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Monday, 05/14/2012, 08:21 am

Dana White Is Not Shocked at Diaz's No Show | UFC NEWS

Nick Diaz failed to show up to yet another scheduled appearance over the weekend and Dana White is not surprised.

After Diaz failed to show up for his supermatch against Braulio Estima at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo on Saturday, the early speculation on the Internet was that UFC president Dana White forced Diaz to withdraw from the competition.  As usual, the early internet speculation was all wrong.  It turns out that White never even knew that Diaz was a no-show.  In fact, White didn’t even know that Diaz was competing at the Expo and said that he has never even heard of Diaz’s opponent.

This all played out on Twitter when several of White’s followers, presumably angry because they just payed $12.95 to watch some guy not fight Nick Diaz, took to the Twitterverse to direct their wrath at White.

White’s response was short and on point.

no, not shocked and I’m surprised u people are! He no showed a Las Vegas press conf to a fight he was gonna make HUGE $ and title

To make matters worse, Diaz had promised to donate all of his purse to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  So along with the guys that paid a few buck to watch Diaz roll you can add a few thousand sick kids and their parents to the list of people put off by this weekend’s events.

Nick Diaz is one of the most talented fighters in the UFC.  He has a unique style in the octagon that makes him easy to admire.  But sadly, Diaz’s decisions outside of the ring are grabbing all of the headlines.  This time, just like his no-shows to publicity events leading up to last year’s fight with Georges St. Pierre, Diaz has no one to blame but himself.  Unfortunately, Nick isn’t willing to accept the blame.  Until Nick Diaz learns to take responsibility for his life and decisions outside of the octagon and surround himself with people who will hold him accountable, he will never reach his maximum potential inside of the octagon.

This weekend was just another example.  Maybe, like Dana White, we won’t be surprised next time.



40 Responses to “Dana White Is Not Shocked at Diaz's No Show | UFC NEWS”

  1. BJC says:

    Does not surprise me at all

    • CALI says:

      Motherfuckers just like to jump to conclusions and nail Nick to the cross. Before u make assumptions learn all of the facts. Unprofessionalism and Shady Promoters are to blame here, not Nick.

      • Dustin says:

        he was gonna donate his money to a hospital.. fuck managers. just get in the car/plane and fucking go to your bjj fight.. fuck promoters.. its your will wether you leave to go attend the event for charity or not.. hes a lil kid in a grow man’s body that can’t handle the slightest bit of responsibility, if he was in the real work force,, lmao all im gonna say about that

      • nick says:

        seriously get off his balls, THE DUDE DIDN’T SHOW.. total DBAG move, obviously. I mean c’mon, its pretty cut and dry.. there is noone else to blame

        • CALI says:

          easy to sit back on your computer and pass judgement.

        • These fools. Don’t let em get to ya. They don’t know what logical premises are. They don’t know what strong induction means, and they definitely don’t know how to build a strong argument. It seems to me that Braulio, to whom Dana just admitted he doesn’t know, used the publicity to hype his appearance in front of his audience. He had very confident words for Diaz afterwords. He didn’t say anything as bold before the match. To challenge a mixed martial artist, when you have such a limited skill set is wreck-less. Careless of the consequences, or is it that he knows that he could bullshit his way out of a paper-bag? Diaz doesn’t open his mouth to defend himself because he is sick of all this bullshit. Possible motives: A. To avoid being punished B. To obtain a reward C. To protect another person from being punished D. To protect oneself from the threats of physical harm E. To win the admiration of others F. To get out of an awkward social situation G. To avoid embarrassment H. To maintain privacy I. To exercise power over another. All of these seem to have some probability, even if it may be low.

        • The possible motives I listed were for Braulio lying. I was going to fast. :)

  2. Damnu says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised either…still one of my favs tho just wish he’d cut the crap an just fight, “don’t be anti-social homie”

  3. James says:

    I don’t like the overbearing religious tone of this author.

  4. ganjaneerUSMC says:

    Well sorry, I use to hate diaz, now I sorta like him, its like, screw you people, I’m one of the best but I don’t like people so just let me fight and leave me alone…I can totally dig that, dude wants to do what he’s good at and nothing else. Now this is completely different. A press conference with media asking if he’s gonna kick someones ass is one thing, not showing up for the fight is a whole other situation. Its a bjj match, his fortey, no press, no pressure, just get high and show up and roll. And he said his purse is for charity, now there’s no charity money? Fuck, I can’t get behind that anymore. If it was I hate people and just want to fight, I’m all over that, but now its I won’t show up for anything, even if its for charity. Sorry dude, that’s your last strike with me. And hell, until now, I wanted to puff w this dude, we live like 20 min from each other, but now I sorta want to punch him in the face for the sick kids he’s screwing over. Oh well, we all make our own choices.

    • Nick says:

      You wouldnt say shit to him tho, so stay 20 min. out safe behind your computer. Promoter decided he wasnt donating the purse to charity and bent the rules of the match to accommodate for Estima. Sounds pretty shady to me and Diaz isnt stupid. All these people behind the scenes think they can pull a fast one on the “Ignorant” stoner from Stockton and they find out Diaz doesnt take any shit. especially from these brazillian greaseballs

  5. Reynnnnn says:

    My friend spotted diaz eating at a restaurant the same day he suppose to compete in longbeach. Das life though they both had their bads. Estima was over weight and diaz part was not showing up. So i can see why it never happened. Nick is nick laddat so yah shoots denn

  6. Not You says:

    Diaz probably didn’t show because Estima didn’t make the weight. But that’s just my assumption.

  7. Frank Smear says:

    James, what do you mean by overbearing religious tone? I didn’t read anything about religion in this article. I thought it was just about Nick Diaz not showing up to another fight.

  8. Dan says:

    The author of this article is writing nonsense… There were variables at play behind the scenes that likely mirrored those behind his missed press conference leading up the GSP fight but adding that he disappointed, ” a few thousand sick kids and their parents” is unnecessary and a poor effort at damaging Diaz’s imagine even more.

    If anything, what should be noted is that people paid to watch this event live when Renzo knew that Estima hadent made weight and that Diaz had declined to fight him but he deliberetly withheld that information so they wouldn’t lose PPV buys once the word got out. So much for integrity.

    That being said it would have been cool if Diaz said screw it and fought anyway despite the weight difference for the sake of the fans and the charity.

    Please clean up these articles BJPENN.COM. I visit the site to read MMA news not slander. Just tell us what’s up, not what you feel about it.

    • Do the Dew says:

      Yeah it would of been great if Diaz Manned Up and Fought him nevertheless, but that isn’t Diaz’s style he has be bitch and cry and pull shit like this which makes him have a horrible image. Gracie needs to get his boy in check

  9. Lol says:

    It was an exhibition match. Alexis Davis had like 15lbs on Kyra Gracie and she didn’t bitch and moan. I doubt it was about the missed weight.

  10. johnny says:

    this is not mma its bjj nick made weight the day befor and Estima made his weight the day of so the guy made his weight Diaz is full of shit. sick of his fake ass since he pulled that disrespect crap with Penn
    Diaz needs to get over himself. Whats he got to be so mad about anyway he makes bank so this hard as fuck act doesnt work anymore with that new cushy lifestyle he has take notes on how to be a man by your lil bro Nick and grow the fuck up phony ass

  11. Tincat says:

    Braulio didn’t miss weight. In BJJ you weight in on the day of the event, and he made weight on the day. He was a little over weight the day before, but that doesn’t matter.

    Unlike MMA , you generally don’t get to make weight the day before and play the ‘who can cut more weight for an advantage’ game. You show up on the day, make the weight, and actually weigh the same as your opponent.

    As for Nick, hey stuff does happen and maybe something came up, but it’s been a few days now and no news or word about anything. His manager didn’t even phone the event to let them know. Sure it was just a BJJ fight, for little money and probably a loss, but it was something he agreed to do for charity and for the first bjj expro, for the art he loves, and he no showed.

    No way around that.

  12. Kaptain says:

    Haven’t liked Nick from the beginning, and there aren’t any religious overtones. There ARE, in fact, sick kids that would have benefited from Nick’s donation, and he screwed them over, as well as his fans and bjj fans that paid to watch the match. This isn’t school, you can’t just skip because you got too high or you don’t want to go. Biggest piece of shit to ever set foot inside the Octagon.

    • Dr Rockso says:

      +10 That is the truth he had made a committment to donated his purse to a charity for sick children. I wouldn’t be able to look at myself or sleep peacefully knowing I backed out of a committment like that. That kid needs to lay off the weed and cut the bullshit act and grow the hell up.

  13. Gomi says:

    all you mother fuckers are retards, Nick Diaz have already made an donation to the sick kids after this drama, out of his own pocket.

    so all you mother fuckers can suck a dick, and the writer will burn in hell for not getting his facts straight.

  14. John says:

    A lot of people are bringing up the whole donation thing but the promoters were not going to give to the charity as agreed and Estima did not make weight as to which the promoter changed the rules to benefit Estima and finally Nick donated to the charity out of pocket anyway. He just did not want to deal with shady promoters and I think they new from the get he was not going to show but did not say anything so we would all pay our PPV fee or entry fee anyway.

  15. Fedor sux says:

    Don’t get all butt hurt. This article is retarded.. Everyone knows now that Diaz paid out of pocket the donation to st. Jude. And for the people who lost 12.95 and are crying about it. Get over it.. People pull out of fights all the time. Should have expected nick to not come when you seen everywhere on twitter Braulo was 9 lbs over

    • nuthugger says:

      so you’re telling me that if you paid to watch the fight, no matter how much it was, and when he didn’t show upyou would have been like “oh well, I guess he had something better to do than put on a show for his loyal fans like sit on his couch, get high, and play with nunchucks.. I guess I’ll just go back home and jerk off to my highlight reel dvd of Dick Niaz’s actual fights he has shown up for and that I leave on repeat in my living room..”..

      Seriously, what does this f’ing piece of shit actually have to do to make you little Diaz nuthugging bit*h boys realize what a lazy piece of sh*t he REALLY is?? Does he have to beat up a 90 yr old lady who is in a wheelchair and flush her heart medication down the toilet?? Or would you make up another defense for that…. like “Oh that B*tch probably deserved it, and I heard that she has a gun and tried to rape him or something… STOCKTON BABY!!!” … seriously Diaz fans are becoming the worst.

  16. Gareth Hobbs says:

    According to Braulio, it was Nick that failed to make weight. As a result, there was no purse for the fight. I don’t think the fight was in Nick’s interests. Nick has a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, but he doesn’t have world champion level Jui Jitsu.

    • jdog says:

      Nick was on weight Braulio wasn’t on weight when he was supposed to (the day before) He DID make weight by fight time but that was NOT in the contract.

  17. mike says:

    They forget to mention , diaz paid the charity out of husband pocket instead of his purse.

  18. mike says:

    They forget to mention , diaz paid the charity out of his pocket instead of his purse.

  19. Jamaican1 says:

    How can this be solely based on Professionalism when the Promoter as well as his opponent clearly knew he had not made weight… I wouldn’t fight Estima either!!! However it’s the kids that suffer, of Nick’s decision not to fight was due to am issue of weight or a shady Promoter, why is Nick Diaz the only one being blamed??

  20. Your mom says:

    Does anyone really believe that he had no idea that nick was even fighting this weekend and he has never heard of his opponent before come on what a crock of b. s. I had no idea that one of the best fighters in the world was fighting this weekend give me a break. Big fing lie.

  21. william says:

    first time ive ever posted i usually mind my own business but is this a news article or an op-ed?
    bjpenndotcom is too inconsistent in its reporting. some articles are the very model of objective but a lot more are just opinions peppered with “facts”.
    this is probably a futile request but please reign in your editors and/or writers. this site is becoming too similar to fox news.

    • James says:

      Totally agree with you. I have been thinking that for a while. I still watch Fox News sometimes because I find it to be humorous, but I do realize that a lot of people take it seriously. O Reilly, Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Colbert are the troll gods.

  22. “Nick Diaz is a guy that was already giving up too much to fight Braulio, and the next thing you see, 10 pounds heavier. And the other one is so ignorant that he passes that information without even thinking how much damage he can deliver, and it ended up being that.”
    Renzo Gracie, and if you don’t know what role Renzo played in all of this. I advise you, ta shut da fuc ap!!!

  23. jdog says:

    From what I hear the other fighter didn’t make weight on the correct day, sounds like Anthony Johnson on the Vitor fight but this time it sounds like Diaz didn’t want no part of it. The other fighter made weight the day of the fight but not on the contracted day he was supposed to make weight. Don’t know if this is why he didn’t show or not, really don’t care for his reasoning, it was for charity so regardless he should have showed, even if it was to address the fans on the reason for the no show and to call out the promotion for allowing it and then spinning it just as a no show from Diaz. I respect Diaz if he pulled from the fight because of the weight issue but I don’t respect the total no show

  24. all says:

    Also from the same article if you have no time to read it: “It should be noted that Nick paid to St Jude’s Children’s Hospitable the sum of what would have been his entire purse.”

  25. Joe says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Nick Diaz. Man, stop hating on him, no matter what you say or do is gonna change the fact he no showed, you motherfuckers go on as if you’ve never done a bad thing in your life! Nick is real, the other guy he’ an arrogant fuck for calling Nick out in MMA, is he serious! War Nick Diaz, 209 baby. Fuck all you haters, you aint perfect how the fuck are you to judge him?

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