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Wednesday, 06/05/2013, 10:10 am

UFC Bans Brazilian Brand ‘Pretorian’ from the Octagon


Unfortunate news for top Brazilian apparel company ‘Pretorian’ as the UFC announced that the brand had been banned from appearing as a sponsor during UFC events. Fighters Only broke the news.

MMA managers received the news earlier this week in a memo sent from the UFC.

There is no direct reason given for the ban although a lack of payment for a “sponsor tax” issued by the UFC which charges companies appearing on fighter’s official apparel or even the UFC’s Octagon.

This comes as both a huge blow to Pretorian’s advertising and countless Brazilian fighters who have been seen in Pretorian sponsored gear.


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0 Responses to “UFC Bans Brazilian Brand ‘Pretorian’ from the Octagon”

  1. Now is the time for says:

    Brazilian fighers (and a few non-Brazilian) to come together and challenge the UFC on the ban. Brazilian fighters coming together would be so powerful (JDS, Nogueiras, Belfort, Silva (take your pick), the list goes on forever). Yes, they are contracted individually, but to fight. Sponsorship is where they make money and they all will take a huge financial hit. Time to come together.

  2. OR... says:

    Or the company can just pay the sponsorship tax. If they want advertising, then pay for it.

  3. greggy says:

    Jds has nike so he won’t be fighting for them lol

  4. Not You says:

    It’s funny that people always bitch about the fighters needin to make more. And now the UFC is taking money from fighters because there is no money in it for the company and everyone agrees? You people are strange man.

  5. Mizz says:

    No sports league allows free advertising. Not soccer, football, baseball, hockey or NASCAR. Why should the UFC be any different? At least they allow the fighters to advertise on their shorts. They could be forced to wear advertisements for brands the UFC deems fit to show. You gotta pay to play.

  6. K2 says:

    I just think “Condom Depot” plastered on the a$$ of a fighter is hilarious.

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