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Thursday, 02/16/2012, 06:05 pm

UFC And MMA Personalities Discuss The Brittney Palmer Playboy Shoot (Video)

In the March edition of Playboy magazine, popular UFC ring girl, Brittney Palmeris featured not only on the cover, but in an 8-page nude photo feature. The issue hits newstands on the 17th and on-line the same day.

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16 Responses to “UFC And MMA Personalities Discuss The Brittney Palmer Playboy Shoot (Video)”

  1. e says:

    they should discuss chandella doin porn.

  2. WHAT says:

    That koshcheck interview was from a completely different interview wtf lol mma30 fuck you!

  3. danriverapv says:

    i dont like ronda anymore. not even that hot, she looks like this lesbian girl that was on the basketball team from back in my old highschool. (i have nothing against gays btw) meisha all the way :]

    • david says:

      i would still fuck ronda rouseys mouth oh yeahhhhh after she beats me up lol . and i bet all the dudes were like “hell yeah i wanna see that shit i got my lube and everything at the bed side WAITIN for that day”

    • FunCrusher says:

      Agreed, Ronda is only pretty by default. Any normal looking chick will look hot among women fighters. No one wants to see that man body naked, so shut the fuck up Rousey. Playboy won’t be knocking on your door anytime soon. Hopefully Tate can shut this butch dike up.

  4. danriverapv says:

    hahaha crazy shit

  5. FunCrusher says:

    Ronda has a barely better than average face, hovering over a man body, she isn’t as smart or as witty as she thinks she is. Playboy won’t be knocking at your door you fucking butch dike, so you wont have to worry about what pictures are floating around on the internet. No guy that can get women gives a shit about a broad shouldered attention whore, with a mole the size of Argentina on her face.

  6. Perv says:

    Can anyone give me a link to the chandella powell sex video?!I reeeally wanna see her puseeeyyy!:(

  7. Jujitsu Player says:

    Kosh is such a douche

  8. big fur+fan says:

    Let’s stack them all up like panckes and eatem!!!!! Palmer oh ya i like corrisa better but those tittes on palmer are out of this world what’s the site to see Powell’s goodies ????? Bj not only fuckin legend but nice choice in ladies.YOUR THE MAN BJ .Also your team is doing a great job on the website showing alot of nice pics of the ladies bring it on more the marrer.THANKS

  9. FunCrusher says:

    No one wants to see u in Playboy Ronda, 1/2 inch coat of make up, still couldnt cover that mole the size of Argentina. You wont have to worry about what pics are floating around in the internet for your 13 year old daughter. Playboy typically doesnt feature broad shouldered butch dikes. She is only pretty when u put her next to Cyborg and Sarah Kaufman. Now that Chauncey Billups.. I mean Chandella is out, bring back Natasha Wicks.

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