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Tuesday, 02/21/2012, 02:35 pm

UFC Boss Pays $1.1 Million For Muhammad Ali Gloves | Bob Arum Proclaims He Loves The UFC

UFC Head Honcho Lorenzo Fertitta did a good deed recently and got a bit of redemption in the process.

In a charity auction geared towards raising money for brain research through the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health and the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky, Fertitta bid $1.1 million for a pair of Ali’s gloves and won.

The gloves he purchased where the same gloves Ali wore in his 1965 heavyweight title fight in Las Vegas, Nevada in his victory over Floyd Patterson.

Fertitta also got to hear long time UFC detractor and boxing promoter Bob Arum say that “He loves the UFC.”

According to reports, the bidding stalled out at around $750k and Fertitta put in a special condition that he would bid higher if Arum would concede to the fact that he loved the UFC.

For those who are unaware, Bob Arum has gone on record countless times bashing the UFC and promoting his own sport in the process. Most notably he has called MMA fighters “Homosexuals” who like to roll on the ground together.

Good Job Lorenzo!

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