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Monday, 05/21/2012, 11:02 pm

Anderson Silva Says He's Staying At Middleweight | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva in an interview with TATAME.

Silva comments on staying in the Middleweight division.

“We have a couple of athletes in the above division, which are Rafael Feijao (Strikeforce), who’s a big name in the division and Fabio Maldonado, who just fought and lost by points. We have many guys in the division. In my weight class, besides me in the UFC, there is (Ronaldo) Jacare in the Strikeforce. Our team focus on each of us and try to let us take our chances and take advantage of them, so we don’t have this ambition of me going to the light heavyweight division and fight each other.”

On the fight everyone wants to see Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva.

“I am going leave it to Maldonado, Feijao or even Rogerio (Nogueira) too. They are in his weight division, so they’ll deal with him.”

Anderson comments on his preparation and motivations for the Sonnen fight.

“We always train a lot and we’re always focused on getting this job done. Everyone is involved with this and we’re working hard to get there as do what we always do. He (Sonnen) has been saying bullshit. He disrespected a nation, not only me, but he disrespected UFC fans, moms who watch the UFC, dad and kids who are fans of the sport.”

On gaining the win not only for himself but for the nation.

“Winning is enough for us. It’s like a slap on the face. Winning is enough to show that Brazil deserves to be respected because we have a history on the sport, that started a long time ago with the Gracie family and great athletes kept it going, like Pedro Rizzo, Rodrigo Nogueira, Marco Ruas, Andre Pederneiras and others. That must be respected.”


44 Responses to “Anderson Silva Says He's Staying At Middleweight | UFC News”

  1. Fortyb4five says:

    love it. Anderson is GOAT

  2. 2 cool says:

    >> <<

  3. Jc says:

    Not really an excuse to not go to a division. Fejio is in another promotion, lil nog is irrelevant and malodonaldo lost to a no name and has bitch tits aka moobs. Just say the real reason, you don’t want to fight bones.

    Just for the record I hate jones but I think he is the best in the world right now and will be for a long time

    • TheBraveReply says:

      I really dislike Jones too. But you cannot deny his abilities. As for Spider vs Bones. I still think the Spider would take it. IMHO

    • Chris says:

      Fabio has some great striking ability, but did a Nick/Nate diaz Volume over quality.
      If he had when for some fnishing shots he could easily won da match, and he easily showed he can strike but need to work his wrestling game, he was controling the 2nd and 3rd while he opp. was laying on him to get the nod in the 1st.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Agreed- read between the lines, he’s basically saying I do not want to fight JBJ becaue I would lose…

      • cntybollax says:

        it wouldnt affect him, he doesnt need to fight him. he has the biggest cred and biggest pay and sponsorship in the ufc currently
        if he fights jbj then he loses nothing as jbj is already marked to be the new posterboy

        anderson only has a few fights left and hes retiring anyway

        • Shawn says:

          That’s exactly what it is. Glad someone understands. Its not fear, its about getting the most out of his last few fights before retiring. He doesn’t need to prove anything anymore. NO ONE has accomplished what he’s done in the UFC. Not even Jones. These armchair fan boyz just don’t know. How about this, if Jones was the baddest fighter out there, why doesn’t he drop down to MW and fight Silva? Exactly. Because he knows he would lose. Lol. He’s got all the time in the world, and nothing to lose (except face), so why not have a go at MW? Silva moves down from 220, AND he’s fought in more than one weight division and is still undefeated in the UFC. Can Jon ‘Booze’ Jones do the same? These nut huggers are uneducated.

        • Jaedr says:


  4. Xaninho says:

    Don’t forget Silva is 37 going on 38. Jones is 24, in his prime and a huge 205.

  5. Sean McCorkle says:

    I’m commin for you brother!




    Everyone Keeps going on about Anderson facing jbj and being scared of going up on weight to face him,if jbj is so good and confident he’s the shit like he says why doesn’t he jump to hw and take in Cain or jds,let’s see how great he is then?i like jbj met him a few times at expos etc and he’s always been a proper good guy buy I get suck to death of hearing how he’s better than guys he out weighs by like 20-30lbs!!

    • Chris says:

      he could easily fought in HW, any LHW can fight in HW. But he’s in GREG JACKSON CAMP! Greg not going to let him to and get push around in HW cause JBJ is his money train

      • GRT 3000 says:

        would you do any different?

        • Shawn says:

          In Greg’s position, probably not. But no one, not even Jones can claim he is THE best fighter, until he fights in other weight divisions and can be just as successful. Only BJ, Silva, Henderson, and Couture have done it in the UFC. Those are the greats.

  8. Rampage 2878 says:

    Super fights are bullshit… I’d prefer to see both if them reign for as long as they can. There is plenty of competition in both divisions. Why does there have to “the one”.

    • Anthony says:

      Super fights are the reason this sport was started back in the early 90’s. Everyone wants to see who’s the best and so far after all the buying of Pride and every other promotion the only super fight we have seen is BJ vs GSP at GSP’s weight class. Wow so BJ is the only fighter with the stones to move around and fight. Win or lose that says something and don’t get me wrong Anderson, GSP and Jones I give them all the respect for there abilities. In the end they all know what’s right in this sport to fight the best and if the best are not in your weight class you go we’re they are.

      • Rampage 2878 says:

        Good point… (The sport was built around superfights). “Bullshit” was probably to strong of term. Do they need to be kind of pushed into a superfight when there are still legit contenders in their weight divisions? I do believe there is a place for superfights in MMA. But alwas feel that there will be external excuses/reasons to why technique wasnt the main contributer to a fighters victory. Like fighters going up divisions not at they’re peak explosiveness or fighters cutting weight and being tired or even age when it comes to Jones vs Silva. But if fighters clean out they’re division… why not.

  9. Michael hamlin says:

    Anderson is scared of jones!

  10. Dave1180 says:

    Anderson has fought at LHW twice already and destroyed both opponents, I think the reasons he won’t do it now are 1, as he said.. His team.. And 2, he’s almost out of contract and doesn’t want those fights anymore.. Can you really blame him?

  11. Pancho says:

    Yeah Silva had no problem at LHW before Jones came, now he’s scare to move up and get his ass beat. PUSSY!!

    • Xaninho says:

      That was 3 years ago against griffin, a guy around his own age. wtf you comparing that for? Jones is 24yo in his fucking prime and HUGE for a 205.

      Why don’t you get your ass in there? tough guy?

      • Dez says:

        Well said mate half these smokers posting comments have no idea. Spider is almost done JBJ is in his prime only a dead set moron would take that fight which Anderson is not

  12. jbeamazing says:

    I guess when bones is in the weight class right above you it would be scary to move up and dodge him for his rep I know jon said he didn’t want to fight him but that was after silva said the same and that no Brazilian could beat him

  13. jvd says:

    well jbj is the one who should move to middleweight

  14. Adam says:

    sonnen is gonna run him out of the division

  15. mean170 says:

    Why should Anderson move up to fight Jon Jones? That is the other LHW job. I think there are different weight classes for a reason. Should Jose Aldo bump up to 170 because he has destroyed the compitition at 145? Why not have Anderson Silva just skip right over LHW to HW? GSP aught to fight LHW. Dominck Cruz should fight at 155. JDS should fight Mir and Overeem to defend his title. Fuck it. Every UFC champ should have to fight in weight classes above there’s as soon a they defend their belt a few times.

  16. Saying Anderson is scared to fight Jones, is like saying Jones is scared to fight Junior Dos Santos, stop arguing, they’re not going to fight each other, if they would been around the same age, probably they would, but that’s not the case, and with the addition of Lombard and probably Silva fighting him, Bisping or Muñoz, there’s no room left for that superfight, i think Anderson will retire as an undefeated UFC champ, end of the story…

    • 11bangbang says:

      My question to you is why is Silva so outspoken and interested in a GSP super fight and not a Jones Super fight? I’m not being a dick like most the posters, I’m just curious for reasons?

  17. Dee says:

    I don’t think he will retire undefeated, but I think he needs to retire. His reflexes has declined and age will not be kind to him.

  18. Squally boy says:

    After hector lambar knocks out brain stann he’s getting the next title shot.

  19. 11bangbang says:

    Ok so is he going to keep pushing for a fight with the much shorter/smaller GSP for a super fight? Silva V Jones is the fight people want to see. I feel he may be ducking the Jones fight here.

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