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Thursday, 05/24/2012, 03:44 pm

Chael Sonnen Rap Video | UFC NEWS

The always clever and entertaining Chael P. Sonnen made this rap about Anderson Silva.



26 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Rap Video | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bad Intentions says:

    Greatest ever!

  2. CHAEL FTW says:

    Chael is THE man!!!!can’t wait to see him smashing Anderson AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fail Sonnen says:

    He smashed Silva? I could of sworn Silva left without a scratch but the broken ribs he went in with and still made Fail tapped. LOL! I guess what you are really saying you can’t wait to see him lose, because that’s exactly what happened when they fought.

    • FrankinNog says:

      i guess you misses the end of the fight when Anderson couldnt stand right because of the beating chael put on him for 20 + minutes yea Silva won that night but it was clear who got beat the fuck up

  4. Truth says:

    Cant hear shit but that loud ass beat fail ass editing

  5. E says:

    gotta admit this shit was pretty funny.

  6. BowtieAssassin says:

    Not bad, ” I may be the one that tapped, but your the one who broke” Is the dumbest thing I’ve heard Chael say though, if Anderson’s spirt broke Chael would be champion therefore he never broke.

  7. Damnu says:

    That shit is funny

  8. Dante Niro says:

    i hate chael, very much.
    but this was hilarious haha

  9. Brend0magic says:

    “Machida will he show up? With some fresh warm pee pee in a cup?” LOL, so juvenile but made me laugh.

  10. DMAC says:

    Man it would be nice if he could win and shake shit up at 85, most likely immediate rematch but that would be entertaining..

  11. SHOGUN RUA says:

    Hate him or love him, dude can sell a fight

  12. Clay says:

    I wish cheal was famous for actually fighting.

  13. Xaninho says:

    I laughed….It’s funny like ‘look at that retard making a fool out of himself’ funny.

    Silva never ducked his sorry ass for years. It took Sonnen years and a new TRT program to get into a contenders spot. Big mouth about beating Brazilians…He got beat/submitted by every Brazilian he fought.

    Silva will make him tap again.

  14. GRT 3000 says:

    More dribble from the future WWE hall of famer.

  15. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    Haha what a fucking genius. How can anybody not like this guy? Granted he’s not the best fighter in the world and he cheats but he’s still fucking hilarious.
    I have noticed that most elite wrestlers have very good punching power but for some reason Chael does not have it, if he would, he would be a legend, but when he retires most will just remember him for his fantastic humour and wit. That’s not the legacy a fighter would want to leave.

  16. AM I ALONE ON THIS!!?? says:

    Before that fight anderson had horrible showings. Dana was Pissed. Fans Were Pissed. Anderson was losing credibility. Till this day i feel like that fight was suspect. i never wanna believe that UFC fixes fights BUT the way andersons career and image was going he was fading and people were losing interest. I feel like it was Rigged to keep Anderson relevant by having him be in a War in the octagon and come out with the W. NOT saying he’s not a great fighter. Just saying They payed Chael to revive Andersons Status to “The Hulk Hogan” of UFC, The ALI of the sport. Think about it. Let me know what you think. These are just my thoughts and i havent been able to shake them since.

    • Xaninho says:

      I never thought UFC was in on it, but I did have my suspicions about Silva making the fight look closer than it actually was. If he would have just toyed with Sonnen for 5 rounds or KO’d him right away DW wouldn’t have been as happy as he was after that so-called close fight.

    • jones says:

      your crazy…..think mmoron.,,anderson is going retire after this fight i have feeling

  17. dynomania says:

    he’s creative, gotta give him that.

  18. I’m looking forward to watching Anderson Silva breaking Sonnen’s face. The things this guy said about Brazil are intolerable. He didn’t need to said those bullshit, What’s the matter of saying this? Is it gonna help him in the fight?

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