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Saturday, 02/09/2013, 01:01 pm

UFC Boss Says Weidman Wants To Smash Silva in Brazil, Give Him A Rematch And Smash Him Again | UFC NEWS

UFC President Dana White has gone on record to express the intentions of UFC middleweight contender Chris Weidman.

He says Weidman will fight Anderson Silva in Brazil, “Smash” him and then grant the pound-for-pound king an immediate rematch and do it again.

Check it out:


31 Responses to “UFC Boss Says Weidman Wants To Smash Silva in Brazil, Give Him A Rematch And Smash Him Again | UFC NEWS”

  1. Dana White says:

    Anderson Silva would smash him in Brazil and not allow a rematch, since it would be a quick KO in the first round. Weidman wouldn’t deserve a rematch.

  2. The natural says:

    Dana’s such a douche shut the hell up Weidmann doesn’t deserve the shot yet put him up against vitor first

  3. 123 says:

    i really want to see this fight now

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    stfu Dana. quit trying to hype the shit matchup you found in replacement of superfights that you guaranteed. this shit sux, I will not order the PPV to watch another 3 minute Anderson knockout.

    booooo on Dana and the UFC for this bullshit.

  5. danielrchargers says:

    and I want to be king of the Earth.

  6. JP says:

    The day The Spider fights Weidman he’ll lose his belt- in a very humiliating way! I honestly believe Weidman to be the the only one capable (guaranteed) of beating Silva! I wouldn’t stand to see the Spider lose, therefore I don’t want to see that fight!

    • dogfart says:

      bullshit, youre a weidman fanboi pretending to be an anderson fan to try and validate your statement.

      weidman is gonna get dicked on.
      hes exactly the type of fighter anderson likes fighting.

      • you daddy says:

        Sounds like you mom got dicked on. Silva is ducking him. He has accomplished just as much in the UFC as Silva did when Franklin gave him the title shot.

        Win or Lose he has earned the shot at the title.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      I don’t see that happening, I think Weidman is overhyped, he’s had 5 fights in the UFC total, beat Maia who had to drop down to WW because he kept getting his ass kicked and an out of shape Munoz. He’s only getting a shot because the division is very thin and Silva has beaten everyone or they messed up their chance to face him (Bisping)…this is probably the worst division in MMA right now….

    • chris call me king says:

      You have to be remedial after a comment like that. I’m guessing you wrap your whole hand around the pencil when you write with your handy capable helmet on tight

    • Ainokea says:

      They said that about Sonne the 2nd time, they said that about Bonnar, two fighters who have similar fighting as weidman, look what happened. Also, Weidman hasn’t fought anybody experienced (for the record, Although a good fighter, I don’t consider Mark Munoz an experienced fighter) and will succumb to one of the Spider’s 8 legs.

  7. Dan Jenkins says:

    Pretty much over this Weidman clown first of all he calls out Silva and hes not even ready to fight there’s no point calling anyone out while your on the sidelines with injury, you got morons saying Anderson will get beat, smashed blah blah blah the same idiots are whining that Silva hides behind the belt and only wants to fight once a year yet they want him to wait till the end of the year for this ****wit Weidman to be ready seems as tho common sense is lost on some of you. Silva has faced better wrestlers than Weidman better strikers better jitz Weidman is above average at best and not even in the same league even look at the camps Anderson trains with machida, nogueras, jacare even glover Texeira at times and the list goes on compared to Weidman who trains with matt Serra and longo. Have a look at their records Anderson has beaten THE best middleweights on the planet and Weidman beaten a broken down Munoz, no matter where you look at this picture Weidman is a class below Silva. That being said I want ufc to hurry up give this whining **** the title shot he hasn’t earned and get smashed into early retirement or irrelevance

    • Zack says:

      +1^ he can only talk for so long. He will get his title shot and get ktfo and still get paid more than he ever has. You have to be out of your mind to think silva is just going to let Weidman take his belt. He’s the best fighter in the world and improves and impresses every fight. Silva is on a 22 fight win streak not counting getting dq’d against okami. Idk how people can still doubt silva. Everyone is beatable but Its going to take a very special person to beat Anderson and that person is not Chris Weidman. The only guy who honestly could beat silva( and I hate to say this) is Jon Jones.

      • Nuitari X says:

        I agree with everything you said except I think that it’s the opposite on the Jon Jones thing. I think the only person that would beat Jon Jones is Silva. I hope Siva retires undefeated after going on to fight and win against Jones, GSP, and who ever else they match him up with. The Spider is a legend.

  8. 123 says:

    well chris weidman seems to be the only fighter confident he will beat anderson silva & im a michael bisping fan, every1 els seems to think hes unbelievably amazing, which he is.. but chris weidman has got the style to win.. in my opinion.

  9. The natural says:

    I have to go on record saying Dana’s really always been a douche and everybody needs to stand up to him now before its too late we should all no longer buy ppv until Dana can go without bashing any of past present and future fighters who built the UFC and stop taking credit for the UFC sucess. Please this is for the fighters it’s time someone stands up too him. Also time for someone to stand up for fighters in UFC and start a union to protect the fighters

  10. MachidaKarate says:

    Let him fight a healthy munoz or the phenom first. He doesn’t deserve a title shot.

  11. ya herd says:

    The ufc is more and more like wwe… “oh dana i wana smash anderson, and smash him again in a rematch” SO what he dosent deserve it stop hyping this shit!!!!!!!!! vitor has desstroyed everyone at 185 apart from silva, he went 4 rounds against jones, it drives me crazy the way some not all fighters get free ufc title figts without much work, least in boxing 95% of the time the 2 best guys fought im sick of ufc now!” once they earn some money they think they can do what they want, they hype fighters to fool most of the fans, and 99.9% of the fighters trash talk is fake and most of use are like omg i cant wait to see this fight grow up people

  12. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Cries Whineman is a nobody.

    His two most notable wins were a controversial split-decision win over Damian Maia after one of the most boring LnP fests ever and a win over Mark Munoz, who just came off a surgery looking all pudgy and clearly not in fight shape. The others aren’t even worth mentioning.

    I say let Anderson slap this bum around for a round or two, destroy his career and collect an easy payday in the process.

  13. BG says:

    These wwe comparisons are getting worn thin. So is the Dana bashing. They put fights on all the time, with the injuries a lot of sub par challengers may get offered up.
    Who else is Anderson going to fight? Challengers are exhausted atm and several people were injured. Rematch Vitor? He lost in one of the 3 min KO’s certain people wont pay to see, not a great business decision there.
    Same situation at LWH, challengers are just about exhausted and there were many injuries last year. Who is Jon supposed to fight? Machida wanted to wait, Gus isn’t ready, and everyone else has had a loss in their last 2 fights.
    Jon wanted to make some money so he took the offer to coach tuf and fight Chael.

    Also, why do people use the word “guranteed” when discussing MMA? Chris is guranteed to beat Silva? Have you watched a Silva fight ever?

  14. Jhonny Blaze says:

    I don’t know why i can’t explain my reasoning.But i just get a feeling Anderson wants Luke Rockhold.

  15. Jhonny Blaze says:

    Yo Hernandez why have i been banned out of the forums already what is your problem?

  16. Kleck says:

    This would be relevant if anyone in their right mind thought that Weidman even deserved a title shot in the first place. Give Weidman a fight against Belfort and the winner of that fight should get a shot, if you must. However I don’t think either of them are in title shape right now. Belfort just had a shot 2 fights ago, and Weidman just hasn’t proven himself. The win over Munoz is fine, but Munoz wasn’t up for the title shot anyway, and the fight against Maia was laughable. He needs to take some more fights to PREPARE for Silva and stop trying to Lobby for a fight he’s not ready for in the least.

  17. mean170 says:

    I plan on fighting Anderson Silva in Brazil, and smashing him, and then on the same day i’m going to fly to New York and smash Jon Jones, then i’m going to fly to Mexico to smash Cain Velasquez, then i’m going to fly to Canada and smash GSP. And then i’m going to get all of them in a cage together for a rematch in my home state of Michigan and and smash them all again. My scenario is just as likely as Weidmans.

  18. tom says:

    I wrestled weidman in high school…he is the real deal…I promise u…and I love silva….weidman will beat him….I can promise that..

  19. You Know I'm Right says:

    While I don’t think Weidman will beat Silva, I can’t think of anyone else more deserving of a shot that hasn’t already had one. Super fights aside, because those are obviously off the table or that’s what they would be pushing for, who else is deserving of a shot that hasn’t already had one? Vitor got KTFO. Bisping got KTFO by a guy who got KTFO by Anderson already. Rockhold is a joke, he’s less deserving then Vitor at this point. Hector Lombard only has 1 win since losing to Boetch. Someone give me a name that hasn’t already gotten beat by Silva, and I’ll give you a reason why Weidman is more deserving.

  20. 11thhour says:

    who’s this fag even fought? he knocked out Munoz that’s about it that doesnt get you a title shot… He’ll get knocked out anyway.

  21. dastuka says:

    Oh JEEZ I can hear Joe ‘Half a Fag’ Rogan now….”If there was ever a fighter, with a style tailor made to beat AS…its C Weidman.” I think Weidman is a beast…but until someone beats Silva, betting against him is RTarded.

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