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Friday, 02/10/2012, 04:19 pm

UFC Boss Confirms Diaz Won't Get Cut For Failed Drug Test

“[Diaz] will be back. Really like the kid just needs to get it together. I’m a sap for real fighters.”

UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta took to twitter yesterday to field fan questions. During his time in the session he told the people participating that he does intend to let Nick Diaz stay in the UFC following his positive drug test results.

For many fighters, they lose their job at the drop of the hat. Torres lost it for a twitter post, some lose it for three losses, others two, and yet Todd Duffee lost his employment after just one.

In the case of Diaz, after multiple infractions with the company, he still gets to keep his position with the promotion should he so choose to.

Good news for Diaz fans!

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90 Responses to “UFC Boss Confirms Diaz Won't Get Cut For Failed Drug Test”

  1. Jared says:

    This is such crap. They’ll cut someone for making an off color joke, but they’ll keep this trash talking piece of garbage that blatantly violates the rules, and I love pot, and endangers main events.

    • the original steve says:

      cry about it. diaz comes to fight and makes the ufc a shit ton of money.

      • david says:

        hes only had two fights how does he “make the ufc tons of money” the last card only had 400000 ppv buys which is considered low, so dont exaggerate the facts you diaz nut hugger

        • the original steve says:

          lol everyone wants to see what diaz is up to and 400 thou isn’t that low. if he didn’t make the ufc a lot of money then why would they still have them after not showing up to a press conference, missing a bunch of flights in this event’s media coverage, and then failing his drug test?

        • david says:

          400000 buys isnt impressive at all, its either mediocre or just below mediocre so claiming he makes them tons of money is a false claim, plus like i said hes only had two fights, the ufc doesnt need him

        • tim says:

          12 fights you complete idiot

        • zach says:

          You cal people nut huggers yet your a complete hater that will consistently take time out of your day to bash diaz. Your worse then any nut hugger. Diaz is only of the few real fighters left and if you dont like it grab you balls like a man and stop hatin

        • isaiah D says:

          Whats 400,000 times 50 bucks? Hmmm Cue the Jeopardy music… Its 20 F-ing million dollars, Idk is that alot?

      • Comes to fight when they throw no cardio dudes in front of him.. Throw his ass a wrestler and then tell me he comes to fight. The wining streak he was on before the condit loss not one was a wrestler that’s why he was looking so good. He’d throw blow for blow with them tell they gases and then KO them…throw his ass a wrestler please,you won’t see no fight in his ass..

        • ZONG says:

          Hes been callin out a wrestler for how long now(gsp)??? Yeah throw his ass a wrestler hell oputbox ANY wrestler u throw his way and will INVITE the take down so he can be in an even BETTER position to win the fight sub style so quit with ur “i hate diaz hes a punk” attitude. Lame ass . . .

        • Xaninho says:

          Throw in a wrestler and we won’t get to see a fight either, just dry-humping. Condit’s gameplan didn’t deliver the excitement of a KO, but it sure was more entertaining than watching one guy hump another for 5 rounds!

    • tim says:

      LOL! Listen to yourself Trolling.

    • Dennis says:

      If you “loved pot”, then you’d know that it doesn’t endanger anybody. He wasn’t on steroids like Cyborg. Rogan smokes a lot, is he endangering Mike Goldberg? I highly doubt it.

      • stfu says:

        I love pot, but I had to stop smoking for my profession due to drug screening. I don’t feel that I am special and deserve an exception, so why should Diaz?? If you truly loved your profession, then you would follow the rules set in your contract, and party when your done, or have off time.

        • amber trichome says:

          i bet your job is really stressful, so you having to quit for work must have been so hard.
          if it was your job to get punched in the face, or endurance train for grueling brain deadening triathlons, then it may not be possible, especially when you are careful what you put in your body. Marijuana is mild compared to other ‘legal’ pharmaceutic pain killers, anti anxiety meds, muscle relaxers, etc, etc. if you haven’t heard, the prohibition of marijuana is wrong, but lobbied for by big pharma and enforced by the elected fed (in pharma’s pocket).
          we all have our vice or vices, and marijuana is one not to really worry about.

        • zach says:

          I work at a job I had to quit smoking for and I still smoke pot, im not hurting anyone and no one knows, person and professional need to stay separate but diaz got bust on his POST fight test after he retired. Keep that in mind because if you quit you job after some stupid shit happened would you not go find a dub and blaze up? I know I would

        • DUNCAN says:

          Because he has a prescription off the doctor!

        • Xaninho says:

          Fuck that, work is something I do not something I am. If I wanna smoke weed in my own free time I’m gonna do that.

          Ofcourse in my case being my own boss helps, but even if I had to work at some company with drug screenings I would just do what I want in my free time.

        • Jim says:

          well said, if you cant quit then prepare to face the consequences

      • magoo says:

        Fuk no!! Golbergs endangering Rogan wiith his stupid commentary…..”if you will”!!

    • richard says:

      Cut this clown….he’s horrible for the sport! They should re-evaluate all their fighters as half of them are not worthy to even be in the UFC, including Diaz!

    • johnno says:

      im soo angry about this this man is a joke and is making a mockery of the UFC so many better fighters shit canned for less and this peice of shit just keeps getting away with it. note to other fighters be a loud mouth wanker and they will keep you you know why???$$$$$$$ because people will pay to watch someone try and kick his head in and i hope if condit does fight him again he kncks him out with one of those deadly knees or elbows. And GSP deserves a crack at him for diaz said about him in the middle of the octagon evryone knows GSP will kill diaz and would defenitley pay to watch it to. Diaz you shold be ashamed of yourself and So should the UFC anyone else and they would have been gone straight away. Wat if it was overeem or someone like that who they harras all the time???

    • Jason says:

      dude. you realize Torres is back in the UFC now? so he wasn’t really cut.

    • Ryz says:

      Blow up Jared – its guys like Nick Diaz that you want to see fight – anti-heros. GSP and Jon Jones are boring Mr Nice Guys. Give me a Nick Diaz or Chael Sonnen any day.

  2. slacker says:

    I hope he comes back. He’s got some great skills and entertainment value. Just needs to learn how to lose. “Cause he’s gonna have a lot more of them if he decides to stay in the UFC.

  3. Diaz is a chump says:

    So none of the other fighters the UFC cut were “real fighters”? that excuse to not cut him is such a load of bullshit

  4. magoo says:

    Even Lorenzo’s burned one with Diaz…….LOL

  5. CCW.Gun control=Government control. says:

    I love wweeeed

  6. johnno says:

    i love pot to but if i had a 6 figure contract and it said you can not use drugs of anykind you dont touch them. its all about $$$$$ and its starting to piss me off. Yeah do what you want boys just make sure you put on a good show.

  7. robby holt says:

    Diaz is a true scrapper. You know when Diaz is fighting the fight isn’t going to be boring. Win or lose Diaz brings it. Fuck the haters.

  8. Jim says:

    Good for Lorenzo! Marijuana is not a PED. Optimus Prime supports this:

  9. david teezy says:

    Damn, bj website keeps trying to bash nick, he didnt leave the ufc to try to make more money like bj did, tod dufee got cut because the way he acted towards the ufc behind the scenes, nick fights, and fights hard. Marijuana today is such a small deal, why would they fire him, its not like steiroids

  10. banks says:

    Lmao i love all the diaz haters.. all the same guys that said carlos fought a good fight are gona bitch bout how boring condit gsp will be… jus realize real fighters are why mma is loved. not gameplanners

  11. dave says:

    this is good news Diaz is the best fighter at 170

  12. big furr fan says:

    I hope diaz washed off his pipe after he sucked lorenzo’s Dick did you see the smile on his face maybe he needs a hit to

  13. banks says:

    Lmao daley is a bum?? cyborg is a bum? gomi at his best couldnt even come close.. i agree diaz hasnt fought any notable wrestlers that i can think of but i seriously doubt hell back peddle n kick his leg. hed prolly pull gaurd and sub him.. I hope he fights kos next jus for u

  14. 12thman says:

    people are such bitches lol, so what if he smokes a lil herb that’s he damn business not ours, thank you UFC for not cutting a true warrior!!!!

  15. natural born runner says:

    Pot is not frowned upon this doesn’t compare to any fighters that have been cut diax should keep his job. With that being said all it takes diaz is a week two weeks tops to get the weed out of his system with absolutely not body fat. I don’t understand how he doesnt have it down to a science yet very foolish on his part

  16. B-Wes says:

    It’s all about the money, hence why Chael Sonnen has a job.

  17. learntoread says:

    What did Torres or Duffee ever really do for the company?

    This is a business, and Diaz is a headliner and a cash-cow for Zuffa. Not to mention one of the most entertaining fighters in the sport. Diaz puts asses in the seats, and give the paying $$$ audience what they’ve come for (*well, when he has a game opponent who will actually engage in a fight with him, lol). There is much reason why they would want to keep him around, regardless of how the people who hat Nick think / feel.

  18. giggaplex says:

    those boys get so high they ain’t never coming down, stockton represent. Diaz is beating all your fave fighters and he’s getting high in the process

  19. Joey says:

    HELL YEAH!!!Diaz is the man so what he likes to get high.he’s still one of the last true fighters left.

  20. einiar says:

    diaz can only outbox the short guys by using his reach advantage but when he faces a fighter with his high he got do shit.

  21. Roscoe10 says:

    I love it!! HAHA haters gon hate but like him or not Nick is becoming one of the Ufcs golden childs. And big deal he smoked half of the the fighters go out and sniff coke and drink at their after party. It’s not like they can prove he was high during the fight and isnt a commission member with them all day before the fight? so he probably was mad he lost and needed a lil something to cheer up. Half you guys on here only hate nick cuz HE BEAT BJ life goes on I’m still a fan of both fighters but someone had to win.

  22. Deany Boy says:

    Eating tater chips after is always fun.

  23. Ryz says:

    I would rather watch Nick Diaz over GSP any day. Greg Jackson holds GSP back. This boring win at any cost shit is ruining MMA. Jon Jones is the only exciting fighter he trains.

    MMA would not be where it is today without Griffin/Bonner, Liddell/Couture, Henderson/Shogun. Not one of Greg Jackson’s fighters mentioned there.

    • learntoread says:

      And now Greg and Co. are trying to turn Condit into one of those boring ass “out point him for the win!!” fighters.

      Before Jackson turned them to the dark side, both Georges and Carlos used to be fun fighters to watch (I miss the days when Georges was kicking Matt Hughes in the head & finishing, kneeing Matt Serra into submission). Where Carlos’ career goes from here on out, who knows, but it’s very unlikely he’ll “out point” GSP.

      • Jim says:

        One fight and you call Condit a point-getter, how about Diaz who lost the fight, he didnt finish condit or win on the points card, too bad so sad

        • zach says:

          Condit will do the same shit against gsp and do the same shit over and over if he wins the belt, that’s what Greg Jackson does turns his amazing fighters into points fighters

  24. fedorviagnp says:

    Good news…he wasn’t clean so what rather that than peds, he come to fight regardless and is a real fighter. He tell it how it is and I like that. Who doesn’t like to smoke weed? I love it

  25. true mma says:

    Why should he be cut. GSP greased up and still kept his job. GSP cheated, if any thing the weed slowed Diaz down. Plus he has a medical card. GSP doesn’t have a lube card officially given to him by vaseline.

  26. Deany Boy says:

    You are correct True Mma but KY has issued him a license so he’s good.

  27. Ryz says:

    The sport needs bad boys like Nick Diaz – he is the guy everyone loves to hate.

  28. true mma says:

    I’m more surprised that condit changed his fighting style. So what nick tested positive, he’s the only dog that showed up to the dog fight.

  29. Serg says:

    Been following Diaz since 06 and he’s always brought that just scrap mentality to mma, he shows up to fight as fighters should. Thank god smart people are in charge not all these haters!

  30. Fuck the dumb shit, lets get real here. says:

    Jesus people, stop complaining! No matter how much you guys bitch and moan it won’t sway the UFC’s decision. Grow up!

  31. 2lowtoe says:

    i guess its safe to most mma fans like taters

  32. Jeremy Lin says:

    damn, a year without Nick Diaz… bad news for the UFC and fans. And this is one of the many reasons why people don’t like him. He seems to think only about himself and complain when he doesn’t get his way…

  33. Jim says:

    IMO opinion Bisping won his fight as much as Diaz did his, there shouldn’t be a rematch either way, i though diaz and bisping won but they didnt and both of em will finish next time. As for pot it should not be in the same category at other “performance enhancing” drugs

  34. Xaninho says:

    Sonnen and his steroids gets a chance to fight for the title, why shouldn’t Diaz and his weed not get one?

    • Thom says:

      agreed.. so many people hate nick but by hating on nick you’re really hating on fighting in general IMO.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        For me it’s not that I’m hating on the guy. I actually get pumped to see Nick fight, well both the Diaz boys. But with Nick scrambling around there’s always fucking drama and as fans we don’t get to see the fights that were setup. He could have fought GSP months ago if he’d just show up to the presser. & Now this shit. I honestly think that the UFC is too much for the guy. He seemed to handle it all in Strikeforce.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        For me it’s not that I’m not gay, because I am. It’s just that I forgot that Condit’s fight with GSP was cancelled because GSP pulled out of the fight due to injury. So even if Diaz did show up to the press conferences, they wouldn’t have fought anyway.. So sorry. ever since coming out of the closet, I’ve been so forgetful. Like forgeting that I said I wouldn’t be on ever again. So sorry for that and being gay.

      • peace says:

        Wow.. I stumble on this site once and i will not return. Very ignorant fanbase, one after another. I’m farely confident Diaz did not stand a chance against gsp, it wouldn’t have played out the way all you Diaz fans are hoping. And people who like the whole ‘bad boy, straight fighter’ image should look at boxing, there’s dozens of Diaz’s. Nothing original or ‘cool’ just bad for the sport of mma.

  35. CCW.Gun control=Government control. says:

    UFC can make money of Diaz now. They invested in him so they need to get their money back with some profit. Yeah he “retired” but we all knew that he would be back. If he was not a big draw right now then they would make another “example” of him and “never” let him back in the UFC. Where there is money to be made, the UFC will find a way to capitalize. Don’t get it twisted. Business first. ALWAYS.

  36. banks says:

    Lol he wouldnt have fought gsp cuz gsp pulled out.. sucks hes gettin suspended but ill bet hell come back strong

  37. banks says:

    N he clearly doesnt like all the attention the comes wit ufc. e.g. missed pressers and smokes weed prolly more due to fight time stress and dealin wit media.. jus let dude do his thing n see u on fight night

  38. John M says:

    Not surprised, they would never give up the money he brings in. Sad to think though, Diaz is a horrible image for this sport.

  39. thisis Howie says:

    I cant see how Diaz can be band over pot where are the studies 2 show that its a performance inhancer ???? UFC & State athletic commity are banbing 1 of the best P4P fighters over POT we need Diaz & so does the sport

  40. GreenTeaBagger says:

    So let me get this straight; he can use a drug that, at the time he used it, was illegal according to the Federal Government? So if that’s the case, then fighters could use Meth, or Cocaine, or PCP before a fight and keep their jobs with the UFC.

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