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Thursday, 07/11/2013, 11:46 am

UFC Boss Looking At Cowboy Stadium For Weidman vs. Silva II

If a rematch between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman comes to fruition, it is the UFC’s opinion that it will be the biggest fight in the promotions history.

With such a major event, it should come as no surprise that the UFC boss is looking for a large venue to host the middleweight title clash.

The New York Post has the scoop:

White plans on calling Silva on Thursday to discuss a rematch. He says it will be the biggest fight in UFC history and is considering holding it at Cowboys Stadium in Texas, which has a capacity of 105,000.

Doing it on Super Bowl weekend – the UFC has a show in New Jersey the night before the game at MetLife Stadium – has been ruled out, because he believes a fight of that magnitude should stand on its own. White says it could still happen this year, though it is unlikely with an already packed slate of events on the UFC’s calendar through December.


22 Responses to “UFC Boss Looking At Cowboy Stadium For Weidman vs. Silva II”

  1. mikey b says:

    Man dana is “always looking to cowboys stadium for events” sick of hearing this guys lame man

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Texas stadium would be a great venue for the rematch. Everything in Texas is bigger. Like the rematch beatdown coming.
    btw: Am I the only one annoyed by the Facebook bs that gets posted on here? Also, do you think is in bed with the NSA??

  3. 757 says:

    Unfortunately I hope that it doesn’t work out for Anderson. He was unprofessional and got his ass whipped. The way he acted he doesn’t even deserve a rematch. Weidman kicked his ass. I used to be a fan but lost all respect for hi Silva. He got paid huge money to act like a disrespectful ghetto fool and got knocked out…Move on and give someone else the shot. Weidman deserves better. If they do fight I would like to see Weidman drag him to the ground and strangle him

    • krafty11 says:

      Wow. one loss in 16 fights, and the fairweather fans( you included) are Gone Like the Wind.. Yes, he clowned around, but he has done it in a bunch of his fights, and gotten away with it.. til now.. You say you “were a fan” but because he was “disrespectful” you “lost all respect”?? What about the Maia fight, Bonnar fight?? I guess b/c he won those, it makes it ok for you to be his “fan”?? But the minute he loses, you cant stand him and hope he gets beat up again.. i guess Fairweather Fan suits you just fine..

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      757 = I hear where you are coming from. I used to be a Silva fan when he first came into the UFC and took out Franklin easily. I thought he was more than he is. But then I saw what his true character was and wanted nothing to do with him. There is no honor in his behavior, Sonnen was right about him being a narcissistic fake. He got what was coming to him and let’s move on. I’m with you, I think Vitor deserves a shot next.

  4. keoni says:

    U can be a fan of some one and lose respect for them it’s not fair weather it is opinion. Just like u can dislike a fighter and then they win u over… Silva lost his respect not by losing but rather by being disrespectful… I’m a silva fan but I can understand why he is no longer a fan… I am not quite sold on weidman yet but I was the same with Cain at first and now I’m a huge fan of Cain… Cain and weidman remind me of each other. IMO weidman has the style to beat silva but silva IMO could still beat just about any middle weight and majority of top ten lhw ! Silva has not lost a step he just ran into his rival in all sports it is needed to make the athlete better and increase their legacy… Silva drops his hands to lure in opponents for his precision counter strikes and to help defend the takedowns…

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