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Friday, 01/24/2014, 06:54 pm


UFC Boss ‘Loves’ The ‘Awesome’ Urijah Faber

“He’s a stud. I have so much respect for Urijah Faber. This will be his fifth fight in ten months; he’s never looked better. The fights that he’s been fighting have been awesome. Just his attitude, everything about the kid is awesome. I love Faber.”

During Dana White’s recent UFC on FOX 10 media scrum he had nothing but compliments for UFC 169 headliner, Urijah Faber.

Faber took the title-fight rematch against Renan Barao on just a few weeks notice.


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  1. Christopher Chance says:

    Cruz wishes with all his heart he could do that same thing I am sure but the dude is so injury prone.Like one of the worst ever he should retire I think or take a long break before training again.Way to go Faber I hope he wins he title

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