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Wednesday, 02/08/2012, 03:45 am

UFC Announces Three New Events | UFC On FX 4, UFC On Fox 4 & UFC 148

Those 40 ZUFFA shows slated for 2012 are getting booked one by one by one and the latest additions to the UFC’s 2012 lineup were announced last night during the UFC Tonight news show on FUEL TV.

First up on the docket is UFC on FX 4 set for June 22 in Atlantic City. UFC on FOX 4 is also on the books for August 4 in Los Angeles and UFC 148 has been made official for July 7 in Las Vegas.

Outside of dates and location no other details were given about the upcoming cards but as the UFC starts booking matches for these three newly announced events we will update.

Rumors are that a possible headliner for UFC on FOX 4 is a rematch between Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz, however without the fight even being agreed upon it is hard to hold any value in that rumor at this time.

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5 Responses to “UFC Announces Three New Events | UFC On FX 4, UFC On Fox 4 & UFC 148”

  1. ROF says:

    Fuck Diaz. Lil’ bitch whinges that he clearly lost and gets a rematch. Condit gonna whoop that ass again.

  2. me says:

    Diaz deserves more of a REMATCH then BJ had against Edgar. So why not, set the controversy behind us with a REMATCH.

  3. Brad says:

    How anyone thinks Diaz won that fight is stupid. Yeah he was the aggresor but he didnt do any damage and Condit was landing good counter punchs and kicks. Would love to see a rematch though!

  4. Juan says:

    Are you stupid?the bj fight with Edgar was way closer then this fight. Condit won clearly!

    • BJ S says:

      ^^^+1. BJ deserved his rematch. You can watch the first fight 100 times and see BJ won that fight. I watched the Condit fight a second and third time and had Condit for 4 rounds all day.

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