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Thursday, 04/12/2012, 02:44 pm

Analyzing Alistair Overeem's TRT Defense Possibilities

By Lynn Mitchell:
Amidst all the controversy Alistair Overeem has drawn to himself these past two weeks he still remains tight lipped about the whole thing.  In the days following his failed test for T/E ratio (or elevated concentration of endogenous steroid)-the MMA fans rally to move Mark Hunt up to a title shot at Junior Dos Santos’ Heavyweight crown.

However, Overeems defense still needs to be heard on April 24th.   The question is-does he have a defense?

According to the NSAC he does.  The same commission that ordered the test says, if Alistair Overeem pleads he had a sudden case of low testosterone, he can submit an application for a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption)- 20 days out from a fight.  Overeem failed the random test before the 20 days allowed.  So, what we have is – a commission ordering a random test and according to procedure giving him a defense as well.

If he pleads his case this way there’s more, he must provide results of no fewer than five tests, measuring things like total serum testosterone level (on separate occasions), luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone and measurement of hemoglobin and hematrocrit levels.  According to Keith Kizer NSAC Executive Director, this is usually enough to discourage a fighter to even want to apply for TUE.

The TUE for TRT in MMA can be all misled and misconstrued for PEDs if abused.  Let’s get this straight – the acronyms can make things very confusing.   According to my research on the subject-a TUE is used to obtain an exemption for TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).   The NSAC has had only three exemptions allowed in the past 12 years, Dan Hederson, Todd Duffy and Shane Roller.

Fighters like BJ Penn, Mark Hunt, Kenny Florian and Bas Ruttin have said the use of TRT is flat out cheating.  Fighters who use it say its needed therapy for low levels of testosterone due to training and if in their thirties and forties the TRT is to maintain the normal levels of testosterone, help with depression and fatigue.

This subject and the fight to keep fighters from abusing PEDs is far from over, in fact its just getting started.  My research led me to an article on the next frontier of sports Performance Enhancement.  Let’s just say it’s not a drug, it’s a gene.



20 Responses to “Analyzing Alistair Overeem's TRT Defense Possibilities”

  1. ramv says:

    What’s with all the news about shit that nobody cares?

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I think Shane Roller needs to up his dosage he’s b uilt like my grandpa. Todd Tuffe is the last fighter on the planet that should have b een granted TRT exemption. The dude is flat out ROID FREAK

    • hauts says:

      no buddy cares? buddy you cant talk for everyone, thats just plain stupid. i care about this topic because i want to know if jds will actually be fighting someone WORTH watching, im sorry but im not going to watch jds one punch mir, and im not going to watch jds 3 punch hunt. so get over your self, people want to hear about this weather you like it or not. idiot

  2. James says:

    The information on Overeem’s case is interesting, but I don’t really care to hear the author mysteriously allude to new performance enhancing genes like they personally made some kind of breakthrough(sounds like myostatin inhibitors).

    • Philly c says:

      I thought the same exact thing, myostatin. But that’s nothing new heard about that shit st least 10 years ago. They have a buffalo and I believe a mouse it. Fucking things were diesel haha

  3. SlyThai says:

    He’ll squeak by bc he wasn’t licensed in the first place. They’ll license him with the condition to do one if not more preflight tests. If he passes, we see the fight we want and JDS fans crying foul. Hell, the whole HW may cry foul but I doubt he is the only one “cheating.”


    • A.James says:

      If Dana is smart he won’t let the fight happen. Why would he want a cheater to be his heavy weight champion when the sport is just about to go mainstream?

      • slacker says:

        Good point! I am with you on that 100%!!!

        If Overeem fights and wins, either Dana will be hated or Overeem, or both. It is badly tarnishing their image at the very time they are trying to expand their market with FOX etc… .

        No good will come of it. All the UFC fighters will be pissed at Dana too, wondering why they even bother to train natural.

        • hauts says:

          i disagree, people have fought for years on roids, (at least 5) cyborg and shes still believe it or not, very loved. so since reem did to much trt, to be honest most people dont even care, they just want the show to go on, all you are just trying to be self righteous its really dumb, dana is going to let this fight happen weather you guys like it or not. im glad that non of you have any say in the ufc, because you guys would single handily ruin it. once a fight is in motion, it is best to keep it going. dont like it? DONT WATCH THE UFC, ENJOY YOUR SHITTY SATURDAYS SOME WAY ELSE

      • hauts says:

        is smart? dude that would be such a dumb move if dana didnt let this fight go on, i mean millions lost, because i can speak up for many fans, WE WILL NOT WATCH JDS FIGHT SOME LACK LUSTER FIGHTER. so no dana knows that the show must go on. and watch it go on, your the idiot. dana doesnt care about the fighters, HE CARES ABOUT THE MONEY, AND THE ONLY SMART MOVE IS TO KEEP THE SHOW GOING ON… hahahahahaha i thought everyone knew that? this isnt mma its show biz

  4. Shaun says:

    All i have 2 say is if u feel u r 2 old or u dont have enough testosterone just retire because if u can not get a win without trt or anything like that u just need 2 retire.

  5. KTalbot says:

    So if I have diabetes you would want to ban me for taking insulin? Many men suffer from Low Testosterone in their 30’s & beyond. I know, I’m one of them. I’m not an MMA athlete, but the difference in how I felt was staggering after starting TRT. Depression gone, low energy levels gone. Not really comparing Diabetes to low Testosterone but you get the idea.

  6. Mike says:

    Cheater! No wonder he looks like a Silver Back!!!

  7. Zack says:

    If they allow overeem to fight I will never watch the UFC again.

    • adam says:

      People didn’t care about Chael Sonnen when he did this… So why stop watching after Overeem… At least he wasn’t caught after the title shot.

      • hauts says:

        chael caught? chael was upfront about his trt, hence why he was only suspended WHILE UNDER INVESTIGATION… not further suspension was added, that says what? to me that speaks volumes… chael was cleared this talk about chael needs to end, because he did not cheat after all. so get over yourself. reem had the TRT of 14 men… google some real facts

  8. KV says:

    Bas “Ruttin” – OMFG

  9. UFC VIDEOS says:

    chances it’s the horse meat?

  10. hauts says:

    a very good point people, is if you dont like it, walk away, if its not how it should be, walk away, if its not ment to be, walk away. ufc is mma, and mma is pretty much show biz, if this sport didnt make millions on each pay per view, it would not be as big as it is, the reason they have so many top tier fighters is because of money, now to keep that money coming in, you got to make top tier fighters fight each other, that cost millions. so people think about it next time, WHAT EVENT WILL BRING MORE MONEY, jds vs reem? or jds vs mir??? I CAN TELL YOU ONE THING, if reem even steps in that cage, it will bring 2-3x times more veiws, if mir steps in, half the crowd will not watch, so think about it next time, before just shooting off blanks. this is show biz, not a company which runs off of what the fans say. get the fuck over it. you guys arent ufc, you just watch it. stop acting like dana, you guys dont run shit. the moment you get that threw the thick skulls is the moment you BECOME a real fan. a fan who realizes he has no say. whatsoever.

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