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Friday, 10/05/2012, 12:49 pm

UFC Adds ‘dangerous Activities’ Clause To Fight Contracts In Attempt To Avoid Fighter Injuries | UFC NEWS

UFC officials have now taken further steps in an attempt to protect their fighters and investment in live events.

Recently MMA fans have witnessed a string of injuries suffered by fighters. Most of which come in the training room, but most recently Jose Aldo was injured and forced to withdraw from the UFC 153 main event due to a motorcycle accident.

This is exactly why the UFC will now limit such activities from fighters when they are contracted to fight. dug up this story and have details to share on this new clause, check it out:



Some of these activities include snowboarding, wakeboarding, and mountain climbing, as well as driving a motorcycle or participating in any kind of exhibition game for sports like basketball or football.

The fighters enter into this new contract when signing a bout agreement for a fight being scheduled. This is not an amendment to new contracts as a whole, only bout agreements. Essentially, when a fighter signs on for a fight they are now contractually held to not participate in ‘dangerous activities’ outside of normal recreational sports like swimming or hiking.




20 Responses to “UFC Adds ‘dangerous Activities’ Clause To Fight Contracts In Attempt To Avoid Fighter Injuries | UFC NEWS”

  1. Some Guy says:

    That’s bullshit. If i was a fighter and i wanted to go snowboarding then fuck what a contarct says. I get what they’re trying to do, but hopefully the fighters realize they aren’t puppets to be controlled.

    • Anderson>chael says:

      This is by far the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard so duffs shells out all this money to promote and endorse and then some idiot gets hurt doing some stupid shit and they/us don’t have a fight to see…..this is one of the smartest moves Dana has ever done your just an idiot that shouldn’t have an opinion

    • heywood jablowme says:

      really “some guy”? i understand both sides of the arguement but all other athletes have to go by those rules so are you really shocked!? at least danas letting them do these activities when theyre not locked into fights. nfl players under contract arent allowed to do this stuff at all!!

    • GET RID OF 6:1 TRT BULLSHIT says:

      LOL Why the fuck would wanna go snowboarding when ur in a training camp?

  2. Rich says:

    I don’t get why you are agaist this. You are a fighter… It’s your job to fight…. If you got a fight in three months coming up , don’t do dangerous stuff… As much as I want a drink at work, I dont do it…. That don’t make me a puppet, it makes me responsible in my job…UFC got something right for a change!

  3. pchkid says:

    +1 rich, sum guy is prolly used to drinking on the job and shit hah hah hah excellent point made sir

  4. The natural says:

    It’s good in a way but fighters care bout living there life more then waiting around for a fight life is more important

  5. The natural says:

    But most gyms or trainers already have this rule with there fighters cause it’s there time wasted wen a fighter does something stupid too there self and f**** everybody else

  6. MMACRAVER says:

    Statistically speaking… Driving to the grocery store is more dangerous then all of the things mentioned as “Dangerous Activities”

    I guess the intentions are good. But I don’t see this solving, or even slightly helping the injury problems the UFC is having.

    • Zombie says:

      That is only statistically more dangerous because everyone drives. Drunk people, old people, young kids, crack heads, and more all drive. Not everyone is climbing mountains or snowboarding. Obviously fighters are those kind of people that live on the edge… that’s why their job is literally punching people in the face.

      This will help stop some injuries that would occur but probably not enough to make a huge difference. Their is still the issue with many fighters actually getting hurt in training, but i think this is a good thing to add to bout contracts.

  7. Nate says:

    This clause wasn’t intended to control anyone; the UFC is trying to save future events by ensuring that it’s fighters are not engaging in unnecessary actions that could potentially lead to injuries that would pull them from a fight card. This is for everyone’s benefit.

  8. killaj671 says:

    about damn time! preparing for a fight means not doing dumb sh*t on the side to jeopordize that fight. Do the dumb sh*t after the fight. haha

  9. James says:

    Your fucking kidding. Now you have to sell your soul to the UFC in order to join. Makes me think about switching my career from MMA to Kickboxing.

    • Wowzers says:

      Lol. What tards. This is great for everyone. I’m sorry, and frankly don’t care if you don’t agree with me.. But if you’re a PROFESSIONAL FIGHTER.. It’s your job to fight. This isn’t a CONTRACTUAL agreement through-out their career.. It’s from fight to fight. Once they sign up to fight someone.. They shouldn’t be doing that dumb ish anyway lol. Hell, I wouldn’t even drive during my training camp. I’d have everything delivered to me lol!! But going boarding and doing crazy stuff during your training camp, before a fight is beyond me.

      If you want to do extreme sports, go do them. Don’t be a professional fighter.

  10. Jeff says:

    So I guess no sparring while training then, right. Cause almost all of the injuries to fighters have happened while sparring. Maybe they shouldn’t punch or get punched either, they could get hurt. Definitely no f$&@ing kicking, might hurt your knee. Riding a motorcycle is a dangerous sport if your racing maybe!

  11. Gabi says:

    OMG You dumbshits who think is all about control or a bad thing. All it is there for is to make sure a fighter who is suppose to be in training camp will not take unnecessary risk while in training camp. They shouldn’t even anyways. That’s their job so they should do all they can to make sure they can fully try to complete their side of the contract by making the fight. It’s just a safety net to limit all injuries to training camp. WTF is so bad about that? It’s actually common sense in a contract because some people are to fucking dumb to hold their end of a deal and sadly not have common ass sense. Lol

  12. Xaninho says:

    I think this is a really good thing. It’s only during their 2 to 3 month trainingcamp to minimize risks of getting injured. They can go ahead and drive motorcycles, climb mountains or whatever after the fight.

  13. The Truth says:

    If you have a good future as a fighter I would suggest not taking foolish risks. Ten years ago I entered an International Wushu Invitational and took home three silver medals. A month later I wrecked my dirt bike (not even racing). Ripped every ligament in BOTH knees and fractured the base of my femur. Needless to say I have been unable to compete since. If you think a contractual clause sucks, spend two years in rehab and try to understand you will never be able to compete at that level again. We never know what is around the corner. When we are young we rarely think about these things, don’t be like me and find out after it is too late.

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