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Tuesday, 11/19/2013, 09:46 am

UFC Boss Says GSP vs. Hendricks Rematch Should Be Finalized In Two-Weeks

You want a rematch? Dana’s going to give you a rematch!

Immediately following GSP’s successful title defense last weekend at UFC 167 the globe erupted in controversy.

The UFC Boss believes GSP lost, the challenger proclaimed himself the real champ and the fans, according to our poll, are nearly split down the middle.

But Clarity is coming.

“As far as a rematch, we’re on schedule and I’ll have a date within a couple weeks,” White told The Los Angeles Times.

During his post fight speech, GSP said he was taking some much-needed personal time, but the pressures from his employer and the fans may have altered his course.

“I feel confident that Georges is fine with [a rematch] and all is on track,” eluded Dana White.


89 Responses to “UFC Boss Says GSP vs. Hendricks Rematch Should Be Finalized In Two-Weeks”

  1. yeah right man says:

    Rhetorical question. What company boss treats his employees not like humans and colleagues, but like stock to be bought sold and slaughtered?

  2. magoo says:

    Sweet…. Weidman gets to make it two in a row against Anderson, as will Bones against Gus, and George will show everyone he’s back against Johny bin laden….. Lmao

  3. dillan versai says:

    I was watching the gsp vs hendrix fight with a bunch of gsp fans,,, before the decision was read,, they all said damn, gsp had a good run,,,, but he got busted up by hendrix,,, hendrix did it fair and square.. We had NO DOUBT that hendrix won the fight. This is shady and corrupt just like boxing,,, I am done watching this sport, thats why I stopped betting on the fights as well..GSP and his corner knew he got his ass beat and lost the fight,,, this is so so black and white

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      I was a GSP fan and initially thought he lost due to emotions running high. Upon reconsidering, checking the stats, and rewatching the fight removing my emotions and biases I see GSP winning 1,3, and 5. It’s not black and white, it was a close fight.

    • MMA Mario says:

      The MMA world wont miss you watching any more fights(dillan versai)

  4. D-rak says:

    When gsp lost and or got beat up by Hughes,penn and sera in the rematch he damn near killed them…sorry but Hendricks will get absolutely crushed in the rematch

  5. Kenny Powers says:

    It came down to round 1 on the official scorecards. Anyone with a brain knows Hendricks won the 1st round. Watch it again, they both got one takedown, but Hendricks kept GSP down longer. At :40 left in the round they show the significant strike count, Hendricks – 21, GSP – 11. Everytime GSP clinched Hendrick’s flipped him around and pushed the pace the entire round. Hendricks has his number, bad style for GSP, he will KO in the rematch.

    • Sasquatch says:

      You’re wrong.. you really should come to the table with the right stats at least. GSP landed 19 significant strikes and Hendricks 18 in the first round. Fight total was GSP 101 sig strikes vs. Johnny’s 85.. GSP got 3 takedown vs. Johnny’s 2 through out the fight. I find it ironic you saying “anyone with a brain…”

    • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

      Its came down to the ( F A C T ) that Hendricks beat the hell out of GSP and he looked like he got run over by a bus and Hendricks didn’t even have amark on him. You GSP nutwads are the worst. Your boy got his a’ss kicked and even admitted it

      Sport is so damn corrupt and all about money now

      I also watched fight with at least dozen harden GSP fans and EVERY fricken one of them said GSP got his a’ss kicked.

    • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

      There is a difference between just losing and looking like you git run over by a bus. GSP clearly got his a’ss kicked

      We all know the rematch if it happens will be in Canada and GSP will be able to get JUICED backed up and look like Vitor or like he had before in all his other fights. GSP knows he made mistake by doing VADA testing. GSP will never be clean again. GSP took an ass whoping in his first clean fight of his career and he will never let that happen again. If he loses again like he did to Hendricks in this last fight he will be JUICED. Never has GSP looked so skinny and had flabby skin on his arms and his chest was saggy even at fight time. I promise you GSP regrets getting clean to try and clean up his legacy because so many fighters and fans knew he was JUICING all these years just like Lance Armstrong. GSP is the lance Armstrong of MMA. You could tell already in round 2 GSP was not the same fighter without EPO’s because he was already huffing and puffing

  6. KIDD433 says:

    Face it, your girlfriend George Safe Pierre got his ass kicked, and awarded the robbery. Anybody that actually thought GSP won must’ve been too distracted because they were beating off to watching him all greased up

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