights. What’s best for every fighter in the UFC, champ or not, should be to put on great fights. Champs should be taking on all challenges especially when he was all ready to go for a fight. Now I do think jones is a good fighter but I don’t respect fighters just because they are good, I respect them if they have a good attitude and a warrior (not business) mentality. I just don’t think it should be like “oh I don’t want to fight because I might lose and make me look bad” because now what happens if he loses now against vitor? Does it make him look any worse losing against any fighter? If there were true fans of jones then they would still want to see him fight if he lost and come back and try and be champ again.

        • Zack says:

          It’s cuz Jon jones is a fighter and Dana white is his boss who runs the business. What happens in the real world when someone calls off work and they ask you to cover the shift? You either man up or you lose respect from the boss. You wouldn’t know anything about that with your Mexican ass prolly snuck into America illegally and living of my taxes.

  6. ElbowsAndKnees says:

    “…means more to me than it means to any fan.” When it comes down to it, the fans are your paycheck, so you owe it to them you douchebag chump.

    • RichardsAndPussyCats says:

      Jones don’t owe you crap, you moron, dumbass, mental case, idiot, ugly mfer. His true fans still are fans. YOU WERE NEVER A FAN OF HIS. So he don’t owe you fckn crap, mther fcker. Go suck a richard you pussy cat. hahahahahahahaha.

  7. Brend0magic says:

    “I showed up to fight”……No, you DECLINED to fight.

  8. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    First time I’ve heard a champ doubt his skills. Every champ goes into a fight believing he can easily beat the challenger. Jones is saying “what happens if I lose the fight”. He should’ve accepted the fight thinking that was his chance to shut Sonnen up. Jones got mad skills but is becomimg like Floyd Mayweather. Floyd is unbeated but Pacquiao got belts in 8 different weight classes coz he fights just about anybody. That’s how it’s gonna go down, that’s how legends are made.

  9. KIDD433 says:

    Everytime this punk opens his mouth,He reveals how much he’s piece of shit,and a fraud.

  10. Ddddddd says:

    I’m bur ned out on this sh!t. I was sh!tty for a minute but damn this question and answer
    is used up. Demand more out of the articles
    on these sites. I’d like to be informed about
    someone or something new. I wish John would quit being dragged into answering something about that card. I would have bought that card regardless and would have found genius in there somewhere. Maybe I would have discovered a fighter that I would be discussing rite now.

  11. Wsheets says:

    To the people saying you get sick to your stomach when you see him: You’re all idiots.

  12. Clay says:

    JONES IS THE BEST LHW cry about it

  13. Xaninho says:

    He’s got certain qualities as a fighter nobody can deny that obvious fact, but turning down a fight after a 3 month trainingcamp is weak. There was no justification to turn the fight down.

    Claiming to be the best fighter out there building his legacy and yet he’s afraid to somehow lose a fight against Sonnen? Weaksauce

  14. Nick says:

    Exactly. Life moves on. Who cares if you lose? I respect a guy who will fight anybody over a champ any day. Go out there and fight a war. If you lose, fuck it. Come back and win it back. You aren’t a godsend Jon Jones, time to stop acting like one.

  15. Beelzebub says:

    With reasoning like that, why ever fight again!? Just stay champion for the rest of eternity. That was ALL Dana White and UFC could talk about that night. It’s a bunch of bs that he didn’t know, If you train 5 flippin times a day your should be ready all the time to fight anyone… like a champion would be, wadda selfish prick.

  16. TylerRyan says:

    “Being Champion means more to me…yadayadayada”
    Then go out there and SHOW us how much it means to you by beating the shit out of a man who took the fight on 8 day’s notice. Prove your love for being a champion by being a FIGHTING champion and not hugging the belt, turning away anyone who would come near it like a spoiled child. I mean hell, you’re a fighter, it’s the literal definition of your job…to fight.

  17. I love how all these haters keep calling him a fraud because he chose not to fight chael “6-5″ sonnen. The only former active light heavyweight champion that Jon Jones hasn’t beaten up is Forrest Griffin. Shogun? Ended with a body shot. Rampage and Machida? Choked out. Hashad? Beaten up for five rounds. All three of his title defenses have been against former champions because he is the very best. So he’s a coward and a fraud for not fighting chael “I lost to Anderson Silva twice” sonnen? Keep drinking that dana white kool-aid. You can have all you want when he has to get into the ring and put the belt on Jones’ waist yet again.

    • Xaninho says:

      He said himself he was afraid he might lose the fight against Sonnen and thus lose his belt. I wouldn’t never use the word coward for a man who fights for a living, but it’s not exactly being courageous either.

      • Seriously? says:

        Courageous or cowardly? for a professional fight??? the correct word would be neither! Try fighting where there is no referee and bullets are the ammo of choice. Things need to be put in the correct perspective. Jones made a choice not to fight. when you’re put up front with your weapon in a land 12 hours away from your hometown and given no choice but to fight, thats take courage. Shit, it takes courage raise your right hand and repeat the oath.

        Jones is neither courageous or cowardly. Get that through your feeble minds, you dumbshits.

        • Xaninho says:

          That’s what I said, so I don’t understand why you’re calling me a dumbshit…Some people really need to get back to school and learn to read before calling others dumbshits.

    • Yes Sir-reee Bob! says:

      Hear, hear!

      This man speaks TRUTH.

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