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Thursday, 05/17/2012, 07:16 am

Chael Sonnen Fought Back Tears When Submitted By Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS

“It was devastating, I had no idea what happened in that fight, none. When the fight was over, I was devastated. I came to, and I said to the ref, you know the typical thing like a doofus, ‘What happened?’ The referee, Josh Rosenthal, is a fantastic referee, simply says, ‘You tapped out.’ And he looks at me for a response like I was going to argue, and I simply say, ‘I believe you.’ Now, I knew that because ESPN zoomed in on it and showed it. But that’s all I said was, ‘I believe you.’ I remember falling asleep, it’s a very weird experience you know, when you’re actually going to sleep but you’re trying to stay within reality, and I remember having a dream thinking, “Well if I tap I can get out of this, nah, let’s not tap. The fight was over. I had already tapped, I hit his foot and I really didn’t fully know what happened. When it was over and I came too, I didn’t fully know what happened, I was trying to figure out what just happened. So, aside from being choked, don’t forget, I got fatigue issues, I got blood and Vaseline in my eyes, I have exhaustion, I have anxiety. I’m a normal human being, I feel every emotion. So many people say to me, ‘Oh you’re never scared.’ Come on, I’m a human, I feel it all. So, I lose the fight, we got to the back and they bring me the Fight of the Night check. They pay you immediately if you get a bonus. Boom, here’s your check. And I remember thinking, ‘You gave me this out of sympathy because that was such a boring fight, nothing happened, you gave it out of sympathy, I’ll take it. I’m fighting back the tears, I’m just devastated, I’m absolutely devastated by this defeat. Later the fight gets Fight of The Year from Fighters Only Magazine. So, it ended up being a really good fight. But the point I’m trying to make is , that is how out of touch I was with what was happening in the ring. At one point, my corner told me it was round five when it was round four or it was round four when it was round three, whatever it was, the corner had the rounds off. I just didn’t fully know what was going on. In this next fight, I’d like to, as I visualize and plan for it, that’s one of the things, I’d like to be a little more aware and in touch with what’s happening. But it’s hard, it’s hard in the Octagon man. A lot of stuff goes out the window, you get hit, you get kicked, it’s tough. It’s tough to stay focused.”

While on this week’s edition of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast the man you love to hate, Chael Sonnen, spent three hours talking about everything from fight’s to his persona and the world as it revolves around him.

In addition to the many topics of interest discussed Sonnen also gave a more personal and inside look on his last loss to Anderson Silva and the emotions that surged through him after letting the title slip from his grasp in the last few minutes of the fight.

Sonnen puts on the front like he has the answer to every question, like he sees and knows everything, but after being choked out by Silva, he admits, he was clueless, surprised, shocked and saddened to the point of tears.

If you missed the three hour special with MMA’s most polarizing figure head on over to page 2 to check it out!


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30 Responses to “Chael Sonnen Fought Back Tears When Submitted By Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    LMFAO! Silva had Mr. Mouth Almighty dreaming about tapping out, he was choking his ass so bad! LMFAO!

  2. Peterbeater says:

    Silva better hope he gets an opening like that again, if not it’ll be more of the same except him losing a decision.

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      lets not be stupid now

    • Wilkov says:

      It could happen… it may not be likely but it could. Hoping for a kick ass fight either way.

      I liked hearing Sonnen on the Rogan podcast too, gave me a new perspective on the guy. Hell of a showman if nothing else and he’s a scary wrestler to boot

  3. Michael hamlin says:

    New champ at 185!!!

  4. Fabio Carmona says:

    After much sweat, pain and steroids. This is very sad! I’m almost crying too.

  5. Zack says:

    Anderson put 17 men to sleep that night

  6. thetude says:


  7. Xaninho says:

    He didn’t know what was going on after a few kicks and punches lol! And here are the flabby nutsack huggers saying he brought the fight to Silva hahaha!

    Didn’t even know what round he was in? Must have been rocked throughout the fight, or roidraged…

    • Xaninho says:

      I’m a ho, a European ho too. Xanax is my choice of medication, so I combine the two and get me, a very lonely and depressed Xanax-popping, ho-loving boy who dedicates half of my everyday here on this site. Yipppeeeeeee !

  8. Blake says:

    Wtf are you people mad about This time he didn’t say anything bad… Of course he would be close to tears after be that close to something he worked that had for his whole life…..^^^^ trolls

    • GRT 3000 says:

      of course, and with 17:1 roid ratio too, that’s gotta be expensive. To lose after paying for all those roids would be tough. I feel for the guy.

  9. keep fitch (forever) says:

    I hope chael wins by lay and pray that way its exciting.

  10. DMAC says:

    I’ve always been down with Sonnen he’s a great fighter and has a unique personality and is great for the sport. After hearing him on Rogan’s podcast my support for him grew tremendously, he’s a genuine guy it seems. When he was talking about willing to give his life for the belt i was like, ok this guy isnt all about jokes. All the WWE talk is to gets eyes on him which is the smartest thing you can do when you fight for a living, keeping your name in fans mouth is what it’s all about.
    I do have to go for Anderson but if the title does switch hands I wont be mad about it.

  11. Artstunna says:

    Let’s be real we agree sonnen give Anderson a good fight, but wining is winning, sonnen likes to think he won the fight,but if there was no one to stop that he be dead,plus look at Anderson according to sonnen he beat Anderson and his face looks like he just got out of the shower and sonnen look like he just got beating by Anderson (lmao) afterwards wen sonne getss tap or Too he need to retire get on his knees and ofer an apology to the Brazilian people for all that disrespect am sad he calls him selff American as American. Am proud but not proud of sonnen he is a disgrace. For this country

    • danielrchargers says:


    • Dave says:

      Anderson went straight to the hospital after that fight. He was pale and sweaty and needed help to get out of the ring. It had to do with his ribs, but he didn’t look like that at the start of the fight. Sonnen gave him a tough tough fight and I hope he does it again. Anderson pulled a miracle out of his a$$. Let’s see if he can do it again.

  12. Ben Nusbaum says:

    I say this every time we hear about Sonnen’s crap. The bottom line in this fight is that he was on PED’s and still got submitted. Was he dominating the fight? Was it an even playing field? We can always go the Phil Baroni route and get everyone juiced and find out how much of a beast Silva can be?

    Personally, I’d rather see the clean silva make the clean sonnen tap again.

    • Greg slapaho says:

      Dude, ur stupid, Silva didn’t have a mark on his face! He took Silva down and laid on top of him the homo he is! He don’t try to finish fights zzz he’s content with laying on top of whoever like I did ur Momma last night! Out was easy to hold her down but as soon as she came she tapped me out! Get off chaels nuts it moms done with mine!

  13. E says:

    only now this ho decides to be humble?

  14. GET RID OF TRT says:

    Eminem :
    “This guy’s keep screaming, he’s paranoid! Quick, someone get his ass another steroid!”

  15. UFC says:

    What you lot seem to forget Is that his testorone levels were 1 above the required level no where near as and as overeem, hardly made him captain America on the fight, but yeah he still lost!!!!

  16. Greg slapaho says:

    I just got finished watching sonnen fight bisping and chael is garbage! Just found out that chael has never had a tko or ko! That means he sucks! I myself am a wrestler but I’m embarrassed that a fellow wrestlers choses to win that way! Fire God sales he got choked out by Damien Miaia! So therefore his steroid ass needs to be out of the ufc! This league is for fighters not lay and pay punks!

  17. Shawn says:

    See, I can respect this Sonnen. No BS, no antics, no disrespect, just straight up telling it like it is. He admitted to what many of us have said, and already knew. He did take it to Silva in that fight, but he took a beating as well. As he admitted, by third round he was losing focus already, and just fought on determination and heart. And he got beat, hands down. Making for one of the best fights in UFC. Hopefully, they’ll make another fight of it. But I still see the same out come.

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