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Tuesday, 02/18/2014, 09:30 am

UFC Confirms They’re Losing Millions From Piracy

The UFC and Zuffa are cracking down on illegal piracy of their pay-per-view events. And according to an attorney for the UFC it seems that over 50% of the offenders are tucking tail and settling out of court.

Understandably so considering the last lawsuit filed against a pirate stealing from Zuffa was sued for almost 12 grand.

“The proactive steps that the UFC has taken have, we believe, made a deterrent effect on online piracy,” said Julie Cohen Lonstein to MMAjunkie. Lonstein also stated that she felt that piracy offenders are becoming a bit more knowledgeable since the UFC began suing people.

The UFC and Zuffa are now four years deep into the hunt for individuals and commercial entities alike who make it a habit of stealing from the fight promotion and making a profit by showing the stolen content and charging customers for viewing it.

Lonstein was hush hush about the amount of money recovered front these proceedings. However, she did state that the amount of money reimbursed is “a fraction compared to what the UFC has lost with piracy.”

According to UFC chief legal officer Kirk Hendricks the UFC and Zuffa lose “millions and millions” of dollars each year from their content being stolen and illegally viewed.

“There’s no shortage, unfortunately, of people who will try to take a shortcut,” said Hendrick. “We have an obligation to our customers and those athletes to continue to pursue the people who don’t want to pay for the goods and services they receive.”

Last week the UFC announced that they are tightening up their continued pursuit to shut down, a European website rumored to have streamed two pay-per-view events illegally.

Lonstein and the rest of the legal team at Zuffa are just waiting for the necessary information to become accessible to them before they strike and go in for the kill.

So, be careful out there you pay-per-view pirates. The UFC isn’t going to sit idly by and let you snag what is essentially the life blood of the organization, and apparently, they will find you! So, it’s best to simply play nice, gather up your buddies, and cough up the dough or else you may end up settling out of court with Zuffa and paying much more than bargained for.

By: Daneul Summers | Twitter: @daneulsummers

(all quotes via mmajunkie)


0 Responses to “UFC Confirms They’re Losing Millions From Piracy”

  1. The natural says:

    Ur not loosing millions ur events r not worth the $ people will either not watch or watch for free Dana white has single handedly destroyed the ufc witch the fighters created. Thst needs to be this guys legacy not doin anything positive which is the truth and doin everything for himself

  2. Kerry Norton says:

    When more money starts going to the fighters, then perhaps I’ll pay. But there’s no need for me to support millionaires.

  3. dudhereismycar says:

    The reason the UFC is on FOX, and is as popular as it is, is because A LOT of people watch it… my guess is that half or most people what some sort of stream or downloaded version…

    If the UFC wanted to make money instead of being stupid and suing random kids, they should make sure they get a real online solution, which is as good as the streaming sites and whith a monthly subscription fee..

    It works for music (spotify), for movies (netflix) and for tv-series (HBO)… It wold work perfectly for a massive sport like MMA…

    Suing people will only make less people watch the sport, which in turn makes less people paying for it, which in turn makes the whole “house of cards” collapse…. If you need examples go ask the record companies which has spent billions on lawyers and has gotten allmost nothing back…

    • Damian Perkins says:

      you ever heard of fight pass

      • dudhereismycar says:

        Fight Pass dont work in most countries…

        Also.. can you watch UFC 170 live (or let say with a few hours delay on fight pass)?

        • Petedogg50 says:

          Plus if you order the ppv online it’s still $54.99. You would think the ufc website would be at least 10 to 15 cheaper since it’s all profit. The ppv on cable I understand because the cable company gets a cut.

      • I recently added a specialty sports package so I could get UFC stuff after they moved, and moved it and move it again on TV. Then they add FIght Pass. It is f–king bs! How about this concept, I want to watch it on the same channel they moved to and not on the internet. Not that there is anything wrong per se with the internet. They are alienating their fans. Do you think football fans, hockey fans, etc. have to put up with 3 different places to watch a game. I don’t think so. And for everyone saying the ppv is one price, maybe it is in the US. But here there are 2 prices one for HD and one for non-HD. Another bunch of bs.

  4. Damian Perkins says:

    and they make it up by robbing their fighters

  5. Phil Asophical says:

    The thing is I am not going to pay $40-50 bucks every fight so your not losing it as i would never had spent it on it PPV. at least we are fans

    • Nick says:

      I don’t see how being a fan and not contributing anything to the UFC benefits them?

      • Chad says:

        Doesn’ cost to watch tuf. And by tuning in that is supporting the ufc.

      • Marc says:

        I’m a fan and I never pay for the PPVs. $50-60 is way to expensive to pay once or twice a month. They do get my money with merchandise, I’ve been to events, I watch the free events on TV, TUF, they get advertising from me going to their website, etc. If I couldn’t download the PPVs for free I would never watch it, lose interest and stop following the UFC. If the millions of people who download PPVs do that then where would the UFC be? I’m not endorsing piracy but they leave me with no option. I have a wife and young kids and $60/PPV is just way out of my price range and I don’t have any friends that like it enough to come over and chip in every few weeks, unless GSP was fighting. I would pay $10-$20 or a reasonable yearly subscription fee. The UFC has to update their model. Do you think the NFL would be as popular if every fan had to pay $60/game to watch their team play? They have to find a way to make more money through advertising and less through their fans like every other major sport. FOX is a good start. Hopefully they’ll abandon the PPV model and put all of their fights on FOX.

  6. swaxbagga says:

    Take this next fight card for example I personally think that it is overpriced. Ronda vs sara, probably armbar, dc vs (not rashad) a player to be nameless later, rory vs damian M, a ver possible snoozefest. I actually am a fan of rory but his last couple of outings have been not as agressive to say the least. The price will not be reduced Im sure, but if they put a good card together they raise the price (ufc168). Im gonna keep the 55 bucks this time around and just check for an update after I guess

  7. zvangu_zvikamuka says:

    UFC, e African market is neglected…. Lots of MMA fans but only access we get is thru downloads frm pirate sites. Multi Choice Africa is a platform u could use fr us to access these fights @ a reasonable ppv rate. they cover most f the continent wt satellite TV. Give that a try perhaps?? Or … mayb we shud jus keep getting fights illegally cz Africa z still backward ??

  8. magoo says:

    Your losing millions because of your watered down product, and woman taking top billing. Start putting together stacked cards, and put the woman fights on the prelims I believe your numbers will increase again.

  9. Thisisscotty says:

    Dont have a ton of PPV cards with shitty line ups.. Look at 170, Daniel Carmier is fighting a nobody that he used to wrestle.. Another card the UFC tried to market the shit out of to hide the fact its a card not worth paying for in the end. They went out and grabbed sports analysis from CNN and other big news sites to talk about the fight to try and hype it up. People arent stupid as the UFC thinks they might be and will pay for crap.. Theres too many events which is watering down cards left and right, plus if someone gets injured on these watered down cards, its just makes em worse.. In the end, UFC will never end piracy, so they should start thinking of ways to make cards worth the money or lower the price!

  10. K3vbot says:

    They’re not “losing millions”. The vast majority of piraters would never watch an event. Saying they are “losing money” implies that people would pay to watch rather than not watch at all. Buy a network, put fights up for free, and collect advertising revenue. That’s how you stop piraters

  11. Xaninho says:

    People who don’t buy the PPV but download it the next day or watch streams are still seeing the advertisements of the UFC sponsors. The UFC earns money that way and I am sure they based the amounts on total viewers including ‘illegal’ viewers.

  12. Evan Taylor says:

    Nonsense. I’ve never, not purchased a fight, because it would be available via piracy or torrent. Just like the music industry found out, the UFC will learn that torrents and other methods of sharing their dated material is a free publicity tool, not something that affects their bottom line. The more they crack down, the less fans they’ll have. The less fans they have. The less PPV buys they’ll have on their truly interesting cards.

  13. JJErler says:

    They say they’re losing millions and millions but the overwhelming majority of people downloading it are people who either can’t afford to buy it or don’t have enough interest to pay the ppv fee even if they do. So that’s not a real actual loss of money since if they couldn’t download it they weren’t going to buy it anyway.

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