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Thursday, 02/14/2013, 11:04 am

UFC announces Velasquez-Silva II, Dos Santos-Overeem | UFC NEWS

Heavyweights Cain Velasquez and Antonio Silva will swap leather once again.

UFC officials confirmed Tuesday that a rematch is slated for Memorial Day weekend at UFC 160 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

The matchup was reported on UFC Tonight, citing confirmation from UFC president Dana White.

The show’s date is near the one-year anniversary of their first meeting, which Velasquez (11-1) won via TKO. The fight turned into a bloody mess after a Velasquez elbow sliced Silva open early in the first round.

Silva (18-4) earned the heavyweight championship opportunity after defeating Alistair Overeem at UFC 156 on Feb. 2. Velasquez reclaimed the UFC title with a unanimous decision win over dos Santos in December. His only professional loss came in the form of a 64-second knockout to dos Santos in 2011.

The UFC also announced another colossal heavyweight showdown that will pit Junior dos Santos (15-2) against Overeem (36-12) in the night’s co-main event.

Santos and Overeem had a bitter war of words during the tail end of 2012, with Overeem accusing dos Santos of, among other things, being afraid of him.

Dos Santos and Overeem were originally slated to fight at UFC 146, but the bout was canceled when Overeem failed a surprise drug test in Nevada.


14 Responses to “UFC announces Velasquez-Silva II, Dos Santos-Overeem | UFC NEWS”

  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Wow this will be a heavy fightnight!

  2. some guy says:

    RIP SILVA!!!

  3. ballsackface says:

    this is going to be amazing
    reem will fail and be past his sell by date.

  4. 11thhour says:

    Dos Santos will knock that big fool with ease, and there’s no suprises about cain and bigfoot 2… then maybe cain V junior 3?

  5. PEE PEE says:

    Bigfoot can’t take cains cardio and wrestling out come will be the same. Overeem will get knocked out again if not worse this time by dos santos who you kno will be coming back stronger after that horrible beat down by the hands of Cain.

    Truly yours,
    Pee pee

  6. kenny says:

    thats b.s it should be silva vs jds for the number one contender spot why is dana lettin silva jump up to the title shoot

  7. Darrel says:

    Bigfoot is too slow and not talented enough to hang with Cain. They need to make a Super Heavyweight class for people big a bulky like Silva.

  8. GRT 3000 says:

    not interesting…Cain smashes BF, JDS KO’s the Reem. yawn.

  9. warrior808 says:

    Of course in mma anything can happen and all it takes is one punch/kick to end a fight. However, im really confident that cain and jds will win their fights. If you like to gamble, you should definitely play these fights!

  10. Snoop says:

    I dont know why no one seems to care that big foot couldnt see for half the first fight with cain, not that i think the result would be different but who knows i was also convinced reem would smash him and look what happened

  11. confucius says:

    come on UFC youre boring me these days

  12. dave says:

    fukin bulllllshitt ,,, werdum would beat silva and jds..i think werdum is going be the next champ judging by his last outing..i have 0 interest i watching bigfoot big killed again…lets be honest he got lucky that reem ws soo cocky..reem is shit without roids and will lose to jds badly..but silva was lucky,,silva got handled by reem for 2 rounds ,,there no way he can hang with cain…ufc just makin mad events to gain money

    • Akid says:

      Douche! Go back to JDS’ record of vicious UFC KO’s and find Werdum’s name planted firmly there… Better yet, check the highlight reel on YouTube so you can see it with your own eyes!

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