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Monday, 05/21/2012, 09:30 am

UFC Champ Jones Addresses DUI Arrest, Issues Apology on Facebook | UFC NEWS

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones took to Facebook this morning to address his recent DUI arrest. Jones’ spokesperson had previously issued a statement, but this is Jones’ first time to address his arrest directly.

From Bones’ Facebook page:

“Man I haven’t added anyone new to my Facebook page in like three years and right now I’m so glad that I haven’t. It has literally been sickening to have so many people try to kick me while I’m down. At the same time, I totally understand, I gave them the leeway to. I screwed up, big time. Just needed to say thank you to all you guys for being amazing friends/supporters.

Always having to deal with so many critics, haters and fickle mma fans, I almost forgot how strong of a home base I had (607 and people that knew me before I was a champion fighter). Although the hell that will come with this hasn’t even started yet, I want you guys to know how much better you’ve all made me feel, not only about this situation but about life, everything. It’s good to feel that people are there and care. With that being said, I felt I should apologize to you first.

I’m truly sorry to those of you that I may have embarrassed in any way, to those of you with kids that I may have let down. I will prove to them as well as to myself, that no matter what is happening in life, we can always work our way back and make things even better than before. Reading you guys uplifting comments was a great reminder for me to not give up on who I am or all the hateful people. I’m not gonna allow this situation to outweigh the positive. I love you guys right back and I promise to make things right. PS sorry about the terrible grammar :)”

It remains to be seen how the arrest and charges will affect Jones’ popularity. When confronted about the arrest over the weekend, UFC President Dana White, who has recently been the subject of death threats, told TMZ “Wow, I guess it’s not my week, is it?”


100 Responses to “UFC Champ Jones Addresses DUI Arrest, Issues Apology on Facebook | UFC NEWS”

  1. MartelW. says:

    Don’t make the same mistakes previous champions made like Chuck liddell and BJ Penn with the over celebrating. Those guys were legit talent, but they let the fame get to them. You’re the champ. Lead by example.

    • D-yan says:

      nooo chuck slowed down cuse he got old.

      • jones says:

        he did not slow down he came to dead stop cuz both the age hit and the celibrating …as well as the demanding roll as the face of ufc..chuck had the most work of any champ cuz he really had to sell himself as the face of ufc…but no doubt drinking fuct chucks career…and being lazy killed well as his first time around being lazy and getting fat and cocky blowing up to 205

  2. ivan says:

    i always new he was fake

    • Hectorcharles says:

      he still is. it took him a whole week to come up with this “apology” he couldn’t give a rats decomposing ass about the “fans” or the children that he disappointed. I have been calling Jones’ bullshit out forever, he is the most Fake S.O.B in the game.

      • Hectorcharles is an Idiot says:

        and a hater. And basically a person with low self-esteem. “A whole week” when this incident just happened 48 hours ago? You’ve been saying shit about Jone because he is so positive about life and the direction it’s going. People like you are probably struggling and getting nowhere, you prick, and are continuously asking yourself “what am I doing wrong?”

        Dude, you’re a loser.

        • bertram2323 says:

          lmao man you just hated on ‘hectorcharles’ so im sorry, but by your own admissions, that would mean that you’re life is going nowhere and you’re a loser as well. just wanted to point that out. and im sorry, but jon jones is fake. its actually extremely obvious that he’s fake lol. i could care less because i wasnt a fan before he became champ and im not a fan now, but hes fake. a brilliant mma talent. but hes really fake, and really arrogant.

        • Bertram, you get Edumacation? says:

          Breezed through your attempt at Psychology 101, it seems you barely got through high school. Is this true, Bertram? Whoa, braddah, shut your cookie-eating ass and go about your business (drugs, molesting young kids in your housing project, don’t really care). After you “gradiate,” come talk. Until then, later.

        • Also, says:

          It’s not “I could care less” you dumbass. It’s “I couldn’t care less.” Big difference, you weiner (as big as the void between your ears). hahahahaha.
          Now shut up and color.

        • agreed, hectorcharles
          if it bugs you, just keep it to yourself, or say it to anybody who can affect a positive change. (you wont, cuz your scared of reality)

          instead of being a good human being, you just berate people here on the internet like a total chumpstain.
          go crawl under a bridge.

      • Grade-A says:

        dude, it’s only been 2 days!

      • CanILive says:

        um 2 days??? lol Alistair still hasn’t said a thing about his incident

      • He’s fake because he got a DUI?? lol were all the other athletes or UFC fighters fake when they got one? I got a DUI and now I’m an RN that saves lives..A Jones DUI is a champion haters wet dream. You guys are always fishing for something to hang onto. What you’re really saying is that you hate how talented is and the fact that he’s popular and the 205 champ. You hate how easily he achieved this. If he lost nobody would even bash him. I bet you say the same about GSP too. When Rashad constantly made fun of him and Jones remained drama free you all said “man, why can’t he be humble like Rashad”. When others knock people out and jump on the top of the cage you say nothing however when Jones choked out Machida you said “there he goes again with his arrogance”. When you say he uses his reach he goes and outwrestles bulkier opponents with pure strength. When he says he’s gonna win you say “he just thinks he’s god” as if he supposed to go in saying “I hope he doesn’t beat me up”. When Hendo said on radio interview that Jones isn’t genuine and bashed his fight with Evans and Jones said lets not talk bad about each other or drag each others name through the mud and to let the fight be in the octagon you all said “see there he goes again with arrogance, Hendo would never say that” even though he did. Jones always outclasses his opponents. Always says positive things. When he smiles you say “there he goes with his cocky smirk. Always fishing for something solid to hang onto so you can have a legit reason to hate a person that has accomplished his dreams. Reminds me of people always hopping onto youtube and relating every video to something bashing Beiber or Lil Wayne.. You guys are a walking oxymoron. Do I need to go onto facebook and apologize to all my friends when I do something wrong in my own personal life? You’re officially THAT GUY. It’s pathetic how you choose what you’ll ignore in the mma world or in life and sports in general.

        • Luis Pena says:

          dude took waaaaaaaay too long to address his critics in this apology… besides i doubt any public figure is sincere in these public apologies i mean would you be sorry if you got a dui? fuck no, well at least i wouldn’t

      • It’s been two days bro not a week. lol. You must not even follow MMA if you’re that clueless.

    • danielrchargers says:

      jon jones is fucking crazy.

  3. Greg says:

    Another self-serving statement. Instead of sincerely apologizing he blames the haters.

  4. Adam says:

    A fake what? Why? How?

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Don’t even try to make sense of it, bro. Seriously. Haters are gonna hate, regardless of what type of news comes out about JBJ

      • bertram2323 says:

        lol thats because he’s extremely, obviously fake. i dont ever deny how talented he is, but personally, he’s as fake as fake comes. i dont really care either way because im a fan of tons of arrogant fighters, but at least they dont say one thing and continually act in another way.

        • AyeJay says:

          you know him personally?

        • Bertram don't know shit says:

          just a housing punk struggling to make in the world with his $38K year job (and that’s more credit than he deserves…) hahahaha.

        • danielrchargers says:

          Frank Mir comes to mind when thinking about arrogant fighters. Frank and Jon are kind of the same when talking about themselves but Frank is more articulate. no uhh, umms or Hipster Glasses.

        • Name one thing he said. BTW Hendo did bash Jones on radio before Jones said “let’s not go that route” if that’s what your stupid purposely avoiding the facts mind is telling you to do. I bet you live on youtube as well.

  5. Ras Butten says:

    this DUI will be nothing compared to the H-Bomb he is going to receive!!!

  6. Adam says:

    “At the same time, I totally understand, I gave them the leeway to. I screwed up, big time”

    Self serving? He blamed himself clearly and clearly he was right about the haters.

  7. Eric The Beast says:

    Take the example of Tito Ortiz. Best Light Heavyweight Champion ever. He is a family man n a role model for kids back in the days. He is a great person and u shouldn’t learn from Ortiz. Tito right or wrong, he’s the one fans want to see, he is the one criticize with facts, he is the one of the prime fighters that took UFC to the level is today, along with Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Ken Shamrock, Mark Coleman, Bas Rutten, Dan Severn, BJ Penn and of course Randy Couture and Royce Gracie. Be the example. Lead like a champion and no more focusing on fans and what is beyond them. Focus on what is beyond you and don’t pretend. Slap haters with ur genuine attitude and personality and then, they”ll respect and stop “hating” you Jones.

    • Jonny Bones says:

      Go back to school for reading and writing

    • Tito Ortiz who is known as the biggest trash talker ever in mma and dates porn stars is a role model??? LOL Best 205er ever? Hmmm did I miss something when The Iceman destroyed him twice then Tito Left TUF because he was scared to fight Chuck? Jones doesn’t even bash his own opponents like they do to him yet he need to be humble like Tito? This is the funniest posting I’ve ever read. Is there a way to post your comment to facebook so all my friends can literally laugh their ass off at your stupidity?

      • Big_Cal says:

        Get his dicc out your mouth damn your a fuccing crybaby

        • Eric El Beast says:

          I own u in my sarcasm “James”. Typical computer noob. Telling me what I already know. Use ur common sense next time when u use the exclamation of “hmmm” to post and try to look cool for something I already know. By the way I am a MMA fan since Tito fought in bare knuckle grappling fights, Wanderlei in Vale Tudo, Chuck using his lethal Kempo on fighters, Ken Shamrock locking peoples arms, necks and legs, Mark Coleman and Randy Couture with hair.

        • Noob huh,,,ouch what a burn. I got destroyed by that! Man, you know that Mark Coleman and Randy had hair before they went bald? Damn you know your stuff. Pure brilliance!!

        • What is a dicc and what does fuccing mean? How does one fucc with a dicc? I’m lending you a letter. It’s the letter “k”. Use it twice in your comment. When you get in bed with a lady do you say “can we have S..E..S?

  8. I Never Asked For This... says:

    Wow you fucking assholes. Acting like he owes you anything.

    I hope he smashes your heroes again. And again, and again.

    I used to be a “hater” myself. But without reason. Guy fucked up in HIS life. It’s not your fucking business.

  9. ivan says:

    in all his interviews he pivots away from questions nd talks about the kids or sumtin to make him seem good,hes cocky too look at the rampage and machida fites

    • Um, what about those fights am I supposed to look at? How he destroyed them, is that cocky I think not. Should I look at Rampage talking trash before and after Rampage got his ass whooped meanwhile Jones still did not trash talk back? You’ve got nothing here. You are making up stories bro.

  10. Andrew says:

    Funny he’s out getting drunk and saying he’s such a man of god. Yea right. He swears like he’s a fair like he doesn’t talk shit or anything. Said hes going to keep it classy with Hendo but then goes and makes some comments about him? Yea real classy. Jones is a fake champion. No respect for him at all.

    • Hey Andrew says:

      Clear that hate out of your mind. May God bless you today and always.

    • CanILive says:

      hahahah a 24 yr old guy can’t come home and go out with his buddies???? i wonder what you do with your free time.. and i don’t wanna hear about your right hand

    • King Prodigy Levreau says:

      “I perceived that there is nothing better for them than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live; also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil—this is God’s gift to man” – Ecclesiastes 3:12-13 It was written my friend!

    • Did you say that when Rampage and all the other mma fighters got DUI’s? No you say. Didn’t think so. Nuff said!!!

      • Luis Pena says:

        bro get jon jones dick out of your mouth he’s fake because before bader & shogun he was humble and essentially just shuttin the fuck up and throwin down now joe rogan makes a comment about how alexander gustaffson’s foot work is jonesesque and Jon says that they are in 2 completely different classes and how its not fair to compare the 2 and how he’s just plain better… great fighter but i don’t like the person he portrays himself as in these interviews and in the media and i hope he loses to hendo

        • So what was your take when Rashad said Phil Davis’s wrestling was garbage compared to his or when the Iceman said “I’m gonna knock this guy or that guy out” or when Rampage said “Jones can’t handle a guy like me”??Hmmm? Nothing? yep didn’t think so. Go watch ping pong somewhere cry baby.

    • Andrew..Hendo said on LIVE radio that Jones isn’t genuine then bashed his fight with Evans so Jones was the bigger man and said “let’s keep it classy” because he doesn’t like trash talk before fights. Everybody knows that and you can look it up for yourself. Why are you choosing to ignore this just so you can keep it unclassy?

  11. toneloc24 says:

    Jon Jones fans remind me of religious people and a lot of them probably are religious people…they just blindly follow something even tho its obviously fake

    • bertram2323 says:

      hahaha thats awesome, a chirp on jones’ fakeness and a chirp on religions fakeness haha well played

      • toneloc24 says:

        Thank you, Bertram2323. I love that you love my comment so much. I wish I could meet you personally. We could go out for dinner, have some drinks, sex at my place. What do you think? Please say YES !

    • Greg says:

      I’m religious and I think Jones is fake as hell. He’s pious and rude, but in a manner that he wants you to think he’s being sincere.

  12. keep fitch (forever) says:

    As long as you win your next fight by a split lay and pray decision that way its exciting for fans.

  13. maurice says:

    @TONELOC24 wtf r u talkin about? im blindly following jones even tho he’s a fake? jones said he knows he will become the champ. he beat the shit out of shogun and took the strap. then jones said he believes he’s going to defends his title and keep the belt for a long time. and so far he outclassed fuckin rampage, machida, evans. thats why im following jones. im following a strong mma fighter that so far hasnt been figured out. if he beats hendo, then dudes going to keep the belt forever. DUI, he’s a dumbass for that. but as we all know, shit happens. like really. just please SOMEONE explain to me this fake nonsense. u guys are basically saying he’s not really a christian, he’s glad he got caught dui and totaling his bentley, he planned the evans fight, his apology about the dui was fake and he literally cares about nothing, and every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie?? EVERYBODY luved jones when he was comin up, including me. but us HARDCORE fans hated when he beat our beloved shogun and rampage. i came around after the machida. u butt hurt fans need to just recover and give the man his due. fake isnt even a good term to dub a fighter, maybe it could be used for chael.

    • Xaninho says:

      I liked him as a fighter until I heard him talk. From then on I knew he was a fake.

    • well said maurice. My comment somewhat touched on the same topics. I agree with you completely..

      • Studlos says:

        Listen Jones is far and away the best MMA talent ever. He is super lanky, has everyone beat in reach, has top notch wrestling blah blah. This isn’t about how skilled he is. Do you like every pro sports team because they are good at their jobs? Personalities are important in this sport.

        People say he is fake because rather than act like his true self, a wild young guy who drives drunk, fucks chics, has 2 kids with a woman he keeps avoiding marrying, breaks the rules in almost every fight he’s been in; yet he acts like he is a model fighter and morally above everyone else. His SKILLS are excellent. But he isn’t someone to look up to as a man. He snitches on harmless people to make himself feel better. He claimed 2 weeks ago that the UFC sponsored him against Rashad because they know they can trust him “not to get a DUI or anything.” then this happens.

        The personna he puts on in front of the camera is Mr. Clean, when in reality he is grimy.

        If you don’t see how Jon jones can be considered fake, you are probably fake and certainly stupid.

        Chael, as much as he seems fake, is actually real as shit. I hope this helps.

  14. Hostile Hunter says:

    You guys dont know him personally so stop acting like you do calling him “fake”. if you didnt know the guy before he was famous, or knew how he acted without a camera around than you cant make that statement. Makes me truly sick to my stomach reading these ignorent comments. please have some respect, he’s human just like you and me.

    • Shawn says:

      All you have to do is go back and watch all his interviews when he first started, when he was making his way up the ladder. Then compare those with the interviews after he became champ. Two different personalities. No matter how you look at it, or spin it, when u contradict your old self with your new self, you are ‘fake’. Or as I see it, a hypocrite. We don’t need to know the guy personally, we just have to hear what has come out of his mouth, what comes out now, and what his actions are. I don’t care what anyone says, DUI is an ignorant and selfish decision to make. He only apologized to the people he admittedly respects. He’s a kid that hasn’t grown up yet. And has let fame and fortune get to him and change him. Hope he gets a wake up call from this.

      • He sounds the same in today’s interviews as he ever has. He never trash talks and still remains humble when speaking on behalf of his opponents so you are really pulling this comment out of your ass and lying to further your fake point. How’s it feel to be a liar?

  15. pussies says:

    Hes fake because he acts self righteous yet he betrays a friend (rashad). I’m not a fan of betrayal therefore I’m not a fan of jones

  16. Bjj BB says:

    the only way any1 of you can say jbj is fake is if you know him personally. its funny how people can talk shit only from a not being a fan of his point of view, you guys were never fans of his and are just using his interviews and what happened with rashad as a reason to hate even more cause b4 that you guys just hated on the young kid who was beating the shit out of all your top fighters that you all grown to love, build a bridge and get over it, stop coming on sites and bashing on mms fighters cause is a fan page not a hater page, and if you guys hate jbj so much then leave him alone.. it makes no sense to show your words if your not a fan.

    • Xaninho says:

      No need to know him personally. He portrays himself as someone he isn’t. That is the definition of being fake.

      • I know because you know him personally to know that. You’ve got nothing legit to say.

      • XaninHO you just said “no need to know him personally because he’s fake and portrays himself as someone he isn’t” but if you don’t know him personally then you don’t know if he’s fake or if he’s portraying himself as someone he isn’t now do you? Definition of an oxymoron: Your Comment.

        • Xaninho says:

          YOU are an oxyMORON.

          He said himself he’s a good rolemodel for kids, he said himself he wouldn’t get caught for DUI.

          Guess what? He DID drink and drive, he is NOT a good rolemodel for kids!

          I guess you have to get real familiar with him and suck his cock before you can draw a simple conclusion like that?

  17. Cbust says:

    Kiss Nike ba bye!
    Kiss bud light ba bye(no pun intended)
    Kiss your image ba bye!
    You can speak how true and straight you are til your blue in the face. Ultimately our actions say it all!!! Fake is what we were just proven mistake or not!!

  18. Cbust says:

    Haha to all the jbj nutthuggeerrss!!
    Im good! I’m almighty! I’m an example for kids!! I pray my kids will not follow someone like him.

  19. AIC says:

    Jon Jones is a fake as far as his personality goes, I’ll agree with that. But his fighting is not fake. And he is not perfect. Everybody fucks up. A lot of times we just do not get caught so people should stop acting like they have never done something in poor judgment before.

    I don’t care for Jon Jones other than watching him fight, I think he is a tool otherwise. But he is a young champion. I is difficult to deal with what he has as immature as he is.

    Not saying anybody should feel bad for him or that he should not pay for his mistakes by any means. Just saying that we all fuck up and when we do we don’t need people trying to keep us down either.

  20. Clay says:

    I DONT CARE IF JON JONES IS FAKE OR NOT. I DONT CARE IF HE DRINKS OR NOT. ALL I CARE ABOUT IS IF HE KICKS ASS! AND HE DOES! Quit being little cry baby bitches because you don’t like jones personality. U guys are gay boys.

    • Xaninho says:

      And there you are hoping his foot will enter someone’s ass.

    • James says:

      Your liberal use of caps lock tells me you are a serious badman. Your calling other people gay tells you are definitely not gay yourself.

      • Clay says:

        Your describing my use of writing in all caps as “liberal” tells me that your a dumbass who tries too hard to sound educated. It was to get peoples attention, and it worked on you… You being offended that I used the word “gay” tells me that u are most certainly homosexual.

  21. Vog induced says:

    Anyone can talk shit about bones jones but he’s destroying everyone they put in front of him. So what if people think he’s arrogant. Go fight him and try and twist his jaw and see what happeneds. Bones Jones is the man DUI or no DUI

  22. Lol says:

    Leave jones alone faggots!! Everyone likes beer and hes young. Jus a mistake. U guys act like u guys are angels yet talk shit like a faggot

  23. koolg says:

    too bad he didnt crash and criple his self…

  24. Kingsforge says:

    What’s with all this ‘fake’ crap? We’re not his fucking friends, who gives a shit if he acts ‘fake’ all I want him to do is keep beating the crap out of people and entertaining me.

    This is the fucking problem with this whole ‘celebrity’ culture, everyone’s going on about the person, not what that person is ‘famous’ for doing. I don’t give a rats ass what Jones is doing in his personal life, that’s his life and he can do what he wants. As long he keeps coming out and putting those elbows into peoples faces I’m happy with the guy.

    I also hope he knocks Hendo out cold, just because I’m anti-TRT. Deal with it!

  25. maurice says:

    i swear this entire site was bones fans, until the sec he landed that flying knee on shogun. then proceeded to beat shogun into submission. if bones was to lose the title to hendo, then has to work his way back up the division, all u same fans will jump right back on the bandwagon. u same fans are the ones who thought cain was the second coming to jesus. then the second he gets knocked out by jds u all act like cain was overrated. everyone was a big condit fan, and i dont need to explain why. then when he beats diaz in a very entertaining tactical battle, u call it running. then completely turn ur back on one of the greatest finishers in mma history and dub him “the natural born runner.” this site is filled with sum fickle ass fans, that all flock to the weirdest ideas and beliefs.

  26. Dznutzinyomauf says:

    It amazes me how Jones ever makes weight with James Migliorata permanently swinging on his nuts…

    …however, although I’m not a fan, I agree that there’s quite a bit of hypocrisy going on when it comes to Jones… Hell… I think BJ Penn is the man, but a few years back I watched him party all nite and then scrap cops! (which btw, was AWESOME…I’m such a fan of foolishness! Yeah HAWAIIAN!) Anyway…Pretty sure that’s worse than JBJ’s DUI.

  27. Sick Brah says:

    What a fucking faggot. Hate Jon Jones so much. Fake, stupid, up himself. Real loser sort of guy.

  28. Wisdom says:

    You dont drink and drive while saying all this bullshit about being a man of god of sorts.. that is FAKE.. understand this fanboys

  29. DMAC says:

    Glad to say I’ve never been a fan! I sniffed that fake shit out from the jump, well not from the jump but once he started to get on a roll. Now he’s been exposed! But I am glad he’s okay..

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