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Friday, 10/18/2013, 11:44 am

UFC Boss: Everything I hear from Nick Diaz is that he doesn’t want to fight

MMA fans seem to love nothing more than a good Nick Diaz fight.

The Stockton based Cesar Gracie fighter has long captured the hearts of fans around the world.

Which is why talks of a potential return to action against Michael Bisping had the world talking.

Dana White put out those flames yesterday during a UFC media event, stating that Diaz doesn’t want to fight:

“I love that fight. I love that fight,” White said. “I like it. But everything I hear from Nick Diaz is he doesn’t want to fight.

“But I love that fight. Fun fight.”


15 Responses to “UFC Boss: Everything I hear from Nick Diaz is that he doesn’t want to fight”

  1. GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) THANKS DANA says:

    I think its hilarious how GSP fans constantly cry whenever anyone mentions him fighting at 185 lbs yet these same fans think Diaz should fight much bigger opponents at MW. GSP is huge with massive amounts of PED muscles that eh has built over the years using only the very best steroids in the world. If anyone should be moving up should be GSP and his boy ROIDY Macdonald

  2. D-rak says:

    Because Diaz called out Anderson silva…I’m not a bisbing fan but Diaz would lose again

  3. drew says:

    @get rid of fitch, that made my day haha =)
    diaz vs bisping will be a good one for sure im rootn for nick but bisping is really nice on the feet

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