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Monday, 04/16/2012, 11:06 am

UFC Contemplating Regional Titles With Global Expansion

By Jamie McAllister:
“We talked about that too, we talked about rankings. Like, in boxing, guys [are] ranked in other countries. So you [would] end up with the UFC champions and then guys that are ranked in different countries. It makes sense; in the big picture long term it absolutely makes sense.”

“Kicking off all these ‘[The] Ultimate Fighters’ in other countries, it’s going to open up the floodgates for a lot more fighters and guys are going to need a lot more experience [before moving into the UFC proper] so, we’re working on it,”

Dana White comments on the long term future of the UFC in Stockholm with FightersOnly. Do you as fans like the idea of the UFC potentially having more titles on regional and intercontinental levels ?


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