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Monday, 05/07/2012, 08:19 am

Bisping a 'little pissed off' at Lombard's potential title shot | UFC NEWS

“(Hector Lombard getting a title shot if he beats Brian Stann) does piss me off a little bit, you know? I’ve been slugging away in the UFC for six years now, fighting the best guys in the world, and just because Hector Lombard’s been knocking out part-time fighters who probably hold down jobs full-time and he’s been knocking out people that I haven’t got a clue who they are, I haven’t even heard of them, you know, while I’ve been knocking out the best fighters in the world and fighting the best consistently for six years and he’s going to come in from knocking out John the baker from around the corner and you know, he gets a title shot?”

“I’m never going to get a title shot. Every time I get on cusp of it, I put together a good win streak and then I lose by a decision that maybe I think I should have won, but that’s down to me. I can’t blame my opponents for that, I should try to take them out and beat them too it, that’s what I’m trying to do. Now I’m fighting Tim Boetsch.

“I think I’m still in the mix up there. I definitely haven’t gone down. I definitely think I’m one of the top few. I think I could give Anderson a good fight … I definitely think I’ll get my shot soon.”

“I’ve watched the fight (vs. Chael Sonnen at UFC on FOX 2 on Jan. 28 in Chicago) several times and every time I watch it I think I’ve won … But listen, I’m not gonna cry and complain about it. It was a close fight, I think I won rounds one and two, he definitely got round three. So judges, whatever, they maybe favor the takedowns a bit much, I think the general consensus is that I won.”


37 Responses to “Bisping a 'little pissed off' at Lombard's potential title shot | UFC NEWS”

  1. ya herd says:

    hahahaha lombard, bisping said the truth u have been beating bums for years and people say bisping gets easy fights in the ufc lmao. btw bisping would pick lombard ans stann apart

  2. Jay says:

    I think bisping shot for a title is over due. He might be a dick but that guy has talent.

  3. danielrchargers says:

    Bisbing > Chael.

  4. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I gotta agree with him on this one. A lot of people dislike him, but he is a really good fighter. He’s been around for a while and he’s done very well in the UFC. I disagree with his assessment of the Sonnen fight. Then again, it was extremely close. Even if he won, I didn’t think he necessarily deserved a shot just yet. Although he had a four-fight winning streak going in, none of those four were top 5; probably not even top 10 at the time (maybe Akiyama was, I’m not sure). I wanted to see Bisping fight Stann next with the #1 contender spot on the line, especially since I think that would have been a great match-up.

    I just don’t understand how these guys from other organizations come in and get fast-tracked to a title shot. Sure, it happened to Anderson Silva. But he’s Anderson Silva. Shields shouldn’t have gotten GSP because, in my opinion, he lost to Kampmann. The point being a lot of the UFC guys that have been trying to climb the ladder for years are getting looked over for someone who hasn’t yet proved themselves on the biggest stage.

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Idk what he expects, this is a formula. Overeem got a squandered title shot after one fight, Pettis was supposed to get one but he lost to Clay, Hendo is getting a shot at Jones after one “current” fight in the UFC, Anderson Silva only fought Chris Leben before fighting Rich Franklin…. I’m sure the list goes on but Lombard’s situation isn’t unusual. Bisping should quit complaining and beat Boetchs definitively.

  6. Christopher D says:

    I feel for Bisping he’s been in the UFC for far too long and should get a title shot, at least once. He wouldn’t win it or have a chance, but neither has anyone else. I want to see Silva retire or move up after the Chael Sonnen fight there’s no one out there anymore.

  7. pat says:

    I want bisbing to fight alan belcher for #1 contender.

  8. jim says:

    I hate it when people complain about complaining while complaining.

    That being said, fuckers got a point.

  9. BobbyLemons says:

    If Bisping beats Boetsch he should get the Silva vs Sonnen winner.

    Not only do I think he deserves it, I think he matches up really well with Silva and it would be an awesome fight for the fans, he also deserves a rematch against Sonnen (I scored it a draw, Bisping getting the first two but Sonnen 10-8 in the third).

    • jbeamazing says:

      i thought it was closer then it was to until I rewatched it and they revealed the stats and sonnon landed like 2 times as much as bisping and had a couple take downs

  10. Kingsforge says:

    Unfortunately he just doesn’t draw a big crowd, so he doesn’t bring the money. He needs to do something big so people start talking about him, guarantee if he does he’ll suddenly find himself a lot closer to the title.

    • Dick Diaz says:

      if he gets a title shot, the entire UK and much of Europe would be watching… and it would be against Anderson; a proven PPV draw too…

    • just ra says:

      What are you talking about bisbing is a huge draw. He’s literally the ambassador for ufc for an entire country. Not to mention people hate him so much they tune in to watch him get his ass beat which quite honestly rarely happens.

  11. Dick Diaz says:

    lol it should be bisping vs lombard for a title shot! who’s with me?

  12. jbeamazing says:

    Tim Boetsch will knock bisping out quote that
    don’t jump the bisping bandwagon yet he stopped some take downs but we knew he was good at that from the evans fight he has nothing for anderson or hector and take down d doesn’t make you a good wrestler

  13. craig barclay says:

    i think Bisping is the biggest cry baby unless he gets what he wants

  14. Beaner says:

    There’s a reason you don’t get title shots. Because you suck and the UFC only keeps you for the british fans.

  15. Shawn says:

    If he had beaten Sonnen, he would have been next in line for a title shot, or one more fight. But he lost. I have to agree that he should have won that fight. But in that position, he should have made it more decisive. I pretty sure had he definitively beat Sonnen, he would have been the number contender or very close to it. Not to mention, he already lost in a title fight to Silva. But first things first, he still has to get by Boetsch, who’s been on a surprising roll.

    • jbeamazing says:

      ??? he never lost to silva in a title fight how did you get on this site lol

      • Not You says:

        He’s saying Sonnen lost to Silva. How did YOU get on this site?

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Well I’m not a grammar guy but @Shawn only used the noun “he” to describe Bisping and Sonnen in the same paragraph without using their actual names… We’re all confused on BJ, but I am pretty sure buy and large ge is talking about Bisping throughout.

  16. Blah says:

    Bisping is not really deserving to a title shot yet. He does get good win streaks and is talented but loses to the top MWs. And after re-watching Sonnen vs Bisping, Sonnen did win the decision.

  17. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Is Boetsch even ranked in the top ten? I know Lombard is, so lets give him a real fight. Stann, Lombard or Franklin.

  18. Jb says:

    Did mike say he knocks people out lmao!!!!!! I can’t wait till he gets destroyed vs silva, if it even happens

  19. Not You says:

    That made me laugh. “I’ve been knocking people out consistently for 6 years.” Bisping is a great fighter, but the fact is he lost the title contention fight and that puts you back on the ladder a little bit. He’s got a big test in Boetsch and then he can take it from there. If he decides to take a decisive win over Boetsch then it will propel him back to title contention. If he’s going to strike and bike when it comes to guys who stand and trade then he’s going to have to work a bit harder.

    Win streaks are nice but you can’t expect to Fitch your way to a title shot by talking split and unanimous decisions. That said, he won’t be knocking Boetsch out, of he wins it will be a split decision.

  20. Jesse says:

    Yeah bisping makes me laugh. he’s far from a title shot. Every time he gets close. He gets beat. Exp.. Hendo knock out. Then chael lost. So get out of here bisping with ur whining. N remember when Anderson 1st came n. N dominated leban then people wondered why he got a title shot. Look at him now!

  21. Nick says:

    He deserves it. I mean I had Chael winning, but like Hector doesn’t deserve it after a fight. I hope Stann beats him.

  22. Barn90 says:

    Bisping deserves it hes worked hard i just think if he had power in his hands he would of had the shot ages ago and this is coming
    From a englishman

  23. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    I am by no means a Bisping hater, but how on earth can you get a title shot when you lose the important fights?
    He has a point when it comes to Lombard, but Bisping should not be next in line if he wins Boetsch. I mean who the fuck is Boetsch? He has one good win in MW against Okami who is a very difficult opponent, but not what I would call a great fighter. If Bisping wins Boetsch, which he will probably do, than he should fight the winner of Lombard vs Stann. Let Bisping feel the power of Lombard, it would serve him good and maybe he would respect John the baker more afterwards.

    Mark Munoz should get the next title shot if he wins Weidman, who will be very difficult to beat. But I guess it’s possible to argue about this forever 😀

    • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

      Halldor yep excellent points you make for sure. When was Bispings last win over a top 10 opponent? thats how fighters are suppose to work their way up the ladder

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