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Saturday, 05/12/2012, 09:35 am

VIDEO | Best Of Pride – Fedor vs. Zuluzinho | MMA NEWS

Pride Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko faced an interesting test in his fight against the massive 6’5 340lb Zuluzinho. Emelianenko quickly proved that size does not beat technique, as he dispatched Zuluzinho with a flurry of strikes that sent the big man crashing to the canvas.


27 Responses to “VIDEO | Best Of Pride – Fedor vs. Zuluzinho | MMA NEWS”

  1. James says:

    Gotta love the old Fedor. Heavyweight GOAT.

  2. Hendo says:

    fuelTV’s chanel sucks !!!
    these videos dont work !
    they arent available in my country !
    fuck this shit !

  3. SHOGUN RUA says:

    Fighting guys like this is why Fedors record os so padded. I take nothing away from him, for i know who all hes defeated, but none of can deny he had atleast 5 Pride fights that were “freak show fights”

  4. diek says:

    Can you make the video available to the rest of the world wide web, it is only available in the US? Thank you.

  5. A.James says:

    Fedor was great in this era but this era wasn’t great like it is now.

  6. youssef says:

    For people shitting on fedor, just guess who owns best of pride..btw that’s the 1st time they ever show a fedor fight.. Give the man his respect.

  7. Diaz Duuh! says:

    its comical how fedor fans truely believe this fat black guy was a top heavyweight and legit among the ranks. Bragging n shit how this coward fedor is so willing to fight guys like this (out of shape, no skill) as oppose to fighting someone who has equal if not superior skill sets such as alistair overeem whom fedor cowardly ducked and instead picked werdum who he was humiliated by, really?? you lost to werdum? you mightest well have fought overeem and got your ass kicked atleast fedor would have been respected for fighting and losing to a top HW.

  8. jdubx says:

    just another guy that padded fedor’s record. fedor hasn’t beaten anyone that is good, end of story. big nog isn’t very good, he’s a fan favorite – but that doesnt make him good. crocop has a leg kick and good left, and that’s it. tim sylvia is well tim sylvia. heath herring sucks, mark coleman, kevin randlemen… all suck. the only guy he’s beaten who is somewhat good is mark hunt… and it was when hunt had no idea what a ground game was. i dont think there’s another fighter on the planet with a more padded record yet everyone calls him the greatest of all time. all of you people need to wake up.

    • SGrulez1 says:

      By you logic, no heavyweights would be good. Here is the last 4 heavyweight champions, Randys randy beat gonzaga and sylvia…nothin to special, Brock beat old ass randy and Mir, and a cardio-less carwin, Cain beat an out of his prime nog (who you said was overrated), and JDS beat a slightly better conditioned carwin and cain. If i look at that like you do, everyone would have padded records.

  9. The Mantis says:

    Of course this video not available for my country

  10. Lol says:

    Since wen was beating a fat bum makes u a goat? Lmao

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