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Thursday, 02/16/2012, 08:50 am

UFC Champ Jon Jones Misses His Friend Rashad Evans

“We trained together and we had good times, but this competition has come between our friendship, which sucks. I do miss being friends with the guy. But it’s business, and he’s coming after my championship. I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do. It might be a little awkward punching him in the face, but I’m sure the first time he swings at me, it will get reactionary. I’d like to get to a point of being cordial, but to be friends again is not necessary. There’s thousands of wonderful people in the world I can meet. After all that’s been said, we can just live our lives. Respect is all that’s necessary for me.”

UFC champion, Jon Jones recently told Laurence Holmes (via Yahoo! Sports) that he misses his friend and former training partner Rashad Evans.

The two are documented to have one of the biggest rivalries in MMA today, yet Jones now comes out and offers kind words towards his upcoming opponent.

Genuine? Or a bit of verbal warfare going on here? Sound of BJPENN.COM!


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23 Responses to “UFC Champ Jon Jones Misses His Friend Rashad Evans”

  1. 'Ekahi says:

    Of course it’s genuine. Jon Jones is nothing but genuine. Business is business.

  2. Al says:

    Wtf..first he says they were never all that close now it seems like he really misses his friendship hmm

  3. cody says:

    yo be real if u had a long list of all the things jones says in interveiws all he does is contradict himself jon jones a beast but he doesnt do himself any favors when he talks he puts on a front every other interveiw i dont like rashad but at least he seems like a real person

    • haha says:

      i’m w/you on that… jon jones is a talent, no doubt. but the kid needs to stfu or be real for once. i hated rashad before this… but i’m liking him more b/c i hate jones more and i want someone to put a beating on him.

    • VegasBeast says:

      Jon Jones is the man plain and simple. How does he “contradict” himself? Because he doesn’t stoop to their level and talk trash? In every one of his fights he’s amde his opponents eat their words. Period.

  4. Jarrett says:

    Wow…just wow…we weren’t close now he misses him. Please please someone knock this lying poser out already. I’d like him much better if he’d just quit trying to be the nice guy and failing at it…he’d be better suited as a “bad” guy

  5. Xaninho says:

    Few days ago this same jon Jones said they were never that close. I think the Jon jones from a few days ago was the genuine one, this is the JJ trying to mess with Evans’ mind.

  6. danriverapv says:

    dont try to make it seem you dont want to fight him. ur baloney.

  7. toneloc24 says:

    Jon Jones’ fakeness is really irritating. Stop trying to be Mr.Perfect and be yourself and more people will like you. Dude can fight like few others but him trying to hide his arrogance is annoying

  8. Huntdaddy says:

    Man, it kills me how a lot of these tough ass UFC badasses are also super sensitive too.

  9. danriverapv says:

    my opinion is, he is gettin frustrated on how he has become a star, but not a star that everyone loves, ppl are starting to see that hes a fake stooge, aside from him being great at fighting tall at 205 but a fake stooge at that.

  10. CanILive says:

    you guys are saying youve never gotten in a fight/argument with a friend, said you never wanted to talk to him, then apologized/ started talkin again? hahaha

    i bet after the match is over we’ll ATLEAST see a handshake

  11. guamy says:

    Jones is an asshole. after i heard he wouldn’t sign a childs replica belt he lost all respect from me. he is a great fighter but has a shity perona around him for some reason, i dont know if he is just not that articulate when he speaks and comes off as arrogant and cocky or what.

  12. J says:

    Rashad is a great fighter who can’t just see the sport as a competition. He gets whiny and says stupid crap to everyone he fights. It’s gotten worse lately with Rampage, Phil Davis (seriously that Sandusky stuff was RIDICULOUS) and Bones Jones especially and how that makes him more real than Jones is beyond me. Jones is a little blunt and a little awkward sometimes but he seems like he believes what he says. Besides, it’s gotta be tough to manage all these expectations and pressure at such a young age. If you’re telling me you’ve never contradicted yourself or said something you’ve regretted, you’re better than me. He didn’t win the belt for being a personal PR master, he won it by beating the lights out of every single person the UFC put in front of him. Lighten up on the Jones hate. Enjoy a transcendent fighter in his prime, because you don’t see it every day.

  13. TellinItHowItIs says:

    Part of the source of JJ’s issues lay in his surroundings professionally. He is with First Round Management which is known for being kinda arrogant themselves, and that’s who is “guiding” his career. Then he thinks he needs to go to HW?!?!? Sorry but that would be BAD for his career because he lacks HW power.

  14. guamy says:

    thats a shity attitude to have MO. its for the kids man lol.

  15. Dbolts says:

    Jones is a wank stain , stop trying to be Gsp (mr nice guy) . I use to like this fool til he opens his mouth

  16. Haters are such over-emotional whiners. You can have a friend that you enjoy hanging out with and still not be bestest bosom buddies. Jones is a kid, Rashad was a former champion, no doubt Jones liked hanging out with Rashad. That doesn’t mean they were in the same knitting circle, crybabies.

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