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Wednesday, 04/18/2012, 08:36 am

CagePotato Retracts Insulting Caption, Dana White Still Not Happy

By Lewis Mckeever:
What was initially intended to be just a bit of banter amongst the MMA community, as CagePotato attempted to inject their own humour into the Jon Jones-UFC sponsorship deal, matters have abruptly developed into a war of legalities.

CagePotato recently felt the full wrath of Dana White’s fury, as he demanded them to remove the joking caption beneath the picture of himself and Jon Jones. The image description insinuated that the UFC boss had placed a $500,000 bet on Jon Jones to emerge victorious in this Saturday’s showdown with Rashad Evans. Dana certainly wasn’t laughing, and now, neither are the gang over at CagePotato.

CagePotato were willing to comply with the UFC’s legal squad, immediately removing the offensive quotation from their website:

“On Saturday, we published a post about the UFC’s sponsorship of Jon Jones for his upcoming fight against Rashad Evans, which included a satirical caption about UFC president Dana White betting money on the fight. The caption was intended to be a joke, and we were confident that it would interpreted that way by our readers. Earlier today, we received a press release announcing that the UFC and Dana White are demanding a retraction “regarding certain false and defamatory statements attributed to UFC® President, Dana White.”

“CagePotato doesn’t contest any part of (the UFC) request; we hereby retract the line in question, which has since been removed from our site. Again, the caption wasn’t published with any malicious intent whatsoever, but we understand that Dana White’s reputation would be harmed if our readers actually believed that he bets on the UFC’s matches. Once again, Dana White does not bet on his own fights, and he never has. We apologize for any misunderstanding the caption may have caused.”

Ben Goldstein, managing editor over at CagePotato, recently chatted with Sergio Non at USA Today and thinks that the entire situation is just silly:

“This is just so silly that I want to print this retraction and get this behind us. I have no (problem) saying on our website, ‘Look, it’s just a joke. We didn’t mean it to be intended this way.’ I’m just not interested in turning this into some sort of beef with UFC. It’s really not that important to me.”

“Maybe it’s something that hits very close to home for him,” Goldstein says. “He doesn’t want to be seen as someone who would ever bet on his own fights. … I can respect that, because if people started believe that the head of UFC was actually betting on his own fights, that’s a serious allegation.”

The drama doesn’t end there. CagePotato writer Jason Moles tried to reason with Dana through twitter:

Dana’s response?

Ben Goldstein shared more thoughts with USA Today:
“I have no problem swallowing my ego and apologizing for a joke,” he said. “But if it turns out that they want to set their lawyers on us on a regular basis because of satirical captions we write on our website, then we’ll fight back. We’ll get our own lawyers involved and defend ourselves. … We’re not going to change the way we do business.”

Sergio Non responded by reporting the one documented occurrence of Dana White betting on MMA:
“While White hasn’t gambled on UFC fights, he has bet on one of his fighters loaned to another organization. In 2003, he made a $250,000 wager with the president of Pride Fighting Championships, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, that Chuck Liddell would win that organization’s 205-pound tournament that year. Liddell lost in the semifinals to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, who fought for Pride at the time.”

If you are lost and have no idea what has been going on, read the original story HERE.


13 Responses to “CagePotato Retracts Insulting Caption, Dana White Still Not Happy”

  1. Andy says:

    Cage Potato soon to be on Dana’s “SCORCHED EARTH” list.

  2. Common Sense says:

    Dana come on dont be alienating the media that do 70% of the advertising for you. If you didnt want people thinking the ufc favors fighters… then dont fucking sponsor your golden boy!

    “UFC” is plastered all over any event you do so there is obviously no need or benefit from having UFC on Jones clothes, your just showing favoritism.

    If the real reason you are paying him extra money to wear ufc clothes is so he dosnt have other sponsors and can get a big deal soon (which dosnt make too much sense anyway) then just have him wear unbranded clothes and pay him the difference he would loose, theres no need to show blatant favoritism when impartiality is key for spectators in the fight business… it pisses off all your other employees too.

    Dont keep going down this route

  3. who gives a fuck about couch potato says:


  4. EdSoares says:

    Dana has no case.

    See the Supreme Court Case “Hustler Magazine vs Falwell”.

  5. Nick says:

    The joke wasn’t even funny. Now if it was funny, like something seriously sarcastic and outrageous it would of been funny.

  6. Lo says:

    Dana needs to learn how to pick his battles. And when a man apologizes to you, be man enough to squash your own ego. Not a good look for you, Dana.

  7. McLovin says:

    Lol, so dramatic Dana.

  8. Dustin says:

    lmao even if its not true. Dana should shut the fuck up. with the amount of shit he talks maybe this did slip out when he was drunk and banging one of his ring girls. I doubt as a man he wouldnt say that. but as a drunk bald asshole i can see him sluring that out lol.

  9. Castro says:

    That’s so damn gay….. Worry about your fighters passing their drugs tests…..

  10. drew says:

    the real reason Dana was so insulted was because he actually has a $1,000,000 bet on jones, rashad is gonna get all his take downs stuffed and its gonna be a stand up clinic by jone

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