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Wednesday, 07/17/2013, 12:13 pm

UFC Boss: “I Don’t Think Rory MacDonald Ever Said He Wouldn’t Fight Georges St-Pierre”

“I don’t think that Rory ever said he wouldn’t fight GSP. Rory said he doesn’t want to talk about fighting GSP. I don’t think he’s ever said he won’t fight GSP. When that day comes, when he gets to that place where it’s time for GSP vs. Rory MacDonald, I’m sure that’s when Rory MacDonald will want to talk about fighting GSP.”

UFC President Dana White stated that whoever wins the Ellenberger vs. MacDonald fight is very close to a shot at the UFC welterweight title.

The Boss also believes that Rory may face his longtime mentor should he get the chance.



21 Responses to “UFC Boss: “I Don’t Think Rory MacDonald Ever Said He Wouldn’t Fight Georges St-Pierre””

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Hell Yah they will fight if Rory wins. Or GSP will need to retire champ at 70 and go to 85. Best scenario for him.

    • Ice man says:

      You’re a jackass. You’re also a BANDWAGONER. You only like fighters after they win a fight. You hardly know any fighters unless they’re champ, or all over the media. Why do t you actually educate yourself, or at least form your own opinion. You always are trolling, or joking around because you’re scared people will find out you don’t know anything about MMA. You’re a tool.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Let me clue you in a bit dumby. I DO NOT, you DO NOT and NOBODY in the world KNOWS who will win ANY FIGHT prior to a fight. Guess what tool, the fighters DON’T even KNOW until it happens. So just STFU, sit back and enjoy.

        • stfu says:

          go away jackass!

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          @stfu=great handle…how about taking your own advice and STFU and GTFO out of here little cunt bitch before you get hurt, weasel.

        • Ice man says:

          The only time I’m going to “sit back” is when your moms sucking my d1ck. @gargleswrestlers

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          @Ice Man that is going to be a good trick since my Mom is DEAD..You a necrophiliac freak???

  2. Thom1 says:

    Call me crazy but IMO Rory is the welterweight equivelant of Jon Jones. I’d say one year from now Rory would destroy GSP. I could be wrong though, the Jake E fight is a big test for sure.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      WTF? Destroy GSP? Are you insane kidd? This guy got beat by Condit and BJ is way past his prime when they fought. Rory is good no doubt but he AIN’T no GSP or Fitch!!

  3. JoustWilliam says:

    Meh who cares rory wins gsp wins there both Canadian, its all good hahahaha

  4. Ice man says:

    I wanna see rory vs condit II. hopefully no problems w that neck

  5. Dddddddd says:

    This division is loaded with mean as$ fighters. I think that’s the funny thing about Goerges always coming out on top being such a nice guy. I respect Goeges for sticking to his division and not causing a log jam for a big payout. I’m hoping Johnny brings that belt back home but once again it’s a bitter sweet.

    • magoo says:

      Good points…. Big test for George, Hendricks covers distance so quickly it’ll be interesting to see if George is fast enough to dodge or counter that, if he can be will out strike out wrestle and tire the sh@t out of Hendricks. Hendricks keeps saying Georges has never faced someone like me, truth is if ur fighting the 170 long reigning champ ur the one who’s never faced someone like that!

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