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Saturday, 11/03/2012, 06:57 am

UFC Announces Michael Bisping vs. Vitor Belfort for January 19 Event in Brazil


This morning the UFC officially announced a bout that has been rumored for some time, a middleweight match-up with Michael Bisping and Vitor Belfort as the participants. The two men will occupy the main event slot of the January 19 card scheduled to take place in Brazil.

We do know that the event will not be on pay-per-view, but it still hasn’t been determined whether or not it will be televised on Fuel TV or the FX Network. This will be the UFC’s fifth trip back to Brazil since they held UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro last August.

The card will have a total of 12 fights, the co-main event will feature former Ultimate Fighter finalist C.B. Dolloway against Daniel Sarafain. Brazilian fans are familiar with Sarafain as he made it to the finals of the first TUF Brazil, but was unable to compete because of an injury.

Here are the other proposed bouts:

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Ben Rothwell- Heavyweights

Thiago Tavares vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov- Lightweights

Yuri Alcantara vs. George Roop- Bantamweights

Godofredo Castro vs. Milton Vieira- Featherweights

Diego Nunes vs. Nik Lentz- Featherweights

Ronny Markes vs. Andrew Craig- Middleweights

Edson Barboza vs. Justin Salas- Lightweights

Francisco Trinaldo vs. C.J. Keith- Lightweights

Michael Kuiper vs. Thiago Perpetuo- Middleweights

Wagner Prado vs. Roger Hollett- Light Heavyweights






68 Responses to “UFC Announces Michael Bisping vs. Vitor Belfort for January 19 Event in Brazil”

  1. Mike b says:

    This right here will be the counts biggest fight.This is his opportunity to show the UFC and the people that he’s next in line for a title shot.If he can get past vitor it’s only right that he gets that shot.This fight can go ether way for sure.With vitor’s superior boxing,speed,power,and jiu-jitsu skills he can definitely win this.But with bisbings punches and punches and good wrestling he can win this also.Its tough to call but I’m going for the upset,bisbing by UD.

    • B-rad says:

      Everyone will say your retarded or you dont know what your talkin about, but i agree! This is Bispings 2nd big chance at a fight with Silva, hopefully it wont go as bad for him like it did at UFC 100.. If Bisping can avoid being stopped by a quick flurry, i think Bisping takes all 3 rounds 30-27

    • Mike b says:

      Punches in bunches I meant,my bad.bisbing throws a high accumulation of punches that overwhelms and break down his oppenents,not saying he will overwhelm vitor but it will get him points in this fight,he’s a point fighter.I think he will use his wrestling in this one.he has underrated wrestling and jiu-jitsu.It may sound like I’m praising bisbing but I’m not it’s just facts.And I love vitor,imma huge belfort fan,but i just see bisbing out pointing vitor.Vitor can definitely ko him with out a doubt,but I think bisbing got this one.

      • shaolin_guard says:

        Spoken like a true analyst. i agree 100%

      • MooreUSMC says:

        Points fighter with 4x the stoppages than decisions. Spoken like a true analyst is right. An analyst that has seen almost no MMA. WTF is with people and their ignorant comments. The count might not have that 1 punch power but he overwelms people with technical striking. Watch one of you come on and say points fighters stop people now haha you’re dumb.

        • Iceman says:

          I understood completely what he said,and it made pretty good sense compared to a lot of other ridiculous posts that I have read.U have the nerve also to insult people and call them dumb when u can’t even spell right,so who’s the idiot?plus u should back up ur post with some facts or at least argue his opinion with some mma knowledge.So u actually sound ingnorant bro.Altough I disagree with the pick!Vitor by tko 1st round.Vitor is to fast for bisbing I think.Vitor is gonna put pressure on bisbing and be in his face the whole fight.War vitor!!!!

        • Iceman says:

          I am a big vitor fan,I have to root for vitor man.bisbing is gonna try to out point vitor cause I think bisbing won’t be able to finish him.But eventually vitor is gonna catch him with his fast hands and make quick work of bisbing.

        • Mike b says:

          U spelled overwhelm wrong,so who’s dumb.Stop being so mad my is too short to get mad over petty shit.We are actually supposed to enjoy posting our comments about the sport we love,Relax.And stop posting shit under my name bitch boy.

      • MooreUSMC says:

        Haha bitch boy? I’ll post where I like. Here are some “facts” for you. Of bispings 23 wins 18 (14 (t)ko, 4 submission) have been stoppages. That means only 5 have been from p

        • MooreUSMC says:

          Points. So yeah I spelled overwhelms wrong. You got me. I guess I’m just not as good as you at spelling. But on the plus side I know the difference between decisive finishes and decision. As an MMA fan I’ll take that any day. Clown shoe.

      • TheLegend says:

        I totally agree. As long as the count can withstand an early fury from the phenom he wins on points, all 3 rounds 30-27

        • Sully says:

          I understand that Vitor used to go guns blazing back in the day, but in his last two outings (Silva and JBJ) he hasn’t displayed that at all. Albeit against champions, that sort of pressure wins him fights and I don’t see why people assume he will imploy that tact against Bisping.

    • Irie Nation says:

      Bispings wrestling??? When did he learn to wrestle and when did you see it? This fight will be a snoozer…bisping is a chump as is Belfort…say what you want about bisping but he’s not a threat to anyone in top 10 of the division

      • irenationfags says:

        In the chael fight,hamil fight.He has pretty good wrestling.What rock did u just crawl under from.Fuc*ing douche.

        • Irie Nation says:

          Haha your funny…I seem to remember chael getting his hand raised and was on top the entire 3rd round…so let me say again…what wrestling you ignorant cunt

  2. B-rad says:

    This card HAS to be a Tv card.. CB Dolloway as the co- main event.. LOL THe main event will be good but damn! If this is a ppv card its goin in the toilet fast! And just imagine how much worse it will get if (god forbid we dont) UFC picks up a womens division..

  3. Thom says:

    Vitor by quick KO.

  4. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    That right there is going to be an awesome fight, a fight that a lot of fans have been waiting to see.

    This will be a five rounds fight, so I’m going for Belfort by KO/TKO. It’s going to be very difficult for Bisping to stay away from those powerful punches in bunches for 5 rounds. Bisping does have better conditioning though, so of course anything can happen.

  5. ThomC says:

    Hate on haters. Bisping by UD.

    • Jon Fitch has beast blood says:

      I’m a Bisping fan but even I got to admit he has nothing to offer Vitor. Vitor will KO him quickly just like everyone else with lesser striking than his and a lesser chin than his.

  6. rocko says:

    bisping gets kOed. He’s too slow for vitor!

  7. arrays says:

    bisping is too slow. he’s gonna get knocked out by vitor.

  8. 123 says:

    the last 2 people to beat vitor belfort are anderson silva & jon jones. if michael bisping beats him especially in brazil he deserves an instant title fight.. chris weidman can wait.

  9. KIDD433 says:

    Vitor is gonna send Bisping to the ICU.

  10. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    They should let Bisping wear shoes like the old days because we all know Bisping will be running away (AS USUAL)

    Vitor by KO and i can hardly wait to hear all the bisping nu’thuggers excuses just like after he was Hendo’d.

    whats this cr’ap Bisping has great wrestling now? yeah right just because he is good at using gthe fence to wall walk does not constitute “great wrestling” EVERYONE takes him down so he has had no choice but get better at getting back up. Bisping is a runner, point fighting pillow fisted cry baby who will always be known and remembered for being KO’d unconcious by Hendo and for being involved in the worst CORRUPT decision in UFC history when he got the h’ell beat out of him nonstop for 15 minutes by Matt Hamill. Anyone who doesn’t add that fight as a LOSS on Bispings record is clueless.

    • MooreUSMC says:

      I’m having a hard time. Can someone explain points fighting to me? I never realized a man with 18 finishes and 5 decisions would be considered a points fighter. Enlighten me oh great opinionated one.

      • Iceman says:

        Beleive it or not a lot of fighters that the count has faced call him a point fighter with no power,Alan belcher,chad mendes,hendo and so on.A point fighter is a fighter that relies on points to win with a strategic game plan.I know I got ya bro,bisbing has I think 18 tko’s I don’t know why people call him that,even fighters only magazine has a article about point fighting and he’s one of the fighters they bring up. So I understand the posts that say he’s a point fighter cause we hear it a lot,but I would say he isn’t cause look at all the finishes he has.Bisbing is a finisher I don’t care what I read or heard other fighters say.

        • Iceman says:

          But no way in hell he finishes belfort.Like I said before,vitor by quick destruction 1st round.

        • Irie Nation says:

          To clarify your dumb post, bisping never fought belcher…belcher would destroy bitchping…and chad Mendes is about 3 weight classes lower than bitchping and they’ve never fought…you’re a moron

        • Iceman says:

          Why the fuck u always talking shit bitch!U must be a pus*y in real life,talking tough on the web makes u feel bad ass huh??LOL.No shit he never fought mendes he’s a bantamweight.I meant to say even fighters who hasent fought him say he’s a point fighter.I know ur bitch ass will say…Yeah right u didn’t mean that?Only a guy with sense could figure out what I meant.And I bet cha bisbing will beat u down something crucial,so STFU!And if I knew u in real life u wouldn’t talk shit in my face cause I will beat ur ass bitch boy,I guarantee u that.Have a good day Internet bitch boy!L.A.Y…FAG!

        • Irie Nation says:

          Haha you’re real tough talking shit over the Internet after you just cried about me doing it…now you wanna fight me cuz I said something and now you got sand in your twat….dumbass Mendes is featherweight lol you must be new to mixed martial arts…it’s ok one day you will learn…oh and only a child with a level of reading up to a first grader can comprehend what you mean…so you’re 0 for 3 in grammar, mma knowledge, and talking shit…if you want to fight so bad, you should fight the teachers that passed you in school…if you don’t know what school is its that place you went to when you were little when the teachers fondled your private parts and they told you to put a hose in your mouth

        • Mike b says:

          Can’t we all just get along,Damn!

      • Irie Nation says:

        I believe he was after re reading it…my bad…gotta understand I was on my fifth bowl of the day so yea

    • Jon Fitch has beast blood says:

      You’re a moron dude, how bout we get rid of you? No one takes you seriously with that dumbass name

      • Irie Nation says:

        Owie your words are hurting me! Please stop!! Please I can’t take much more….haha and your name is tight? A guy who humps guys for 15 minutes…if you wanted to post that comment you should’ve changed your name for the sake of your comment…faggle

        • MooreUSMC says:

          I think he was talking to get rid of fitch forever. You need to smoke some pot bro, level you out.

  11. Bitch Ass Greg J. says:

    But what happens if Vitor wins? Then that would make him at least one more fight away from another title shot at middleweight. Man, this dude is always in the right place at the right time.

    • Jon Fitch has beast blood says:

      Clearly you haven’t followed Vitor’s career, he’s had some serious setbacks. He’s only turned things around in the past few years

  12. ya herd says:

    bisping has only been beat by the best mma fighters around the world no bum B level fighters will ever beat him! alot of people think he beat sonnen, evans, and silva,all close decsions, hes only been beat 1 time by dan henderson, hes fought at 2 diffrent weight classes in the ufc and done very well people that say vitor will kill him are crazy!

  13. DEE says:

    So let me get this straight all the top guys in the division will fight and take each other out and Weidman will sit back and look pretty and claim to be a #1 contender. Makes sense.

  14. Glenn J says:

    So I thought Vitor had a broken hand in the Jon Jones fight…. That was just at the end of September, so how can he be ready to fight again by mid January???

  15. Dick Diaz says:

    there goes Bisping’s hopes of ever getting a title shot let alone being the UK’s first champion.

  16. Nuthugger says:

    I hope The Count can get through this one. It’s the ultimate danger fight for him. No other contender could bring what Vitor does (in MW that is). Vitor finished Ace quickly with a hard fast combination. If Mike can avoid early attacks, he’ll outstay Vitor. I don’t think a loss to Vitor is damaging though. Both fighters are top 3 or 4 in MW, win or lose for either.

  17. Kaipo says:

    Everytime Bisping fights anyone decent he loses, this fight will be no different. Expect Bisping to have flashbacks of his fight with Hendo in the one…

    Just because the UFC wants Bisping to be a viable middleweight contender for their UK market, it doesn’t make it so….

  18. 123 says:

    always negative stuff from the idiots about michael bisping.. i never hear people from the uk say anything about american fighters.. even though most are boring wrestlers.

    • MooreUSMC says:

      No Americans talk enough trash about great fighters who use wrestling. Every time a fight goes to the ground and there is no finish an American will call it lay and prey. We are pretty dumb about MMA as a whole.

  19. Brah what says:

    I love this match up!Vitor is a beast when coming off a loss.Bisping better not stand and bang or his going to sleep.Vitor is only dangerous in the first two rounds.vitor by KO or Bisping by both these fighters hope it’s on FOX not card worth paying for cause the main event gonna be quick….

  20. J sizzle says:

    I signed in to say that vitor is a pussy & bisping will beat his mentally weak bitch ass. Vitor= waste of superior skill & talent.

  21. 757 says:

    ^^^ wow that was a worthless comment. Now that you signed in go ahead and sign back out. Mentally weak…you have no idea what is or is not mentally weak or strong. Your name should be jizzel…..

  22. Shadleigh says:

    Bisping is not gonna get cleanly KO’d, but it will be Vitor by TKO or submission. The only way Bisping can win this fight is on points. Bisping won’t be able to finish Vitor so his best bet is keep distance and use his technical striking capabilities. Since they are saying its gonna be the main event though I don’t see Bisping lasting 5 rounds with Vitor.

  23. dana sux says:

    One of the few guys who has better striking than bisping….bisping is great I just don’t c it happening. Sad thing is even if he managed a win the ufc would fuk him over anyway with no title shot.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      What a crock of cr’ap saying the UFC’s has f’uked over Bisping with no title shots. You either just came over from fakea’ss wrasslin with Brock or you don’t have a clue or both because everytime Bisping has been given a chance to fight for the title he lost against a much much better fighter. Not to mention each and everytime Bisping is the only so called contender that had never beaten a top 10 fighter and all his opponents have been hand picked since he was HENDO’d where as all the other contenders had to fight ACTUAL contenders instead of Bisping who has fought Mayhem Miller, Jorge Rivera, Dan miller, Akiyama, charles McCarthy all who are barely .500 records and NONE who are anywhere close to being contenders. Bisping has lost to all the top tier fighters half of who weren’t anywhere near their primes, WAndy Silva, Hendo, Rashad, Hamill (YES HE LOST TO HAMILL)

      Somehow even though Bisping has been in the UFC for what 6 years he has managed to avoid fighting Weidman, Okami, Maia, Palharis, Belcher, Franklin, Belfort, Philipou, Munoz, Ronny Markes Lombard,

      why is it if Bisping is suppose to be one of the top UFC MW did he not ever get matched up with any of these fighters I listed but instead was given Mayhem Miller, Jorge Rivera, Charles McCarthy, Akiyama, josh haynes, Ross Pointen, Eric shafer all who are no longer in the UFC except Akiyama who has only one win in a fight he actually lost. Bisping UFC record is littered with scrubs and NOONE has even heard of any of his PRE-UFC wins.
      Bispings biggest win in the UFC is over a Stann who is 4-3 in his last 7 fights. Too bad Bisping didn’t have to fight Jacere, Luke Rockhold and I believe Roger Gracie would submit Bisping
      The reason I bring up Strikeforce Middleweights is if you add them into the mix/rankings Brian Stann wasn’t even a top 10 MW when Bisping fought him. So back to the last posters statement about Bisping being f’ked over by UFC not getting title shots, why would Bisping be in mix for a title shot when he has NEVER beaten a TRUE top 10 middleweight in world PERIOD? Bisping has lost to all TRUE contenders he has faced and he is only in the “MIX” now because Dana is HYPING the hel’l out of him to gain Brit fans.

  24. Josiah says:

    the only aspect bisping has over vitor is his mouth.

  25. Ryan Prieur says:

    Belfort is the most over rated fighter in the history of the sport in my opinion! He came into the UFC in amazing fassion, and had huge potential! Then he dropped all the muscle and got destroyed by all the true elite fighters like liddell, coutoure, titto, Sakuraba ect… He is recognized as a former LHW champ which is bull because his glove ripped contours eye lid open in the opening mins of the fight! Then when Randy got his rematch he destroyed him! He is a good fighter, but highly over rated!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Yeah right no way in hel’l is Vitor overrated. Tell that to Rich Franklin who is a stud and a first ballot HALL OF FAMER. Vitor is a baddass Mo fo and if he’s healthy he can beat almost anyone anywhere even close to his weight class. Vitor had begged the UFC for this fight against Bisping a few years years ago after Bisping spit allover Rivera’s cornermen and UFC turned him down flat because they were protecting him from being HENDO’d again. The only reason they put him in against Sonnen was they knew Sonnen has no power PERIOD. Brian Stann fight was the first fight since he was Hendo’d that they took a chance against a bigtime striker and if you remember right Stann damn near KO’d Bisping but was able to get on his horse and run away which he does better than anyone.

  26. Avatar says:

    This is a great test for bisping. He has really been improving his game as of late. He took a real beating from wandy silva a couple years back, and now he’s out boxing brian stann and stopping shots from chael sonnen. Vitor is very fast and has a lot of power, but bispings technical boxing and great use of mixing in take downs could make this a tough night for Vitor. Really pulling for the count in this one.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      What Bisping does i call back peddling pillow fisting point fighting retreat at all times. Bisping knows if he’s running away that it takes away all power in his opponents punches so then he just pitter patters and his opponents never even look like they have been in a fight

      Best moment in UFC history hands down

  27. jbeamazing says:

    Vitor first round ko

  28. Dana Is Greedy says:

    Vitor can definately win this fight but who knows how he will recover for his injury and his last defeat…Be cool if he submitted Bisping after Bisping took him down in order to stop his stand up..

  29. Ryan Prieur says:

    Sorry there get rid of fitch, but your wrong! Vitor is highly over rated period! Just watch the Sakuraba fight, or any of his lame ass fights in pride! Even if he beats bisping, he’s still over rated. People think he is so amazing, but anytime you put him in there with a good fighter, he gets his ass kicked! The last time vitor looked good was when he beat silva in brazil, ever since then he’s gone down hill fast! the younge vitor of old was amazing, but that was about a decade ago! He hasn’t looked good for a long time, yet people still love him for some reason!

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